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Edgar and Grant Chapter 5
Another long day of work was done, and the weekends we’re finally here! “Ah! The weekend.” Grant sighed, stretching. He looked at Edgar who was at the door waiting to go. “You ready to go?”  Edgar squeaked and jumped in Grant’s arms. Grant chuckled and walked home with Edgar in his arms. Once they got back to the apartment Grant opened the door, and to his surprise his roommates, Charlene and William were home.
“Oh no.” Grant whimpered. Edgar saw worry in Grant’s eyes and patted his back. The accountant looked at the spider, and gave him a small smile. “Edgar, it’s going to be fine. Just stay still for a while, okay?”
Edgar nodded, and stayed as a little plushy. Grant opened the door to be greeted by his roommates. “Hey Grant!” William said hugging Grant tight. Grant chuckled and hugged William back giving him a kiss on the cheek. Grant blushed and kissed his boyfriend back.
Charlene chuckled.
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Amulet Pretty Cure Episode 6
A ball was being thrown around the yard and Scott went up to catch it. The girls, now together decided to spend their Friday playing with Scott. The girls laughed seeing Scott catch the ball.
“Got it!” Scott muffled with the ball in his mouth.
The girl’s smiled seeing Scott playing happily. “Glad your parents allowed you to keep Scott.” Ashley said.
Frances sank down in her seat chuckling nervously. Iris and Ashley looked at each other knowing Frances kept everything about Scott quiet to her parents.
“I mean you told your parents, right?” Iris asked.
Frances chuckled. “Um well.” Frances stuttered. She never told her parents about Scott. Before she can answer the girls heard the door open.
“Girls I’m home!” Frances’s mother called out. Scott stopped in his place and collapsed to a plush toy state. France’s mother came outside and spotted the girls playing soccer with the ball.
“Hey mom! We’re
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
BATIM Pokemon AU: Let's Go Adventures Chapter 2
Henry was walking through Viridian Forest with Pikachu trailing right behind him. “Pikachu! Come on!” Henry yelled. Pikachu turned away not looking at his trainer. Henry groaned and walked over to Pikachu. “Pikachu what can I do so you can listen to me!” He begged.
Pikachu thought and pointed where the exit is. Henry groaned, and sat on the ground looking at his Pokémon thinking what to do to gain Pikachu’s trust. Snapping his fingers, Henry got an idea. “What if I gave you a name?”
“Pi!” Pikachu replied.
Henry looked at his Pikachu head to toe to think of a name for his Pokémon. Henry then spotted the brown part of Pikachu’s tail has a significant pattern. “How about I name you Bendy, for your tail!”
Pikachu felt offended and used his Thundershock to shock Henry.  Henry’s eyes turned into swirls, and his hair was standing up due to Thundershock. He shook it off and glared at his Pikachu, who w
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 0
Edgar and Grant Chap.4
A few days have passed since Edgar was created and lived with Grant. The accountant was starting to enjoy the company from the spider. Grant even tried, and failed a few times to cook for the toon, who surprisingly enjoyed it.
It was another workday for Grant as he made it to the studio with Edgar inside his bag. When he opened it, Edgar crawled out of the bag stretching, but feeling tired. “Hey buddy, what’s wrong?” Grant asked.
Edgar opened his mouth and pointing at it. Grant was confused; he remembered toons needed to drink special ink in order to live! He never gave Edgar the ink. “Edgar! Stay here! I’ll be right back!” Grant rushed from his office and ran to Joey’s apartment.
Joey opened the door, giving a warm smile. “Hello Grant.”
“Mister Drew. Where do you put the special ink your kids drink?” Grant asked. Joey smiled and went over to a cabinet filled with the special ink, and grabbed a few bottles and handed the
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 3 0
Edgar and Grant Chapter 3
Grant closed the door sighing in relief that he was finally home and could relax. Dealing with Edgar all day, was a pain in the butt for him. Putting his bag down, he saw a note on the table that read:
We’ll be gone for a week! See you when we get back next week!
- Charlene and William
Grant sighed; he walked over to the refrigerator to see if there was anything for him to eat. The accountant then heard some shuffling from his bag. Grant walked up to his bag and opened it. Edgar squeaked and jumped on Grant’s face.
Grant screamed so loud his neighbors heard him, but never bothered to check on him and went back to their lives. Grant shivered as Edgar snuggled up to him. “H-How did you? How did you?” He stuttered. Edgar squeaked and hugged Grant. The accountant sighed and he went over to the phone to call Joey.
Joey was washing the dishes after enjoying dinner. He heard the phone ring, but his hands were wet and soapy. “Bendy! Could you get the phone!
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BATIM- Pirate Adventure
Joey came into the living room in his apartment and saw his toon children in pirate costumes pretending to be well of course pirates. “Hey guys, what’s up?” Joey asked.
“Were playing pirates!” Bendy cheered.
“Bendy made this map, and were looking for treasure!” Boris added showing a drawn map.
Joey chuckled at the toons imagination. “Oooh what’s is treasure?” He asked.
