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My point is, I can't help minding people. I can't just simply ignore what they do,  how they feel, and what they think about their past or their future. I feel sorry about them, and would like to understand them. But they do not want this. Most of times they do not either think anything good or bad of you- Their heads are not a treasure hoard full of thoughts and secrets... and all that you can find inside them is only emptiness.

When I feel alone (and it happens quite often to me these days), I maintain the fault is not mine. A day's reasoning might be enough to transform you who are reading this into the focus of my hatred. Yes, you could be one of them. You could be like all the others. Will you ever be able to prove me the contrary?

Indifference can be a bliss, sometimes. I would spare my own emotions, and keep myself on track, while the rest is rotting out there. However I wouldn't think of you anymore as a person.
BenWolfson Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2008
There's something Shakespearian I could quote now. Shame I cant remember it.
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Submitted on
February 21, 2008