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DPC: Seto Kaede/Cure Sugar by DreamNotePrincess DPC: Seto Kaede/Cure Sugar by DreamNotePrincess
Made on :iconrinmaru: Games
Here is my characters for the upcoming re-do on Dessert Pretty Cure

Name: Seto Kaede
Cure Name: Cure Sugar
Cure Introduction: The dessert of sweetness, Cure Sugar
Age: 13
Hair Color: White (Kaede) Pearl White (Cure Sugar)
Eye Color: Teal (Kaede) Aqua (Cure Sugar)
Theme Color: White

Bio: Kaede is one of Ichigo's best friends since childhood, and the daughter of a grocery store owner. With her dad owning a grocery store Ichigo's family always goes there to buy ingridenents for their bakery. Her parents allow her to help out at the Akagawa Bakey, so she can spend time with her friends. Kaede met Ichigo 2 years prior to the story when they became classmates in their first year of middle school. She was the 5th person to become a Sourbad after having trouble to decide if she should work at the bakery or her family's grocery. After she was healed she asked her parents and they agreed to her helping Ichigo's family. She became the 5th cure, and the last cure to be given the Cure Pad. As Cure Sugar she has wind releated attacks and attacks having glittery themes.

Name Meaning: Seto (瀬戸) means white, which fits the theme color for Cure Sugar. Kaede (楓) means maple.

Attacks: Sugar Rush

Trivia: She is the 5th white cure, preceding Honoka/Cure White, Mai/Cure Egeret, Kanade/Cure Rhythm, and Ayumi/Cure Echo. She's the first white cure to not transform together with a pink cure.
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January 23, 2016
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