“Well.” Bendy started. “I heard that a certain someone has a treasure chest filled with goodies that they’re keeping hidden.” The ink demon explained.
“And it’s up to us to find it.” Alice added.
“Well. I hope you three have a wonderful adventure! Be safe Captain Bendy!” Joey saluted as he went to his office.
The toons saluted as well, “We, will matey!” Bendy yelled. The toons left the room and into the studio to find the treasure. “So the map says we have to take a left to find the tr
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BATIM-The Ink Hound
After getting permission from Joey, Thomas decided to bring Poppy back to the studio. It was only for today since the apartment was going through a bit of renovations it was best to bring Poppy along to the studio. “Hey guys! Look who is here!?” Thomas announced.
“Poppy!” The toons shouted running towards the young dog. Poppy smiled as the toons gave her a pet. It’s been a while since they saw the young dog and they were happy seeing her again. The toons played with the dog by throwing a ball or one of Boris’s bones, which the wolf toon didn’t mind at all.
Later the toons and Poppy were relaxing to some music playing on the radio. Poppy picked her head up when she heard walking and someone leaving a room. Poppy tilted her head and walked to the door of the room.
The room was dark, except for a few candles that were lit on the floor. Poppy sniffed the ground and saw she entered into a circle. The door closed on her making the dog whimper the cir
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Sweetheart Pretty Cure Episode 12
Maki hummed a sweet song as she drew on her sketchbook. Grabbing a color as she hummed, she was drawing a beautiful picture that had vibrant colors and was in a sunny background. Once she was done, she smiled at her drawing. “Perfect.”
A knock at the door made Maki turn around. “Maki! She’s here!” Her dad called out. Maki smiled, jumped out of her seat and ran downstairs. She squealed at what saw and thanking her dad repeatedly.
On Maki’s desk was a drawing of a blue budgie.
(OP: Ready! Set! Sweetheart Pretty Cure)
Ayano, Kagami, Naomi, and Junko we’re waiting in the front door of Maki’s house. Their friend left them a message about something important, and wanted to know if their friend is okay. The door opened and Maki smiled, “Hi guys, welcome.”
“Hello Maki. What did you call us for?” Ayano asked. Maki chuckled and let her friends in. Once they were inside they awed at an unknown thing.
Maki’s ne
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
Believe Pretty Cure Episode 5
Cure Fiore stood there in shock and surprise. Alexis Harper, an idol she's looked up too for a while now. Was actually the Pretty Cure, Cure Aurora! "This whole time. Alexis Harper. Cure Aurora." Cure Fiore shivered.
Alexis smiled. "So, ready for your test of trust? Suzy Suzuki?" Alexis asked.
Cure Fiore was in shock making her revert back into Suzy. "Y-Yes." She stuttered. "What's the test?"
"This may sound weird and stupid, but would you like to come with me to the studio tomorrow?" Alexis asked.
"T-The studio?" Suzy stuttered.
Alexis nodded. "I'm serious. I'm doing some photo shoots and told my manager that you'll be joining us." She explained.
"A-Are you sure it's okay?" Suzy asked. Alexis nodded again. "Well okay."
Alexis smiled. "Cool! I'll pick you up in the morning." Alexis ran off leaving Suzy behind. Peony and Breeze appeared and looked up at the young girl.
"Susie?" Breeze asked.
"Are you okay?" Peony finished.
Suzy stood their shaking, "Alexis wants to hang out with me?"
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 0
BATIM Pokemon AU: Let's Go Adventures! Chap.1
A bright sunny day shined upon Pallet Town. For a sunny day like this it would be the start of a new journey for two new trainers.
A young boy.
And a young girl.
The young boy was finishing up his breakfast so he can start his journey. Once he was done, he put his dishes away got dressed into his blue and white T-shirt with a Poke ball on the side, his black shorts, and blue and black shoes. He looked at himself in the mirror and smiled. “I’m ready! Henry its time for your journey!” The boy told himself.
“Henry!” A woman called out.
“Yeah mom!” Henry yelled back.
“Come down! I have something for you!” Henry smiled and ran downstairs. There he saw his mother holding something behind her back. “Sit down sweetie.” Henry went to the couch to sit down. Henry’s mom chuckled and from her back was a small package. “Happy Birthday, son.”
Henry smiled and opened up the gift. Inside was a Poke ball with an electri
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
Mirror Mirror Chapter 8
Joey along with the other Henry and Sammy sat around a small lantern for the light. It was quiet between them; none of them said a word since they got here. Joey looked at the other Henry and he gave him a smile, but the other animator didn’t accept it. “So what happened to you two?” Joey asked.
“Quit the studio.” The other Henry replied not looking up at Joey.
Joey was just smiling awkwardly. “Okay.” He replied. He then looked at the other Sammy. The inky human being looked at Joey.
“What you think just because you’re the good Joey you think I’m going to answer?” Asked the other Sammy. It went silent for a bit, but the inky human sighed and gave an answer. “Fine after Henry left many of us wanted to quit too, we were tired of Joey bossing us around, and later Susie was on his side being a bitch too us!”
