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Convention time!  Skip the line, catch the details here:

Or go straight to the main event:

You can be anywhere- it's time for Couchcon.  First panel in a few hours.  

 Ready to wait in line?

NO you’re not! There are no lines at Couchcon. Comin’ up July5th, the convention that comes to you.

Big Dealers! (Some you will MISS at Anthrocon this year), and they’ve got smashing deals for Couchcon weekend only.

We’re talking free comics with purchase, original art auctions tba, 10% off Furry Dakimakura orders, 50% off select items from M&T Comics & Cards, special commissions opened from yours truly, and more.

Plus enjoy and comment on our panels throughout the weekend.

Streaming on the Dreamkeeper Twitch channel, the panel schedule is as follows (All times EST)

3-4 pm- Living Landscapes. How to infuse hidden stories, depth, and realism when drawing your settings, by David.

9-10 pm- Coding and Creativity. Updates on the Dreamkeepers app (and possibly more) hosted by Minako.

3-4 pm- Story, Writing, and what makes a satisfying book, hosted by award-winning author Geoffrey Thomas.
6-7 pm- VIVID VAULT update. Checking in on the contestants, and how they’re progressing on the challenges.
8-9 pm- Character Design- visual tips and story hooks to distinguish primary & background characters, with David.

4-5 pm- Lore Q&A. Learn more about the world of Dreamkeepers, and get the answers you need with David.
6-7 pm- Vivid Tomorrows. We talk about the future of the Dreamkeepers franchise- now expanded to games, music, and more- introduce you to some new Vivid authors, reveal upcoming releases, and detail overall plans for the counterculture war against the forces of Disney.

Thank you to the Dealers jumping into the first year of Couchcon, and to all the attendees: Attendence is free. We’re looking forward to a great weekend together.

VAULT Lense Flare by Dreamkeepers

The VAULT will reside at the Anthrocon Dealer’s Table of the World’s Greatest Furry Artist. But it’s locked! AC attendees will have to complete the challenges below to gain access the Vivid content within. There are packages for 20 people.

During Anthrocon weekend, we’ll be monitoring twitter for posts that use both the #Dreamkeepers and #Anthrocon2019 hashtags. Post proof that you have completed your challenge, and we’ll publicly reply to the earliest post with the associated clue. Anyone who receives a Clue is automatically one of the 20 VAULT reward recipients. Happy hunting.


Convince Boneitis you are the coolest. Make your case, and he will choose one winner at 3:00pm Saturday and deliver CLUE #1.


Today, Grunn is your Original Character (donut steel.) Commission an artist, and explain to them how your character is this cool drunken shark who loves porn and beats children. Post their reaction.

We will reply to you with CLUE #2.

Bonus- if you also share the finished art of Grunn, we will provide any other Clue of your choice.


Get a selfie of 3 Dreamkeepers readers surrounding one Anthrocon security volunteer. Readers should be sporting the Dreamkeepers logo, via shirt or by holding up a book. Bonus if you give one to the security person.

We will reply to you with CLUE #3.


Finally Whip has something to say! But what? Somewhere in the Dealer’s Room, Whip is piping up. Get a selfie of yourself with this Whip and the booth he is at.

We will reply to you with CLUE #4.


Pittsburgh has some great landmarks. Post a photo of you and 2+ friends on a bridge, under a statue, or somewhere that looks awesome.

We’ll reply with CLUE #5.


Set up a game of Skirmish in the game room. Choose your all-time favorite character matchup, and explain to social media why it’s the best matchup in your view. Play an enemy. If you win, you get the code. If they win, they get the code. Announce the winner and loser on twitter, and we will reply with CLUE #6.


Get a fellow contestant drunk, and post video of them reciting the plot of Dreamkeepers Volumes 1-3 in 30 seconds or less. We will reply to you with CLUE #7. Bonus if you can explain how to tell the Indigos apart.


Snap a pic of the Guest of Honor, with a friend photobombing in the foreground or background with a Dreamkeepers logo visible (Shirt, book, plush, game, whatever.) We’ll reply with CLUE #8.

Once you have all the clues, you can open the VIVID VAULT. Go to Boneitis, the Keeper of the VAULT. Inside the VAULT will be your rewards- there will be a package for you, and 19 more identical packages for your friends and fellow Clue receipients.. Enjoy!

Fine print: Follow all of America’s awesome laws, plus Anthrocon convention policies. Get an OK from subjects before slamming pics / recordings on social media. Have fun and don’t die.

 We got some great VIVID VAULT ideas! The final challenges to unlock the VAULT will be announced in June.

Though we can’t make Anthrocon, we will be running Couchcon online- bigger and better than ever, launching Friday July 5th.

