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DPC: Furuya Minako/Cure Pudding by DreamNotePrincess DPC: Furuya Minako/Cure Pudding by DreamNotePrincess
Made on :iconrinmaru: Games
Here is my characters for the upcoming re-do on Dessert Pretty Cure

Name: Furuya Minako
Cure Name: Cure Pudding
Cure Introduction: The dessert of happiness, Cure Pudding!
Age: 13
Hair Color: Yellow (Minako) Gold (Cure Pudding)
Eye Color: Yellow (Minako) Gold (Cure Pudding)
Theme Color: Yellow

Bio: Minako is a shy and quiet young girl who tends to spend time at the library. Minako met Ichigo when she visited the book store in Tarte Square, and with that the two became friends. Minako tends to be quiet around other people, but when she speaks she calls everyone by their last name (ex:Akagawa-san). Minako was the first victim to have her heart turned into a Sourbad after she felt guilty for leaving a note in her crush's locker and people thought it was a love note. She was healed and the note she left on her crush's locker was mostly a ask if he would like help on his assignment as he was failing. She also became the 3rd cure on the team, and being Cure Pudding makes her jump really high and also gets stronger. She has protective attacks as well to defend her team.

Name Meaning: Furuya (古谷) means old valley. Minako (美奈子) mi (美) means beautiful, na(奈) is a phonic character, ko(子 ) means child

Attacks: Pudding Flash


He original name was Cure Cream, but I later changed it.
She has long sleeves in her cure form silimar to Ako/Cure Muse. 
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January 23, 2016
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