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Believe Pretty Cure Episode 7
It was a beautiful morning, Suzy was eating breakfast before she left for school. Between eating her food, she helped feed Mia. “Okay Mia, say “ahh,”
“Ahh!” The baby opened her mouth as Suzy fed her breakfast. Mia ate the food in one gulp. Mia smiled as she enjoyed the food. Suzy smiled seeing her new sister eat, and went to eat her breakfast too.
Cadence walked downstairs smiling at her daughters enjoying breakfast together. Cadence walked over to Suzy and gave her a kiss on the cheek, “Morning Suzy.”
Suzy smiled, “morning mom.” She replied. Cadence walked over to Mia and gave her a kiss on the cheek making the baby squeal. Suzy was happy seeing Mia and her mother getting along, though she wondered how did her mother see Mia as her new sister. Did something happen during her battle when she wasn’t around?
As Suzy was thinking, Cadence looked up at the clock, “Suzy! Finish up or you’ll be late!”
Suzy turned t
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
BATIM SOL AU-Halloween
It was the night of October 30th; the toons were excited for the best holiday of all! Halloween! A day where kids or anyone can dress up and have a good’ol time. Bendy, Boris and Alice were just adding the last bit of details into their costume.
Boris decided to go as a ghost, but as he cut eyeholes to see, he also cut holes for his ears to fit through.
Alice wanted to go as a dancer, she wanted to be a Hula Dancer or a Flapper, but she couldn’t decide which one to be. Linda then gave her a better idea and made her go as a 50’s girl, with a poodle skirt and everything even roller skates, which she was able to learn in one month.
Bendy wanted to go in his demon form for Halloween, but Henry decided against it as it was too risky or would scare of the neighbors. So, Bendy got the idea to be a little vampire. Bendy smirked putting on his fake fangs.
“Boo!” Bendy shouted scaring Alice almost ripping her dress.
The angel glared, pulling Bendy’s bowtie.
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
Sweetheart Pretty Cure Episode 13
A tractor Oniwashi was coming by attack Treasure Town. The monster stopped hearing rustling in the grass. The monster stopped and turned around wondering what the noise was. The monster then made its way to the noise only to be surprised attacked by Cure Bubble and Cure Lavender.
The tractor Oniwashi let out steam, angry over the Pretty Cure. The monster tried to run the two cures over, but Cure Rose and Cure Clover came by to push the monster back. The monster pushed the cures back, but they were able to hold their ground. One more attack was about to be delivered, but Cure Mirror came in the nick of time giving the monster a kick to the face.
“Let’s go!” Cure Lavender yelled as each cure attacked the monster one by one. The Oniwashi got up and was ready to ram into the team.
“Okay Cure Lavender now!” Cure Rose yelled.
“Right!” Cure Lavender replied, ready to use her special attack.
“Pretty Cure! Lavender Hurricane!”
Cure Lavender&
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
BATIM SOL AU Book 1 Chap. 4
Henry and the toons came inside, Linda turned and saw the toons being quiet and grew worried. “Bendy go to the bathroom, I’ll meet you there.”
Bendy nodded and did what Henry told him too do.
“What happened?” Linda asked.
“Some kids were being mean to us and our new friends.” Alice pouted as she slumped into the couch crossing her arms. Linda felt sorry for the toons and hugged her angel daughter.
Henry sighed, “I’m going to check on Bendy.” He walked upstairs to the bathroom and saw Bendy sitting on top of the counter swinging his legs around. The demon turned and saw Henry. The retired animator opened the medicine cabinet and grabbed out some badges it.
Bendy saw Henry wrap the bandage on his arm, and ripped another one to put over the bruise on his cheek. “Thanks.” Bendy whispered rubbing his cheek where the bruise was patched up.
“You’re welcome.” Henry picked the toon up and hugged him.
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 2
Dakota and Blaire: To the Studio We Go Chap.2
Dakota and Blaire along with the toons stared each other in complete shock. Dakota stared at the toons, but Blaire was feeling scared about them. “So…” Bendy trailed off, “hi.” He said sheepishly.
The girls screamed loudly and so did the toons. Joey heard the screams and ran into the room. “What’s going on?!” He asked. He then froze in fear too seeing the girls and the toons in the same room.
“It wasn’t our fault, Mr. Drew! We heard yelling and we came in here!” Dakota yelled.
“Please don’t get her in trouble, dad! We were fighting over chocolate! They heard us!” Bendy yelled.
Everyone was talking at once, making Joey taking all of this yelling. He sighed, took his fingers and whistled loudly shutting everyone up. “Alright! Alright!” He yelled. Joey faced Dakota, “Dakota dear, tell me what happened.”
“Alright.” Dakota started. “Blaire and I waited for you in the
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 2
Grant and Edgar Chap. 7 (Last Chapter)
“Edgar!” Grant cheered.
Edgar woke up and looked up too see Grant feeling relieved that he was okay. However, Grant was surprised seeing Edgar being hostile and hissing at him rather then squeaking and being happy.
