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Update on my shock diagnosis, and some advice included- thank you Mariah for being willing to host this despite the heavy content.


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#COVID flooded out conventions- but we have an ark!

Crash this vid with me and the rest of the crew and learn how to attend #CouchconOnIce, the safest, funnest, free-est online convention on earth. Comin' up this weekend!


Comics, cosplay, gaming, and more happening Dec 4-6 at http://couchcon.org

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We have encountered a bump in the road, and wanted to keep our readers and supporters in the loop about our plans to deal with it.

In the last week David has experienced a sudden onset of medical issues, and we just received a preliminary diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

We are in the hands of excellent doctors, and due to catching the issue immediately, David’s outlook is very good. While MS is a serious condition, there is a robust array of treatment options that make it highly manageable.

David has stepped down from his duties as Con Chair for Couchcon On Ice, but the best staffers on earth are taking on the mantle and doing excellent work.

While he may need to delegate some management of Vivid Publishing, David plans to focus and continue work on the production of the Dreamkeepers saga, and we do not expect any delays to Volume 5 at this time.

We will keep you in the loop if that changes: And we have developed contingency plans to keep the story thriving and moving ahead in case of any eventuality.

The story we love will continue, and so will we. We are in good spirits, and hope to show just what the power of creativity and determination can accomplish for all of us.


Liz Lillie (with Dave delegating)

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Happy #Halloween! The 15th annual Dreamkeepers fanart contest results are in:

HalloweenFanartContest (1)


There's a gallery packed with these, and more magnificent entries. Enjoy!


Judging was difficult as always- but every entrant can pick up a free Trick-or-Treat mystery sticker for joining the fun! Show your entry in the gallery to Ferrous Enterprises before Thanksgiving, and your sticker will be aloft on the cool autumn breeze, headed your way:


And while you're in there, he does have some additional Dreamkeepers merch that may catch your fancy.

The runner-up prize is a Starfall Loveleaf hard enamel pin.

Pin StarLeaf Enamel Pin

The winner in each category will receive that, and a Faction fridge magnet of their choice. And the grand prize winner has traditionally been the Best Art category winner- but this year we were utterly split on a decision, so it is a three-way-tie for Grand Prize with all the Best Art category winners. And they will be receiving a Dreamkeepers V1-4 Hardcover Omnibus, over 500 gold-gilt pages of fantasy adventure. Congratulations!

Winners! e-mail dreamkeeperscomic ( at ) gmail.com with your mailing address before Thanksgiving.

Omnibus 1234

The prizes are being produced in the Dreamkeepers Volume 5 IndieGoGo campaign- live now, and in its final week!


IGG video thumb 02

Prizes won in this contest will be shipped alongside campaign merch this spring, and are in addition to anything you are taking home from the campaign itself.

Thank you again everyone who shared their talent for this year's Dreamkeepers Halloween gallery. You're great, and I hope you have a blood-chillingly good day!

Dave & Liz

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The deadline to get a table is November 1st- that is comin' up fast.

If you had a table at the summer event you're all set, but new folks must purchase their vendor table before the deadline: https://couchcon.org/apply.html

#CouchconOnIce will be Dec. 4-6.

Winter CouchCon3
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