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A Stein Family Christmas- Memories
After getting the toons to bed, Henry sighed. He went downstairs and grabbed a box filled with pictures. He looked through each picture till he found an old one. He took out and gave a small smile.
The photo was in black and white and showed two little boys and their parents in front of the Christmas tree smiling happily. The two boys were Henry and Joey both 8 years old celebrating Christmas together. Henry remembered that Christmas day quite frankly.
Joey was in bed reading a book. It was a cold snowy day and rather then playing with the kids in the snow, 8-year old Joey Drew decided to read a book and relax in bed. The door to his room opened, and looking up from his book was Henry.
“Hey Joey!” Henry yelled.
“Hi Henry.” Joey replied, in a low voice focusing on his book.
Henry went under his bed and grabbed a small box leaving Joey back to his reading. Joey looked up from his book, marking it so he remembered where he was, and followed his adoptive
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A Stein Family Christmas- Do They Know?
It was late at night; the snow has stopped falling and left a huge blanket of white in the neighborhood. The toons, and the rest of the Stein Family were watching holiday specials on TV, drinking hot coco, or coffee in the adult’s case and sugar cookies. It was a relaxing night for the Stein Family, especially the toons.
The toons sighed snuggling into the blanket, “feeling warm?” Henry asked.
“Yep.” Boris replied. Henry chuckled, he was glad he and Linda found their old blanket for the toons to snuggle in. Henry sat next to his wife who started to look puzzled like she wanted to ask a question, but wasn’t sure if it was appropriate to ask.
“Linda.” Linda looked up to her husband, “is everything okay?” He asked. Linda inhaled and let out a deep breath she then turned her gaze on the toons. Henry turned to the toons and back at Linda. “Did the toons do something?” He asked.
Linda shook her head. “Ma.” Bo
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BATIM SOL AU: Angel's Suffering Chap.3
After her encounter with Allison and Tom, “Alice” found out about the litter interaction and punished Alice to do more errands for her. Starting with collecting more thick ink to make her beautiful. Alice was up on Level 11 sneaking up slowly on the searcher hoping it won’t get away. The angel took the syringe and stabbed the searcher as is groaned in pain, melting away. Alice grabbed the slimy black substance and put it in a bag handed to her.
“So gross.” Alice whispered. She had to look for one more swollen searcher and she can head back to “Alice” and relax. Alice stood quiet waiting for the sounds of swollen searcher spawn, so she can swoop in and grab the tick ink.
Speak of the devil; she heard a groan coming from the other room. She ran through the ink leading to another room and saw the searcher. Opening the door slowly she saw the searcher breathing. “Slowly. Slowly.” Alice whispered to herself. Not even taking another step
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A Stein Family Christmas- Snowman
It was another snow day today; the white fluff of coldness was falling slowly on the ground. Henry took the toons and their kids to the park to play in the snow. The park was filled with kids and their parents playing around in the snow, having snowball fights, building snowman and snow forts.
“So what do you want to do on this snowy day?” Lindsey asked. There was so much to do, have a snowball fight, or build a snow fort. They didn’t know what to do, and they were for sure not to go ice-skating. The kids didn’t bring their skates and they heard about the accident Alice had when she went ice-skating not too long ago.
Bendy looked around at what everyone was doing to get an idea for him and his friends could do. He then spotted some kids building snowman. Bendy sighed having the thought of snowman. He remembered the episode Snow Sillies, an episode where Bendy built a snowman only for it to melt away.
The little demon wanted to build another snowman, but the thou
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Believe Pretty Cure Episode 9
The students of Kashikumo Academy stopped in their tracks as a blonde haired student passed by them. Some students bowed like she was royalty, while other murmured as she walked into the classroom. Everyone in Suzy’s class looked up and saw the blonde haired girl walking over to her and Alexis.
“Oh no.” Suzy sighed.
Alexis raised an eyebrow, “What’s wrong?” She asked. Suzy pointed behind her. Alexis turned around faced a…blonde haired Suzy?
“So you’re Alexis Harper, right?” The girl asked.
“Yes, and you are?” Alexis asked.
The girl had hazel eyes, and blonde hair styled to look like Suzy’s. “I’m Sally Auclair, the most popular and well known girl of Kashikumo Academy!” She beamed spinning around.
Alexis stared at Sally blankly, “if you’re the most popular, how come no one told me about you?” She asked.
