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Last Friday NineInchNails were performing in Milan and I was there. On that occasion, Trent Reznor proved to be an amazing artist. Shame he is going to retire and leave the music business for a long, very long while. Incidentally 10 years have passed since I first made acquaintance with his music. All started with "the Fragile" album. Since then Trent Reznor's artistry has accompanied me along ten bloody years: from the day I began first to attend university, and beyond, when I started working in there (and still now, as I am thinking of leaving it). His taste and poetry have shaped much of my imaginary, and helped me endure through hardships and confusing times.

Knowing one of the few I deem an artist is willing to sit back tells my heart some things are to end. A part of me is whispering: everything is going to look a bit more colorless than it usually looks like - says it. As things around us change,  I am driven to judge myself and what I have done. I am turning 29 and I must confess I feel disappointed with everything I have done. Still feeling incomplete. Perhaps I need to move on to different, new endeavors, find true love, perhaps to shift involvements, and search for a different place to fit in.

... and as my rambling goes on, please enjoy your life.
Diaboy Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2009
Don't be sad! You have to enjoy life for it to feel complete too xD Says the 20 year old to the 29 year old...

It's entirely your problem, and there isn't anything I can say to make you feel any better about it, but I think you will get things sorted.

Hey, my view on it is that people aren't old for a quite few more years than you have!

I dunno, it's not really my place to comment on someone's life that I don't really know.. beh. I guess I am just wishing you the best of luck with everything. I think trying out new things and pushing the boundaries is awesome and I wish you all the best with it!
DreamMaze Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Time will tell...
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Submitted on
July 5, 2009