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SnowxBunny by DreamKnightCMC SnowxBunny :icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 2 2 o0Zero0o by DreamKnightCMC o0Zero0o :icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 10
The Box
The Box
By Christopher M. Collins
Two wooden boxes, one large, one small. As one rolled away into the flames, the other sat upon a woman. A woman veiled in black.
The lid lifts. Brightness invades and something temporarily catches it
The blue was deeper than her eyes. Where hers seemed icy, the petals were merely cool. They shared sparkle, a spatter of metallic flecks upon the paper. The stem attached, it slotted into the centre of reds and purples and yellows.
“Is there anymore of that blue?”
She had been startled by a boy. His hair was a black she hadn’t noticed and the eyes a brown as warm as chocolate.
“I’m sorry,” she had replied.
A shallow frown appeared and he had nodded before he left his seat beside her.
Later he ran to her, the flower in hand.
“I’m… I found… It’s yours.”
“It’s yours,” her delicate fingers told him as she softly smiled.
Another object joins the light. Round, shiny, with a length of stri
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 2
ToT The Three Tigers Of Toidew
Tales of Toidew:
The Three Tigers Of Toidew
By Christopher M. Collins
Welcome weary travellers!
It seems you got here despite my intentionally bad directions… Well done!
I must apologise for not coming out to meet you in the usual fashion, but due to a mix up in paperwork, my mother was recently buried alive and I am in a rotten mood… I specifically checked the box to have her killed before burial…
Anyway! I forget myself.
Welcome to Toidew and, more specifically, the most amazing of smoggy taverns, The Duck in Red Stilettos.
Now, I see a few familiar faces, right Steve? How’s that ugly wife of yours? Ha ha! Glad you didn’t bring her with you this time… Oh sorry, I thought that was your pet ostrich, forgive me Mrs. Steve, you know I was merely jesting don’t you? Good thing I didn’t say anything about that lady I saw you with the other day huh? If your wife had heard you would have been in soooooo much trouble… But back to business.
Today is
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 0
I don’t know why I let them drag me here every weekend.
I don’t even drink…
I guess I’m set for another night of watching everyone’s stuff for them while they gradually lose their heads in intoxication…
If only it wasn’t so badly lit by this awful neon glare… Then I could at least read a book or something… Try to block out this horrible thumping that apparently passes for music.
I really don’t know why I bothered…
“Hey Dan!”
Oh yeah that was why…
“Hey Dan! Aren’t you going to come dance with us?! It’s no good you just sitting there!”
I can barely hear her, but I would recognise her voice anywhere… Like gruff honey.
“Nah, don’t worry about me Jamie, you know this isn’t  really my thing…”
I don’t have the courage…
“Huh?! Oh well… You should try to live a bit you know?! We’ll be waiting for you if you change your mind!”
I watch her
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 0
ToT Captain Whiskey
Tales of Toidew:
Captain Whiskey’s Fall
By Christopher M. Collins
What makes a town great?
I’ll tell you.
It isn’t size and it isn’t the shape, or even where it‘s placed.
It’s history!
Welcome to the simple town of Toidew.
Here history is in abundance and often told within.
From the almost clear skies over lush green fields, through a small gap between mountains we go.
This is Toidew, but we’re heading for a more specific location.
Along the small cobbled streets, left, then right… No not that right! the next one my good fellows. We don’t want you getting lost now do we?
Up the stairs now and straight ahead. You see the thatched roof over there? That place isn’t important, we want that quaint stone building over there, by the lake.
This is the renowned public house, The Duck in red stilettos.
Inside the air is smoky, so much so that the windows are always open and people often have trouble finding the bar.
Luckily for us, we aren’t
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 4
Black Cat by DreamKnightCMC Black Cat :icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 2 8 Neon Leo by DreamKnightCMC Neon Leo :icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 3 4
Life Gives You Stubble
I don’t feel like shaving anymore,
The hair has got too tough,
Ev’ry time I try removing it,
It just proves too robust,
There’s far too much to just unroot,
The stage is set,
The actors mute,
It’s just not going anywhere,
Stationary beyond compare,
Time wounds all heals,
Time turns all wheels,
Time never stops when you wish that it would end,
But I needed time to make a friend,
My face is still unclean as before,
But I can bear it,
I think I can,
I’m not a man,
But know I am,
Time may not be the best it’s true,
Yet without time,
Yet with out time,
There wouldn’t be much left to do…
And I could never… Thought I could ever…
Feel the way I knew…
Time wounds all heals,
Time turns all wheels,
Time never stops when you wish that it would end,
But if it had… I’d have lost a friend…
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 1 15
Chapter 23: Birth
Chris and Liz came to in a strange world of pure light and darkness.
“You ok Liz?” Chris coughed out the words, totally exhausted.
“Yeah,” Liz replied. “I think so… What about you?”
They slowly sat themselves up and looked for each other.
“Where are you?” Liz asked her.
“I’m just behind you,” Chris told her as she edged closer, not able to stand yet.
Liz turned to face her, a great relief washing over her as she saw her.
“Thank goodness,” Liz sighed.
Chris finally reached her and practically collapsed into her arms.
“You think we’re dead Kitty?” Liz asked with a little worry.
“I don’t think we’d be so tired if we were,” Chris laughed weakly.
“True…” Liz responded. “But oh well, as long as we’re together.”
They smiled at each other happily.
“You’re not dead,” a voice informed them, like the doll’s voice, yet much quieter.
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 0
Chapter 22: Death
The dust of the earlier battle was just beginning to settle, revealing the numerous casualties from Kalao’s mighty army. It wouldn’t seem so bad, but as the enemy’s corpses vanished as they hit the ground, there were only soldiers of Kalao scattered across the battlefield. Mist marched his last available soldiers towards the city the enemy had previously occupied. It was his first glimpses of the earlier battle, having not actually taken part himself. It was almost evening now and the troops that had fought here earlier had moved on into this city to set up camp and prepare for the next battle. In the distance, Mist saw a group of soldiers with a cart, collecting the fallen.
“I wonder if I’ll ever get used to seeing those carts,” Mist asked himself. “Maybe I won’t need to see them again after tomorrow.”
Hianne stood by the
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 0
Chapter 21: Some Time to Think
Some Time To Think
“We, along with General Sye’s forces, have occupied what seems to be most of this world,” the soldier reported to Mist. “Only two cities left, but we’re finally facing some opposition. They don’t appear to be well armed or particularly skilled, but there are quite a few of them according to the Jakaluan reconnaissance.”
“I assume they are waiting until we send reinforcements to aid them before they start an attack?” Mist inquired.
“Yes General, teamed up with the Salision reserves, Sye’s forces should have no trouble dispatching them, it’s the next city that appears to be the one that will cause us trouble.”
Mist thought for a moment.
“Send all nonessential troops to aid the General, I don’t think we are under any threat where we are, we might as well minimise casualties where there will be actual fighting.”
The soldier nodded and left Mist alone with Ana.
“It’ll be over
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 0
Just Behind The Lucite by DreamKnightCMC Just Behind The Lucite :icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 0 5
Chapter 20:ConfusionOfTheHeart
Confusion  Of The Heart And Mind
Liz's rage exploded and launched itself at Suri through a flaming fist. Liz should have realised that she wouldn't be a match for Suri, but her anger blinded her again and she was surprised when her hand was caught and stopped dead.
"Please," Suri begged. "It's me, you know it right? Please don't break my heart like this…"
"I'll break more than your heart you lying bitch!" Liz screamed, shortly before  her other hand was caught. "I'll break you into dust!"
"Liz," Suri tried to remain calm. "Look, I promised to protect you…Don't make me break my promise…I know I don't look or sound how I used to…I had to do this or we'd both be dead or worse…"
Liz wouldn't believe her, not with him so close at least.
"Won't you ever stop these lies? He's my man and you can't have him!"
Liz's power began to grow insanely large, the structure they were in beginning to bend and crumble.
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 1 0
At Last
At Last
(A Short Story By Christopher M. Collins)
Ah, what a great nights sleep I had that night, dreaming of my love. I can practically feel her soft, creamy, skin at my fingertips now, her long, blonde, hair brushing against my chest  like a feather.
I stared at the ceiling, then looked to the woman sleeping beside me. She doesn't know how she makes me feel and she could never understand. Just sleeping there she could make my blood boil.
I began to get itchy and got out of that bed of hers. Down to the kitchen I went, I might as well make the most of it and get some free coffee before I leave. The beautiful girl played on my mind as I stirred, I could almost see her face in the little brown and white whirlpool. Eventually the colours merged, I looked at the clock, six thirty-eight AM. It was early for me.
Coffee over, I finally got dressed. She was still asleep, no idea, no clue. I had so much fun with her that other day, first I'd felt alive in a long time. Off to the bath
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 3 16
Chapter 19: Shadow Revealed
Shadow Revealed
Liz lay sleeping on the mattress in her tent, inside a half open sleeping bag. Beside her, on the floor, was a small pile of towels that the two had used to dry off with the night before, right beside their wet clothes. The angel sat on the opposite side of the tent,  she'd woken up in the very early morning and had since just sat there and watched Liz sleep mostly. She felt strange inside the nightdress she had been forced to borrow by Liz, not least of all because it was a bit too short due to the differences in their heights, but mainly it was because it was hers. It was a lovely item of clothing though, it felt so nice and smooth and soft, if only she didn't have to keep pulling it downwards and that the part of her that wasn't used to wearing this sort of thing wasn't so prominent. She began to sing quietly to herself, not really sure what to do with herself before Liz woke up.
My love,
My every breath,
You hold my heart,
And all the rest of me,
:icondreamknightcmc:DreamKnightCMC 1 0