“E-Edgar?” Grant asked. He put his hand near the spider toon, but Edgar tried to bite him. Grant quickly drew his hand back, “Edgar what’s wrong?”
“I think I know what’s wrong.” Bendy stepped in. The accountant and Joey turned to the little demon walking up to his friend. “You yelled at him.”
Grant scoffed, “well I needed too he made a mess of very important papers.”
The demon shook his head, “that’s not it Grant. Edgar is still a baby. Edgar is sensitive to that kind stuff.” Bendy explained. To Grant’s shock he was surprised Bendy was consoling him rather then yelling at him.
Grant looked at his boss, “is he telling the truth?” He asked. To his surprise Jo
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BATIM Let's Go! Pokemon AU Chap.3
Susie screamed as she Alice and another Pokémon called Jigglypuff escaped the cave. “Alice! Use Swift!” Susie yelled. Alice the Eevee faced the Pokémon coming towards them, which were Zubat and used Swift to scare the bat Pokémon back into the cave. Susie sighed and pets her Eevee, “thanks Alice.”
“Vee!” Alice cheered.
“Are you okay Jigglypuff?” Susie asked. Jigglypuff opened her eyes seeing she escaped from the cave.
“Puff! Puff! Jigglypuff!” Jigglypuff cheered. She jumped out of Susie’s arms and bounced around seeing the green grass and the sunset in the sky. Susie giggled seeing the pink Pokémon being happy. Jigglypuff then jumped into Susie’s arms hugging her as a thank you. Susie smiled and put Jigglypuff down as she walked to the neighboring town. Though Jigglypuff followed her.
“Jigglypuff?” Susie asked. Jigglypuff smiled and cheered, “Oh I get it! You want to join me an
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
Amulet Pretty Cure Episode 8
“Hi Lilly!” Frances said walking up to her friend. Lilly turned around seeing Frances.
“Hi Frances.” Lilly replied.
“So doing anything today?” Frances asked.
Lilly nodded, “I’m making a gift for someone.”
“Oooh! Who is it for?”
Lilly blushed and nervously turned away from Frances, “Its for someone special.” Frances squealed making everyone turn to face the two girls.
Frances stopped and chuckled nervously, “sorry guys.” Everyone sighed and went back to what they were doing.
Lilly chuckled, “sorry Frances, but it’s a secret.” She winked as she walked from school to home.
“Hey Frances, what’s with the squealing?” Iris asked walking over to her friend.
“Oh Lilly’s got a special someone and is making them a gift.” Frances explained.
“A gift?!” Ashley and Iris yelled at the same time. “You don’t mean?” Ashley stopped to
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
BATIM SOL AU-Reflection
Alice was helping Linda clean the attic early one morning. Linda thought with the weather getting colder it was time to do some cleaning around the house. Alice asked to help and she was welcome to help. As the two ladies cleaned they put stuff into boxes to donate to charity, Alice found some photos she would love to look at with Bendy and Boris, but what impressed Alice the most was a mirror that she found.
The mirror was golden with a beautiful pattern all around it. Alice smiled looking at her reflection. "Linda! Look at this!" She yelled. Linda heard her daughter's call and went up to her looking at the mirror.
"I remember this mirror, my mother bought this for me and my sisters when we were young." Linda explained.
"Can I keep this up in my room?" Alice asked.
Linda nodded, "Of course." Alice squealed and hugged her mother tight, "Thank you! Thank you!" The angel cheered. Linda chuckled seeing her angelic daughter being so happy. The two took a break from cleaning and called Henr
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
Edgar and Grant Chapter 6
After cleaning up all the mess Grant was able to sit down, relax and finish the work Joey wants done. “There everything is clean.” He opened the door, “Edgar! You can come back now!” He called out. Grant saw no spider toon, or heard no squeaking. “Edgar?” The spider didn’t respond. Grant shrugged thinking the spider was just playing with Bendy.
When work was done for the night Grant didn’t see Edgar at all, Grant sighed and left to head home for the night. Grant’s apartment was quiet since Edgar was around, and the account got worried. He even didn’t get any sleep because he was still worried about Edgar.
By morning, Grant had circles around his eyes not getting any sleep at all. The accountant stared at his breakfast not wanting to eat. “Grant?” William asked. “Everything alright?”
Grant nodded, “yeah just don’t feel hungry this morning.” William looked worried for his friend looking
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 4 0
Believe Pretty Cure Episode 6
The team looked in shock seeing the baby in Suzy’s hands. “A-a baby?” Suzy asked. “W-Where did she come from?”
The baby had dark purple hair tied into small pigtails, deep purple eyes that sparkled, and wore a black dress with white booties. The baby cooed and laughed seeing Suzy.
“She’s so cute!” Suzy gasped hugging the baby tightly. The baby smiled and cooed. “Hi! How are you?” She said in a cute voice. The baby cooed and smiled.
