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DPC: Murakami Kyoko/Cure Parfet by DreamNotePrincess DPC: Murakami Kyoko/Cure Parfet by DreamNotePrincess
Made on :iconrinmaru: Games
Adopted from Adopts-All-Day 
This is here is a Character appearing in Dessert Pretty Cure

Name: Murakami Kyoko
Cure Name: Cure Parfet
Cure Introduction: The dessert of turth, Cure Parfet
Age: 15
Hair Color: Red-Violet (Kyoko) Purple (Cure Parfet)
Eye Color: Pale Blue (Kyoko) Cyan (Cure Parfet)
Theme Color: Purple

Bio:She's a 15 year old girl who loves adventure and mystery, and the 6th cure to join the Dessert Pretty Cure team. Prior to the story she was Sora/Cure Sherbert's partner till she decided to work alone. Velvet, Cure Melon's fairy partner decided to ask her if she would like to help Cure Melon but she declined. The reason why she decided to work alone is due to the fact her family was captured by the Sour Kingdom. In the story she gets turned into a sourbad till rescued by her fellow Pretty Cure mates. With that she decided to join the team as the 6th cure.

Name Meaning: Murakami (邨神) has many meanings depending on the spelling, but this meaning means mura (邨) village, and kami (神) means god. Kyoko (京子) means apricot, which would fit her name Cure Parfet which is a treat that has fruit.

Attack: Parfet Burst


I adopted her from All-Adopts on DA
Originaly there were only 7 cures, but I changed it 6 due to no idea on the 6/7th cure. Until I saw her from the adopts list. I had to adopt her and make her part of the team.
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January 23, 2016
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