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Adopted OC: Lei by DreamNotePrincess Adopted OC: Lei by DreamNotePrincess
Adopted from AzonZeCookieCrumbler on here dreamnoteprincess.deviantart.c…

This is my newest OC Lei.


Gender: Female

Age: 13

Likes: Gladion, Her Pokemon, her family (mainly her dad, but she still loves her mom), friends,

Dislikes: Being teased, skirts, being lied too, villainous teams (Except Team Skull, she likes their clothes, and doesn't see them as an evil team)

Personality: Lei is very confident, and always knows that even if she wins or looses, she can always get stronger. Though she's shown to be friendly and kind towards others, however, after what happened in Kalos, she always has suspions on people, like Gladion for example, since he's not really a Team Skull member, seeing him being a part of it makes her not trust him. Though after spending time with certain people despite there status she starts to show her trust to them, but in the back of her mind knowing she could be tricked. Lei's personality also affects her choice in fashion. She likes to wear dresses, but only on special occsions like dances, but hates skirts because of an inncident when she was little. Though like most girls she likes to wear pretty clothes and frilly things, but has to wear pants, jeans, shorts, etc. 

Bio: Lei is your average Pokemon Trainer. She may be a girl, but she's not into dresses or skirts though she does wear pretty clothes her mother gets for her, but she isn't as fashionable as other girls. Her blue hair is natural, coming from her father's side of the family. She has a crush on Gladion. When around him she loses the ability to care and blushes carelessly, but people know about her crush, especially Gladion's family. 

Prior to living in Alola she used to live in Celadon City with her mother, while her father travled around exploring diffrent regions for study and adventure. Since she lived far away it was hard for her to get to Pallet Town to get her starter. One night, her father came and told her about Kalos, and wanted to go with him. Her mother refeused at first, but she started to agree with it, and let her go with her dad at the age of 10.

Kalos: In Kalos she stayed in a small house in Vaniville Town, that her father let her stay in for a while. As she was there, she was how the fashion of the girls in Kalos were, dressy and pretty, and had to go along with it. She didn't like it, but it caught the attention of a boy. Though she and this boy traveled, she felt heartbroken when he rejected her and agreed with Team Flare's ways. After stopping Team Flare, she couldn't compete in the Pokemon League due to The Ultimate Weapon blocking the road. Though she had an unofficial battle with Diantha, and won.

Hoenn: A year after Kalos, Lei went back to Kanto for a while, until her aunt moved to Hoenn and now started a new journey. At age, 11, she had a great time in Hoenn and got to bond with many friends there. Her best friend was Marisol, a young girl in the neighborhood of Litteroot Town. During her journey she got to battle the Elite Four but lost to Campion Steven. 

Alola: 2 years after Hoenn. Lei now age of 13, has to move to Alola after her mom's job got her premoted. After hearing there is no gyms, but something similar, she decided to take on the Island Challenge in Alola, and becomes the new champion. 

Despite her being champion, she still wants to travel through many regions and see many kinds of Pokemon. Lei still has badges from Kalos and Hoenn and keeps them in her room. She also has one ribbon she won from a contest that she competed in, but isn't a huge fan of them. 

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