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FNAF: William Afton/Dave Miller by DreamNotePrincess FNAF: William Afton/Dave Miller by DreamNotePrincess
Made on Rinmaru 

So its taking me a while to work on the next chapter of Night Guard Randomness, so I decided to post who will appear in the next chapter.

This is my design of William Aftom/Dave Miller from FNAF: The Silver Eyes. In my AU he and Vincent are seperate characters, and is also Vincent's bully when they where young. 

Name: William Afton
Other Name: Dave Miller
Age: 30's
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown 
Family: Unkown Wife (divorced) Elizabeth (daughter/desseced) 
Before FNAF even started. William was Vincent's bully during their childhood. William would always hurt and scare poor Vincent, to the point Scott would have to kick his ass to stop. There were even times William would make Vincent sneak out of the house and take him to haunted places. On one of thoese nights, William made Vincent sneak into an Amusement Park where animatronics are known (I don't have a name yet) and when Vincent came out he smack William over the head with his flashlight, almost killing him. After this William was expelled from school hoping for his revenge on Vincent and Scott.

Years later, William has changed, but his hatred for Vincent never went away. He was married, till his wife left him, which made him take care of his daughter Elizabeth. At this time he became the partner of Fazbear Entertainment, and was able to build the animatronics for Circus Baby's Pizza. However, one day his daughter Elizabeth was killed when she went close to Baby. 

William went to a depressive state till he heard from a worker about Freddy Fazbear's, and that Vincent and Scott worked there. With some help from Jenna he vows his revenge.
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