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DPC: Yukiyama Sora/Cure Sherbet by DreamNotePrincess DPC: Yukiyama Sora/Cure Sherbet by DreamNotePrincess
Made on :iconrinmaru: Games
Here is my characters for the upcoming re-do on Dessert Pretty Cure

Name: Yukiyama Sora
Cure Name: Cure Sherbet
Cure Introduction: The dessert of protection, Cure Sherbet!
Age: 13
Hair Color: Light Blue (Sora) Silver (Cure Sherbet)
Eye Color: Dark Blue (Sora) Blue (Cure Sherbet)
Theme Color: Blue

Bio: Sora was born in the Land of Candy, and was the best Pretty Cure in the land, but can be at times forgetful and sensitive. Though she can get angry at times at her partner Nea. Sora accidently sent the 4 Cure Pads to Earth, when she was upset, and now she has to go retrive them. Before she can the Sour Land took over her home, and captured her parents. Thinking its her fault she decides to go find a new group of Pretty Cure that way she can get all the help she needs. Sora then meets Ichigo, and when she sees she has one of the Cure Pads joins up with her. Sora decides to stay at Ichigo's place saying she's an exchange student, with that she makes outfits for Ichigo's family bakery and attends school with her and her friends. At school Sora is really good at sports, and is on the school's softball team.

Name Meaning: Yuikyama (雪山) goes by many meanings, but its spelling means snowy mountain or piles of snow. This would fit her cure name. Cure Sherbet which is cold, and snow is cold. Sora (空) has two diffrent spellings, but both mean sky.

Attacks: Sherbet Blizzard!


Her name was originaly Cure Ice, but was changed.
She's the first cure to have silver hair, and also the first blue cure not to have blue or lavender hair color.
Sora is similar to Hime/Cure Princess
~Both are blue cures prior to the 1st episode
~Have a relationship with a pink cure
~Argue with their masscots
~Both in the first episode transform before the pink cure
She's the first blue cure to be good at sports. And the 2nd cure overall to play softball after Saki/Cure Bloom
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January 23, 2016
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