Joey gasped in horror. “Susie? But the Susie I know is a sweetheart, a princess.”
This made Sa
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Grant and Edgar Chapter 2
The crew ran into Grant’s office and saw Edgar nuzzling on his leg. Grant shivered at the sight of the spider toon. Wally held his laughter seeing the accountant scared at a spider toon. “What. Is. This. Doing. On. MY LEG!” Grant yelled.
“Um well.” Wally snickered. “Bendy and the others.” Wally couldn’t hold his snickering and started to laugh. Grant face palmed and looked at the other workers.
“You see Bendy and the others did some rituals and well brought Edgar to life.” Susie explained. She gave a nervous chuckle, but she saw Grant not being happy at all.
Grant groaned and pulled the spider off his leg and the two looked at each other. Edgar squeaked and hugged Grant tightly snuggling on his chest. This made the accountant face palm.
“Aww he likes you.” Wally said.
“Your like his mother.” Shawn added.
Grant was blushing in embarrassment. “There’s no way I’ll be seeing a toon as my c
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 4 3
Believe Pretty Cure Episode 4
A stuffed penguin Ushikuma was attacking at a park. People we're running and screaming from the monster, while Cure Fiore went to fight that thing. Cure Fiore punched and kicked the monster as much as she can. As she fought Cure Aurora, Bendy and Boris watched from a distance.
"She's getting good at her battles?" Cure Aurora added.
Breeze nodded. "I know! She's faster and stronger than ever!" Breeze saw Cure Fiore punch the Ushikuma, and Breeze and Peony cheered. "Go Cure Fiore!"
Cure Fiore smiled, but it was quick before she had to go back and fight. After a couple more punches, Cure Fiore was able to use her finishing attack.
Happy Blooming Flower!
Cure Fiore's attack came and defeated the Ushikuma by healing it. The heart finally went back to normal and went into a little girl.
"You did it!" Peony and Breeze cheered running over to Cure Fiore and hugging her. Cure Aurora smiled and left so she can leave the cure and her partners to celebrate.
"Cure Aurora did you-" She stopped to se
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
BATIM Slice of Life AU Book 1-Chapter 2
After dinner, Henry led the toons upstairs to a spare room they can use to get some sleep. Henry opened a door to a big room his kids used to share when they were kids. "Here it is guys!" The toons smiled seeing the room.
It was a plain room with three beds all lined up to each other. Nothing was in the room since it's been years and Henry's kids have moved on with their lives.
"So this is our room?!" Alice asked. Henry nodded in reply and the toons went to their beds and collapsed on them. "So cozy!"
"And warm." Boris added. Henry chuckled seeing how happy the toons are for the night.
Henry smiled seeing the toons happy. "You like it?" Henry asked.
"We love it!" The toons cheered hugging Henry tight. Henry chuckled and hugged his toons back. The toons ran to their beds and lied down on them to enjoy the cozy, fluffy, and warm bed.
At night the toons were asleep, except for the little demon that moved around as he slept. Bendy gasped for air waking up in cold ink. Bendy has woken from
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
BATIM Ink Operated AU-Its Been So Long
A little boy named Bobby held his Bendy plush tight as he waited for his mother to get done with her errands. Bobby sighed and waited, sinking down to the sidewalk. "Bendy what should we do while we wait for mommy?" Bobby asked. The plush stood quiet, but to the kid he thought the plush talked to him. "Yeah your right." He mumbled.
"Hi kid." Bobby looked around, and smiled at the young man. He recognized the man.
"Joey Drew!" The kid cheered. Bobby ran up and hugged Mister Drew. The man chuckled and hugged the kid back.
Joey looked confused at why a kid would be alone here, but it didn't bother him he had an easy target for his plan. "What's a kid like you doing out here?" He asked.
"Waiting for my mommy." Bobby replied.
"Well do you want to visit the studio where I make the Bendy cartoons? It won't be too long! You don't want a stranger taking you away now." Joey explained.
Bobby looked at his mother, who was still shopping and back at the man who made dreams come true and smiled. He
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
Nineties AU-Lost Angel
Bendy smiled in happiness as he and Boris left the movie theater. "That movie was AWESOME!" Bendy cheered. "Thanks for taking me!"
Boris chuckled seeing how happy the demon was. "No problem." He replied. Boris stopped and sniffed the air, he sensed someone was near and needed some help.
Bendy turned around and saw Boris sniffing around. "What's wrong pal?" He asked.
Boris sniffed the air, "Someone's in trouble." Boris then ran off making the devil chase after him.
"Boris! Wait up!" Bendy called out. The toons ran to a dark alley and gasped seeing a young girl injured, wet from the rain earlier and looking hungry. "It's a young girl."
The girl was breathing heavily, almost looking sick. Boris then lifted the girl on his back. "Come on! We have to take her home!" Bendy and Boris rushed home taking the young girl with them. Once they headed home Boris laid the girl in bed. Due to the rain she was burning up.
"Bendy get me an ice pack!" Boris commanded.
"Roger!" Bendy saluted running to ge
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