Sally froze, as the class laughed. Sally growled and pointed her finger
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A Stein Family Christmas- Gift Wrapping
Alice and Boris sat around the kitchen table looking at wrapping paper, scissors and nametags. The two were confused over everything on the desk. They were called in by Linda to help her with something for the holidays, and Bendy bailed on them to go see a movie with Henry.
Linda came in with a bunch of boxes and other items. Some were toys that got the wolf toon interested. “Okay. Now I got you two we can finally wrap up these gifts.” Linda sighed sitting down in front of the toons.
“What’s with all the toys and stuff, ma?” Boris asked.
Linda chuckled, “this is not for you guys.” Boris sighed, ears drooping. The angel gave a comforting smile and pats his shoulder. “You know your neighbor Marie right?”
The toons nodded. Marie was the sweet little girl who played with the toons everyday. “Well her mother and I do charity work every year to go to homeless shelters to give kids and their families gifts.” She explained.
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A Stein Family Christmas- Ice Skating
Alice was all bundled up in her sweater ready to head out. Her friends, Lauren, Danni and Bryan all decided to go ice-skating. The angel has done ice-skating in cartoons, and was excited to show her skills to her friends. Plus, Henry had a pair of skates she can use for her skating day.
Speaking of Henry, the former animator was waiting for his daughter in the car. He was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel looking at the door waiting for the angel to come out so they can get going.
Henry sighed when he saw Alice come out from the house and headed for the car. “I hope you didn’t wait too long.” She said buckling her seatbelt.
“I didn’t.” Henry put the car in drive and drove off to the park where Alice’s friends are.
Once they got to the park, Alice quickly got out of the car and ran to his friends. “Hey guys!” Alice yelled.
Danni and Lauren smiled seeing their friend come over. “Hey Alice!” Danni yelled.
Bryan skip
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A Stein Family Christmas- Deck the Halls
“Bendy! Boris! Alice!” Linda called out. The trio was doing their own things when Linda called them. Bendy and Boris were watching TV and Alice were reading a teen magazine. The three stopped what they were doing and followed where Linda called them. They found their mom, opening a door to the basement. “I’m going to grab some things, and I need some help.”
“What do you need help with?” Alice asked.
“Christmas decorations. We’re going to decorate the tree, and the house with a bunch of decorations!” Linda explained. The trio looked at each other with a smile on their face. They were excited to set up decorations for the holidays, since hearing about it from their friends and classmates.
Linda opened the door to the basement and the toons followed with her. Linda went to a bunch of boxes and handed them to each toon. Being a wolf, Boris got to carry two boxes. The toons and Linda brought the boxes into the living room and opene
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A Stein Family Christmas- Christmas Tree
Alice woke up early one morning when she heard a sound coming downstairs. Boris and Bendy were still asleep, not waking up by the noise. The angel got out of bed and went downstairs to see where the noise was coming from.
Downstairs, was Henry in his winter coat and gloves getting ready to leave, but it was Sunday, Henry had not work today. “Henry.” Alice said.
Henry looked up to see his daughter awake. “Morning Alice. How did you sleep?”
Alice yawned coming downstairs, “I slept well.” Once she came down, she then asked, “Where are going? It’s not a work day today.”
Henry chuckled, “well since the holidays are soon, I’m getting a Christmas tree.”
The angel titled her head, “Christmas tree?” She asked.
Henry looked at the angel with widen eyes, “did she or the other toons know about Christmas?” he thought. “You know a tree for Christmas, where presents go.” He explained.
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A Stein Family Christmas-Snow Day
Henry yawned walking downstairs he just put Bendy and the others to bed after reading them a bedtime story. Linda was downstairs knitting some sweaters for the toons. Henry sighed collapsing on the couch. Linda gave a glance and smiled, “did they finally go to sleep?” She asked.
Henry nodded, “took a while, but yeah.” He said with a smile. The couple sighed as they relaxed on the couch. After a brief moment of silence, Henry went over to the radio and turned it on, playing Christmas music. He lowered the volume down so the toons won’t wake up to the music. Once he sat down, Linda was done with her sewing.
It’s been a couple of months since the toons came into the Stein family’s lives. From loopholes, monsters, demons. Now December was here and a new year will be next month.
