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FNAC: Ryan Rater/The Blue Guy/RAT by DreamNotePrincess FNAC: Ryan Rater/The Blue Guy/RAT by DreamNotePrincess
Made on :iconrinmaru: Games

So after making Mary Schmidt, I decided to make who the killer would be in Five Nights at Candy's. So here is Ryan the killer of Five Nights at Candy's in my AU. If you don't know what the game is look it up its really cool!

Name: Ryan Rater
Nickname: RAT Blue Guy
Age 17 (At death)
Bio: Ryan is the killer and the person who possesses the RAT animatronic at Candy's. In 1964 he killed his brother and his girlfriend out of jealousy and anger, and then committed suicide as police stormed in to catch him. The three teens then possessed the original Candy gang with Ryan possessing Rat. 7 years after the incident he met a young Vincent who was dared by a group of bullies to go into creepy places at night, and ended up being at the old animatronic factory where he was. With that Ryan told Vincent that he would be his 'guardian angel' and gave him a power that will protect him. However, this was all a lie when one of the bullies said something bad to Vincent to the point where Vincent hit the bully over the head with a flashlight almost killing him. With that Ryan revealed he gave Vincent a power that will make him kill or attack those when angry. In 1987 when Mary was working at the animatronic factory as an intern she fell asleep, and thats when Ryan possessing the RAT killed 4 kids.
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November 22, 2015
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