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Registrations are in! 50 of them. Only one soul can win- the victor gets their character featured on a card in our upcoming game. And oh, what characters...

We have tricksters, anarchists, ex-police, guys, gals, charmers, thugs, musicians, mercenaries, geomancers, strippers, brutal weapons, creative powers... All on a collision course.

I can't wait to see these versus matches.

I've just finished e-mailing instructions to all of the players. Tomorrow I'll post a sample battle between Mace and Ravat, so you can see what the voting process looks like.

And now- our illustrious contestants.

Below is the schedule for Bracket-1 battles. Due to the number of contestants, the vote battles will last only 24 hours- match results will be announced as the next match launches. Check the #Dreamkeepers hashtag to see if contestants are sharing additional incentives or barbs.

And last but not least, an introduction to the characters themselves:


Enjoy- and if you're placing bets on the outcome, now's the time!

MATCH: Vaja Wip Ass Cream >>>vs<<< Jade Gaspard
DATE: Dec 16

MATCH: Arkius "Ark" Jackilak >>>vs<<< Viscaria "Vis" Lunarues Sonbird
DATE: Dec 17

MATCH: Frix Xeo >>>vs<<< Lucius
DATE: Dec 18

MATCH: Shrock >>>vs<<< Jay Kessler
DATE: Dec 19

MATCH: Luka Peraxis >>>vs<<< Hakuzo Sionnach
DATE: Dec 20

MATCH: Abigail Grimstone >>>vs<<< Chaos "Psycho" Zero
DATE: Dec 21

MATCH: Dae >>>vs<<< Jamie Hellsing
DATE: Dec 22

MATCH: Noah >>>vs<<< Natsi
DATE: Dec 23

MATCH: Vathiel >>>vs<<< Flynn Dacote
DATE: Dec 26

MATCH: Devin Wright >>>vs<<< Kyle
DATE: Dec 27

MATCH: Seraph >>>vs<<< Maxwell Ratatoskr
DATE: Dec 28

MATCH: Lenox Skali >>>vs<<< Sirhc
DATE: Dec 29

MATCH: Taridium >>>vs<<< Dank Forden
DATE: Dec 30

MATCH: Sukotto >>>vs<<< Kierce Anjvolt
DATE: Dec 31

MATCH: Kryan >>>vs<<< Rick Bishop
DATE: Jan 1

MATCH: Kurt "The Flash" Gurdsman >>>vs<<< Mariwen
DATE: Jan 2

MATCH: Eric Hoth >>>vs<<< Felicity Vulnien
DATE: Jan 3

MATCH: Korrigan Weldryt >>>vs<<< Pyro
DATE: Jan 4

MATCH: Gary >>>vs<<< Mai-Ra
DATE: Jan 5

MATCH: Lil' Timmy >>>vs<<< Nero Slendrik
DATE: Jan 6

MATCH: Beta >>>vs<<< Martin P. Kalt
DATE: Jan 7

MATCH: Sam Schrade >>>vs<<< Nimbus
DATE: Jan 8

MATCH: Marco H. Seigi >>>vs<<< Arcoth
DATE: Jan 9

MATCH: Reagent >>>vs<<< Saval
DATE: Jan 10

MATCH: Neilo Rosmir >>>vs<<< Andy Valdric
DATE: Jan 11

(Edit- Update below:  Handling Byes.)
Because odd numbers exist, some brackets a contestant will proceed without battling, or be given a 'bye.'  Selection for byes will be handled in the following manner after every bracket of fights:   
1) We assign a point value to victories. [Winners vote number]/[losers vote number] = points.
So, for example, someone winning with 100 votes over their opponent's 50 votes would have 200%, or 200 points.
2) The winner with the highest points gets the bye. If there is a tie for points, we coin toss until the bye is given to one player.
3) Repeat as needed after brackets that result in an odd number of winners.

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Leokingdom10's avatar
I finished writing my entry, is it ok to send it early? cause my match is at Jan 4th.
Lord-Kiyo's avatar
Oh darn the 27th I won't be around for.
KoKeiden's avatar
Can't say how much I wanna draw a shot for shot remake of "please don't leave me" by "P!nk" but with "Woods" and Natsi.
Smbzoo448's avatar
FYI: my upcoming battle text is going to be a link to it due to it being more than 300 words and It's more of a funny story than a battle. It has a battle but hardly.
KoKeiden's avatar
Hehehehe!!! "Come get me ya lil minx", Natsi needs someone to play with.
Smbzoo448's avatar
Natsi so going to want pay back for the embarrassment I give him.
KoKeiden's avatar
Oooh lala, I like the sound of that.
Smbzoo448's avatar
Not to mention that it's in the middle of the harvest festival with alot of people seeing it.
KoKeiden's avatar
Omg this Pizza is the bomb, I'm normally not a Pizza guy, but this really is the shiznit. I'm usually more for taco's myself, you go to Jack in the crack, you can get like 50 of em for like....not that many dollars, plus you don't have to wait for the delivery guy. Still I'm glad I went Pizza tonight. Shoutout to Honolulu Pizza Company.
burstthecat's avatar
i want in on the next one!
StoryTeller288's avatar
Looks like i made it into the roster!!! XD im very excited when i got the email, knowing my character he will prepare, Viscaria "Vis" Lunarues Sonbird watch your back...your the first on my OC's kill list
TruthQuset's avatar
HAH! Good luck, me? I got back-up. We'er ready for you. Try us on if you can!
StoryTeller288's avatar
I never said good luck in the first place XD besides I thought this tournament was only one on one OC battles, didn't know back up was allowed, Vis is my characters target, your back up would just be in the way, he wouldn't have any problem one on two
TruthQuset's avatar
OH?! You think my family would put up with me getting hurt, or even killed? You don't know whats coming for you.

StoryTeller288's avatar
i can take it, you rather not face your battle alone, its ok, just thought you could take me on yourself >3 guess that means I scare you
TruthQuset's avatar
Ahh, that's the thing about fear. I subscribe to the school of thought were you don't get scared, you get ANGRY! And I insist on adding some wisdom to this mess and saying "FAMILY, THE ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE FOR FACING OUR DANGEROUS WORLD!!!"

You, if you want to beat me you better get MARRIED to someone good (like Namah) fast!
StoryTeller288's avatar
there is alot more to my character then you think i just couldnt add anymore in my discription ;) we will see what happens in our OC battle
TruthQuset's avatar
Meet you on the 17th. ;)
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A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
Let the slay ride begin! December 28, it's time for me to try and kick some ass! LSD addled Dreamkeeper explorer, HO!
KoKeiden's avatar
Love your character "Collard" feel like Natsi and Collard together would be WW III.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction's avatar
My character isn't Collard...it's Maxwell.
KoKeiden's avatar
joedik441's avatar
Here's a question do the fights take place in a proper ring or stadium or do we get to decide where they take place because, that would be a little unfair for the opponent. 

Here's an example Keeper one is hiding in the rubble of the old warehouse building watching keeper 2 who is looking for keeper 1, not knowing they're being watched. Keeper 1 tosses a rock and leads keeper 2 on a wild goose chase exhausting him. Keeper one well rested then leaps from the shadows pummeling the crap out of keeper 2
Dreamkeepers's avatar
We don't specify a setting- so the players battling can just write whatever they like.  

Two contestants may collaborate and agree upon a shared setting, or they can write completely different scenarios without consulting one another.    It will be up to voters to decide which scenario they like the best.   
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