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Christopher M. Collins
United Kingdom
Current Residence: House
Favourite genre of music: I can't be bothered with Genres really
Favourite photographer: can't think of any
Favourite style of art: It's all good pretty much
Operating System: Computer
MP3 player of choice: Real Player I guess
Shell of choice: Pretty ones?
Wallpaper of choice: Yet again I am unsure
Skin of choice: for what?
Favourite cartoon character: Yay! Almost done!
Personal Quote: "I love Chocolate!" me, very often
Ok it a little late >_>;; Meant to Wish everyone a Merry Christmas too... Oh well can't change it now and I got plenty other stuff to worry about ^_^;; But just so you guys know I was thinking of you even though I didn't get round to it... I wish I could get my motivation and everything back... It's been a bit of a struggle recently... Not a serious struggle, more the stupid kinda that isn't really bad, but you convince yourself it is... I think...

Ooh well, hopefully I'm going to at least find some sort of direction this year sorta... Something like that... I think I'll set myself a few goals right now...

1. get some sort of paying work

2. get a serious story started, planned and everything

3. get some sort of demo album done

4. do some sort of art project

We'll see how far I get by the end of this year... If anyone has ideas for art project they'd like me to do or something... Maybe if you had a photo you wanted to see played about with... Well let me know k?

Take care everyone
Lotsa love for you all :heart:


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