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Ojamajo OC: Tsukyama Shizuno by DreamNotePrincess Ojamajo OC: Tsukyama Shizuno by DreamNotePrincess
So I'm planing a Ojamajo Doremi fanfic, and here is a brief bio of one of the characters to the story. I created her on Hapuriainen's Ojamajo Doremi Dress Up Game!

Name: Tsukiyama Shizuno

Age: 8
Birthday: Febuary 11th
Gender: Female
Likes: Friends, Being a witch,
Dislikes: Her parents no listening to her, saying things she doesn't mean

Theme Color: White
Fairy: SiSi
Spell: Prilala prilolo la lol prila
Magical Stage: Prilala Prilolo, ureshii ni~

Personality: Just like her part of her name Shizuno is a quiet, happy young girl. However, Shizuno says things under her breath that she doesn't really mean. Like saying witch, to an old lady that was mean to her, and turning her into a frog. Though she doesn't mean what she says, and only says it because she's upset.

Bio: Shizuno is a very quiet and sweet young girl. She comes from a loving family, but her family works hard, and she isn't able to tell her problems to them due to their jobs. Due to this, when someone bothers her or pisses her off she says stuff under her breath, making them more mad, or shocked she's able to say words like that. However, Shizuno and her family move to a new city, and Shuzuno is able to befriend Soma Haruka and her best friend Aoikawa Ume. A day into her move, an old woman bumped into her and said something mean, which in reply Shizuno called her a "witch."  A day after, the woman met her again, this time in the form of a greenling, and now she's a witch apprentice. 
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