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DPC: Hamamoto Nana/Cure Melon by DreamNotePrincess DPC: Hamamoto Nana/Cure Melon by DreamNotePrincess
Made on :iconrinmaru: Games

Here is the last Pretty Cure in the Dessert Pretty Cure team. 

Name: Hamamoto Nana

Cure Name: Cure Melon
Cure Introduction: The dessert of bravery, Cure Melon
Age: 15
Hair Color: Lime Green (Nana) Bright Green (Cure Melon)
Eye Color: Dark Green (Nana) Green (Nana)
Theme Color: Green

Bio: Nana, along with Sora were the first Pretty Cure in the Dessert Pretty Cure team. She lives on Earth while her parents who used to live in the Land of Candy disappeared. Nana then met Velvet who gave her powers to become a Pretty Cure. Nana tends to be quiet and not interact with Sora or any of the other cures, mainly due to her wanting to find her dad herself without any help even though Velvet told her it would be nice for her to join the team. After keeping her identity hidden for a while she reveals herself to the cures, and decides to join them in hopes of finding her father.
Name Meaning: Hamamoto(浜本) means near the seashore. Nana (菜々) means vegitables and greens fitting the color sceme for Cure Melon. It could also fit the number 7, which fits her placement on the team.

Attacks: Melon Shower


She's the oldest cure on the Dessert Pretty Cure team
She's similar to Iona/Cure Fortune
~Both are cures prior to the first episode
~Both are the last cures to join the team
~Both became a cure to save a family member (Iona for her sister. Nana for her parents)
She's the 4th green cure, preceding Komachi/Cure Mint, Nao/Cure March, and Naomi/Cure Clover (OC). 
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January 31, 2016
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