Alexis then faced Peony and Breeze, “Do you two know anything about this?” She asked. The two fairies shook their heads. They continued to look on and saw Suzy cuddling the baby.
(OP: Just Be Yourself! Believe Pretty Cure)
A baby from the sky?! She’s so cute!
The girls brought the baby in who was now sleeping in Suzy’s arms. “She’s asleep. So cute.” Suzy blushed, hearts appearing around her. Alexis, Peony and Breeze watched the pink cure cradle the baby.
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 1 0
BATIM- Scaredy Angel
Everyone has a worst fear. Alice’s worst fear is birds. It all started on a cool autumn day and Alice was outside looking at the city folk spending their day. Alice sighed wishing to be with the people outside.
Alice’s eyes widen seeing a crow next to her. “Why hello there.” She said to the crow. The crow didn’t respond only minding about its business. Alice held her finger out, when another crow landed on it. Suddenly, more crows started to come towards her.
“What’s going on?” Alice shivered. The crows slowly turned to the angel, making her scared as they flew to her. Alice screamed loud making her father and Susie scared for her.
“Alice!” They both yelled running to the room she was in. They were shocked seeing the crows surrounding the angel and pecking at her. Boris, who heard the scream from the other room, came by and loudly barked scaring the crows off.
Joey ran by and picked up Alice seeing ink leaking from her, a
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 3 0
Joey was in his summoning room; in his hand were two necklaces, a blue one and a pink one. He put them in a circle as he turned the pages of his book. Once he found the page he started whispering some words. The necklaces stared to glow and levitate off the ground. A flash of light blinded the man, making him fall of his feet.
Joey got up and saw the necklaces back on the circle. They looked the same as they were. The man sighed, “Well most rituals don’t work as always.” He said picking up the necklaces and putting them in his pocket.
After cleaning up the ritual, he went back to his regular office writing papers. He stopped for a second and looked at the necklaces he made.
“Come in!” Joey called out.
The door opened and Susie came in, “Hi Joey. Just letting you know, Sammy and I are leaving early for our date tonight.” She explained.
Joey smiled, “Of course, I didn’t forget.”  
Susie smiled, but before she
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 3 0
BATIM-Melted Dreams
Joey was relaxing in his room reading a book. Today was a normal simple day for him and his studio. He heard a bit of loud noises from the ink machine, but he ignored it. The noises got louder making the older man worry. Joey dropped his book and ran into the ink machine room too see the machine broken, ink spilling out of the cracks.
Joey sighed, seeing he now needs to fix it. Just as he was about to remove the parts, he realized something, “Oh no.” He whispered, realizing the one thing; the toons.
Joey ran out of the room searching for the toons. “Bendy!” He yelled. No response. “Boris!” He yelled again calling for his other son. “Alice!” None of the toons responded. Joey ran looking for his toons hoping their okay. He hoped and prayed they were still alive.
He opened the door to one of the rooms and his eyes widen in fear. He saw a puddle of ink, and he knew this was the ink belonging to his children. “Bendy. Boris. Alice.”
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 3 2
Dakota and Blaire: To the Studio We Go Chap.1
A portal opened up near an empty lot. Two young girls fell out falling on top of each other. The girl with watermelon hair looked up and smiled. “Blaire! We made it!” She beamed.
Blaire got up rubbing her head looking at where Dakota took them this time. “Where are we?” She asked.
Dakota smiled. “Blaire welcome to the 1930’s!” She beamed. Blaire looked at the city, which in this time looked new. Now they looked old, but still up and running.
“Why did you send us here?” Blaire asked.
“Because,” Dakota started, “there’s someone here who I really want to meet!” Blaire raised an eyebrow.
“Okay who?”
“That’s a secret.” Dakota opened her backpack and pulled out two outfits for her and Blaire, “here put this on!” Blaire looked at the dress, shrugged and put it on. Dakota wore a green dress with light green circle prints around it. Blaire’s dress was blue with whi
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 2
Bendy and Kitty- Missing Hallie
Bendy was enjoying some soup for lunch. It was a nice summer day, and what way to let Bendy enjoy it by eating some bacon soup. A door opened and Bendy heard crying from his little sister, Kitty. “Hey. Hey Kitty what’s wrong?” He asked.
Kitty sniffled, “Its Hallie!” She cried.
“Hallie?” Bendy paused, he knew no one named Hallie. “Who is Hallie?”
“My doll!” She yelled. Bendy was in shock he remembered that doll, he got it for Kitty last Christmas.
“W-What happened to Hallie?”
“She’s missing!” Kitty yelled, starting to cry again.
Bendy hugged his little sister, shushing her and rubbing her back. “Its okay. Kitty.” He whispered. He looked at her and gave a small, “Let’s retrace your steps.” Kitty nodded and took Bendy outside.
“So where did you put Hallie?” Bendy asked.
Kitty wiped her eyes and started to retrace her steps. “Well Hallie and I had
:icondreamnoteprincess:DreamNotePrincess 2 0


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