“What do you think?” Linda asked. She showed a pale blue sweater with white stripes on the sleeves, and a blue star on it. Henry saw the size of the sweater and
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BATIM Let's Go! Pokemon AU Chapter 4
Since meeting his Pikachu, Bendy. Henry has gathered new friends on his team as well as two badges, the Cascade Badge and the Thunder Badge. Now the two were on their way to Celadon City for Henry’s 4th badge. Bendy did extremely well during his battle with Misty, and his Nidoran, now a Nidorina did well during Lt. Surge. The team was walking on Route 10 to Rock Tunnel when Bendy stopped and saw the Vulpix from before.
“Bendy.” Henry started.  The mouse Pokémon looked at his trainer, “is that the same Vulpix we saw back at Viridian Forest?”
Bendy got a close look and smiled, “Pika!” He cheered agreeing with his trainer that, yes, this was the same Vulpix they met on the start of their journey. Bendy jumped off of Henry’s shoulders and ran towards the fox Pokémon.
“Pika! Pika!” Bendy yelled.
Vulpix heard Bendy’s calls and turned to see the Mouse Pokémon running towards him along with his trainer. Vulpi
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BATIM SOL AU Welcome Home Last Chapter
The Stein family dropped the twins’ home at their house, they were lucky their parents didn’t ask what kept them so long, but were lucky to see their kids safe and sound.
Henry and Linda made it back home and put Bendy to bed and tucked him in. Henry decided to make vegetable soup for dinner. He made a few bowls, and saved some for Bendy so he can have some for lunch tomorrow. After dinner, everyone went to bed.
For Henry and Linda however, it was only for a couple hours.
Henry and Linda woke up to shuffling in their bed. They looked at each other and down at a moving figure under the covers. Henry removed the covers to see Bendy looking at Henry and Linda with his pie cut eyes.
“Sorry to wake you.” He whispered.
“No,” Henry yawned, “its fine.” He looked at the little demon crawling right between him and Linda. Bendy snuggled up to Henry and fell right back asleep. Henry and Linda smiled letting Bendy sleep with them for the night. From t
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BATIM SOL AU Welcome Home Chap. 9
Everyone ran as fast as their feat can take them running to where the roar was. As they ran they passed by John and his friends running away, “Monster! Monster!” They yelled.
“Hurry, Bendy isn’t too far!” Henry yelled. He led the group running to wear Bendy might be. Henry stopped dropping his flashlight. Cody and Connie stopped and held onto Linda, as the later held them tight for safety. Alice and Boris held onto each other.
In front of them was Bendy, in his beast form. His eyes were covered in ink; his body was now huge with long arms and hands, a small body and legs, and sharp teeth. He looked like he was snarling at the group, but wasn’t attacking them.
“Mr. Stein, is that…”
Henry nodded, “yes. This is Bendy in his beast form.”
“Beast form?” Connie asked.
“When Bendy is not at the right state of mind, he turns into that.” Alice explained.
“Is he dangerous?”
Henry went silent reme
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BATIM AJDS- When He Sees Me
Allison and Susie walked out of the recording booth talking and giggling about their recording today. “That was a fun recording day!” Allison beamed.
“It was! Though Wally and Bendy coming in with puns was a bit annoying.” Susie added.
Allison shrugged, “its doesn’t bother me that much.” She replied. The two were in the break room ready to talk and have a cup of coffee. As Susie was making the coffee, she spotted a letter pinned to the bulletin board. She removed it from the board and removed it.
“Its for you.” Susie said handing the letter to Allison.
Allison sighed, “Again.” She replied. Allison sighed and took the letter and opened it.
You did great singing with Susie today! Keep it up! Also want to go out on a date with me tomorrow night?
“Your secret admirer, again?” Susie asked.
Allison sighed, “yep. He’s asking me out on a date tomorrow night.” Since Allison started work
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Henry and Linda were taking the toons on another road trip. The toons were excited over the trip, however it wasn’t a short trip they were going to be gone for a while to celebrate Thanksgiving over at Henry’s mother’s house. The toons were confused as they never heard or celebrated Thanksgiving before. Joey never mentioned it to them, but they were curious over the holiday.
“Mom?” Alice asked. Linda turned to face her daughter, “what’s Thanksgiving?”
Linda chuckled, “I think it would be your favorite holiday besides Halloween.”
“Why?” Bendy asked.
“Well,” Henry started. “Thanksgiving is a holiday where family and friends gather together and we eat a huge dinner.”
