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FactionContestTitle by Dreamkeepers

Battle lines have been drawn!…  

Memes, taunts, and fun- the #Dreamkeepers faction contest is off to a roaring start:

Let's talk tactics.

Tactics by Dreamkeepers

Remember the victory condition- the strongest faction on March 1st secures the flood of free books.

At this point, the participating readers have polarized to relatively stable allegiances.  While continued memes and banter in #Dreamkeepers protects your territory, it doesn't conquer new ground.  

The victorious faction may be the one that effectively assesses, targets, and penetrates untapped resources.  

Organization and secrecy will be key- you have to collaborate with your allies on practical objectives without revealing your movements to enemy factions.

(Hint- consider infiltrating other factions to gain their intel.)

For example: Riiser ( ) He's a high-profile webcomic reviewer active on social media- and someone mulling over which faction to join.  If he chooses yours, the announcement could spur some of his subscribers to check the contest out.  And, naturally, they'll be inclined to join his faction.  

So- individuals or series with an online following are prime targets.  Use psychology- nobody cares what you want.   But what do they want?  Free books?  Fun?  Status?  Hundreds of free books for their followers?  

Don't forget your explanatory assets.…

Collaborate with your allies- target attainable conversions that will raise the profile of your faction.  

You could also target comic news outlets- although most are impervious to non-televised content, they should theoretically care about what excites their audience.  And if they don't?  Showcase that.  

They will have armor specifically designed to repel people like you.  But remember their weak points- places where individuals can make a difference, exercise intitiative, interact.

Forums.  Comment boards.  Social media presence.  

We're never going to have the marketing budget of someone like Disney, or the corporate media connections.  

A contest like this- motivated by genuine readers, boots on the ground?  

This is our best shot to grow and move forward- by proving we have something to offer.   By giving it to people.  And by having a blast doing it!

Be sure to broadcast your victories!  Signal boost to help maximize their impact.

I'll be providing some air-support in the form of targeted banner ads for the contest, not to mention a sponsorship slot for the weekly #ComicTalk event.  

...If your faction plans to target a specific site, message me on twitter and I may be able to hit it with banner ads simultaneously.  No promises- command is stingy with resources.

Aerial bombardments alone won't secure victory- only troops can hold ground.  

Get in touch with your fellow #Dreamkeepers faction members- time to make some sparks fly.

Time to get tactical.  

FeretStudios Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Be sneaky! Be strong. Got it!
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Glory be to Troika!
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