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FNAF3 Guard-Colton/Cole by DreamNotePrincess FNAF3 Guard-Colton/Cole by DreamNotePrincess
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Name: Colton 'Cole'
Age: Newborn(FNAF4) A few months (FNAF2) 5 (FNAF 1) 28 (FNAF3)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Green
Family: Daniel 'Dash'/Phone Dude (Cousin) Victoria Vine (wife, fiancée before FNAF3) Vincent Vine (father in law) Briana Vine (mother in law) Alex, Gary, and Morgan (Brother-in-laws) Megan (sister in law)
Personality: Nervous, Shy, Kind, Brave (sorta of)
Bio: Colton, or Cole by his friends and girlfriend/wife is the FNAF3 guard. He's born on the day of The Bite (hours before it happened). At school he was shy around kids, except for Victoria, Vincent/Purple Guy's daughter who he had a crush on since the two were in pre-school. As Cole and Victoria grew up their feelings for each other grew, and the two fell in love, which also concerns Cole more mainly due to his girlfriend's dad being a murderer! Though he tries to get on his good side he tries too hard. Years later when the Horror Attraction opens he works there in order to get money for the wedding for him and Victoria. After it burned down, he was in the hospital with a broken leg, but still made it for his wedding.
Fun Facts:
He shares a birthday with Alex/FNAF4 Crying child. He was born hours before the Bite
Cole's worst fear is Vincent
Even though he's a gaurd in the future he can't see the ghost kids
He met Victoria in pre-school. Briana set them up for a playdate together.
Cole has only met Vincent/Purple Guy and Scott/Phone Guy not the other guards
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October 5, 2015
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