This got the attention of Bendy and Boris, “how huge?” The wolf asked.
Henry chuckled, “well there’s turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie are the main courses.” Boris and Bendy wer
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BATIM SOL AU Book 1: Welcome Home Chapter 8
By mid afternoon, The Stein family and the twins were searching for Bendy. When they played tag, Connie lost track of Bendy and was scared what happened to the little demon. Boris and Cody comfort Connie and told her it was not her fault, and that Bendy got caught up with the game. Henry, Alice and Linda came back, but Bendy wasn’t found.
“We looked around the park.” Linda stated. She bowed her head down, “but we haven’t found him yet.”
Connie looked down almost crying. Cody hugged his sister tight. “Its okay sis, we’re going to find Bendy.” Cody insisted.
Alice agreed and put her hand on Connie’s shoulder, “Don’t feel guilty Connie, Bendy is fine. I know the little devil myself, and he’s going to be okay.” She insisted. Connie hugged the angel, and the later rubbed her back.
“Where could Bendy run off too?” Henry asked. He, Linda and Alice looked everywhere in the park for him, but no sight
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Sally Stageplay by Koalify13 Sally Stageplay :iconkoalify13:Koalify13 315 10 Cala Maria by Koalify13 Cala Maria :iconkoalify13:Koalify13 266 12 confusion by Koalify13 confusion :iconkoalify13:Koalify13 562 9 Cuphead Girls by Koalify13 Cuphead Girls :iconkoalify13:Koalify13 334 17 The Schuyler Sisters !! by Koalify13 The Schuyler Sisters !! :iconkoalify13:Koalify13 523 51 the power puff girls by Koalify13 the power puff girls :iconkoalify13:Koalify13 2,084 113 Crooked Family by Halfus Crooked Family :iconhalfus:Halfus 21 2 LOUD SOBBING by Halfus LOUD SOBBING :iconhalfus:Halfus 13 2 What by Halfus What :iconhalfus:Halfus 13 2 Join the Bernie club, Tommy. by Halfus Join the Bernie club, Tommy. :iconhalfus:Halfus 18 2 Briar- Determination by YellowMouseDraws Briar- Determination :iconyellowmousedraws:YellowMouseDraws 4 0 Cedar- Bravery by YellowMouseDraws Cedar- Bravery :iconyellowmousedraws:YellowMouseDraws 6 3 Stronger Than You by YellowMouseDraws Stronger Than You :iconyellowmousedraws:YellowMouseDraws 5 0 Finding Your Roots: Chapter 1, Page 2 by YellowMouseDraws Finding Your Roots: Chapter 1, Page 2 :iconyellowmousedraws:YellowMouseDraws 6 0 Finding Your Roots- Chapter 1, Page 1 by YellowMouseDraws Finding Your Roots- Chapter 1, Page 1 :iconyellowmousedraws:YellowMouseDraws 4 0 Finding Your Roots: An Omega Ruby Earthlocke COVER by YellowMouseDraws Finding Your Roots: An Omega Ruby Earthlocke COVER :iconyellowmousedraws:YellowMouseDraws 12 1


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I want to do some Comic dubs starting next year. If you have Pokemon, BATIM, or Cuphead comics you like me to dub let me know send me a link. 
Day 6 of a Stein Family Christmas might not come out till tomorrow. I'm still exhausted from writing a 4K fanfic. 
How would you guys feel if I quit writing all together? 
Tomorrow I'll be releasing Chapter 1 of my BATIM SOL AU Christmas stories. I'm still thinking of ideas for the days that don't have a theme, but I hope to get this done after Christmas!
So if you've been reading since the beginning of December, I tried to do a 25 days of Christmas prompt with my SOL AU. However, I feel complete regret over it. Why? Well today I've been exhausted. I've been trying to balance my other projects plus this one, and its made me exhausted. 

Instead of cancelling it, I'm going to write them whenever I can. No daily thing, so Day 7 onward might be out over the weekend or next week. I will try to finish it after Christmas or sometime in January. But don't worry I'm not canceling it, I'm having fun doing these holiday stories.

So don't worry!

Also I have a BIG huge idea for this set of stories. Not sure if its fully canon, but if you guys like it I'll make it canon to the main series. Day 7, or now prompt 7 will bring up the topic! 

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