CouchCon Websize by Dreamkeepers

Some of our Couchcon vendors are plotting tempting sales for the event, and we can preview the number and price of our planned commission slots:

(1) Full color, full background, unlimited characters commission $350

(1) Full background, unlimited characters polished pencil lineart commission $180

(2) Color added to any previous lineart commission $150

(2) 1-3 characters, no background, polished pencil lineart $150

(3) Single character polished lineart $100

(10) Quick Sharpie Doodles, single character $5

Also, SKOM is returning for Couchcon. But instead of Sketch of the Month, it will be Sketch of the Many. Every Mastermind backer will submit an idea in June, and every idea will be created as a quick sharpie doodle. We’ll put the ideas to a vote, and complete the winner as a pencil drawing.

Sketch of the Many will only happen once or twice a year- the Monthly Vivid Poll is our new every-month art generator. This month, Commanding Vote backers chose to have us finish the Vi animation cycle.

She’s almost ready to show off- thanks for the great direction everyone, more announcements and art to come.

Our latest article, trending again on Bleeding Fool. This one covers the truth behind the "Altfurry Blocklist."  

Victim testimonials are hands-down the best part of the piece, some of them floored me:…

I couldn't cover everyone- if you know of a person wrongfully targeted by this list, mention them in the article's comment section.
VAULT Lense Flare by Dreamkeepers

One show you can enjoy during Vivid’s July Couchcon- watching VAULT contestants.

There’s a locked Vault at Anthrocon, filled with Vivid Publishing goodies for the readers who can open it.

But to receive parts of the code, Anthrocon attendees must complete certain… challenges.

Once proof is posted online of their achievements, they unlock another clue to the code.

There will be at least seven challenges. But now for the fun part:

What are they?

Well what would you like to see, fellow internet?

Suggest life-altering hijinks for contestents to perform, live at Anthrocon.

It’s a group of determined people at the world’s second biggest furry convention. Let your imagination run wild- let’s make it fun for contestants, and fun for us, the studio audience.

Comment below with challenge brainstorms.

If we use your idea, I’ll mail you a copy of something from The Vault.

I’m looking forward to Couchcon.

 Sprawl Pic by Dreamkeepers

Welcome to Tartarus.

Not the utopia colonists hoped for. Instead a hard, frozen planet that supports but one tangled bloom of habitable metropolis: The Sprawl.

I picked up The Sprawl Log:01, by Snowdon, from Ringtail Cafe Productions. I like having a book in my hand- and this is a fun one.

Sci-Fi and dark horror converge with visual mastery to create a compelling read. Mystery, sex, carnage, and an inscrutable orb took me on an enjoyable ride through a scenario reminiscent of John Carpenter’s The Thing. The art is gritty yet colorful, and I’m especially impressed by the layout style. The paneling comes off as slick and appealing, but always reads clearly.

If you’d like to buckle in for the ride, enjoy on Katbox, or go straight for the real deal with a book.…

I hear the next issue of The Sprawl is nearing print, so now is a good time to hop on board and discover another noteworthy creator-owned graphic novel. I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of this series, and where Snowdon goes from here!

 Skip the line- first Couchcon is this weekend!

CouchCon Websize by Dreamkeepers

Our dealers go live online with everything you can dream of. Some of them are running special weekend discounts.

We're going to offer some special stuff too:

Commission slots (Ranging from $180-$5), hand-painted figurine sets, Troika patches and keychains, buttons, original pencil art, Vivid Publishing Sketchbooks, and more- but quantities are limited.

Free bookmark included with every order.

And we will be cracking open a case of Skirmish games to be available for sale during Couchcon. Everything will go live in our online store this Thursday night, before midnight.

Thank you to everyone enjoying the story, and helping us carry on. We're excited to bring you more- new Volume 5 page coming to Patreon and Dark Market backers tomorrow.

CouchCon Websize by Dreamkeepers

Do you ever feel like you’re missing out by missing conventions?

Not anymore. Vivid’s hosting an online convention in 2019- COUCHCON.

Everything we offer at conventions will be available to you. Skirmish games will be coming back in stock exclusively during Couchcon along with other Vivid merchandise- buttons, sew-on patches, bookmarks, commissions, you name it.

And it’s not limited to Dreamkeepers!

Artists who have missed out on convention space are comin’ to Couchcon.

We’re testing it out April 12-15 with me and possibly a few others. We’ll launch it again during Anthrocon, July 4-7. and we’ll be bringing in big-name dealers like M&T Comics. His 18 years of dealing at Anthrocon was terminated by staff this year- but you can find Big Mike at Couchcon! Any artists who want a dealer’s table in Couchcon, get in touch.

Miss the lines- don’t miss the fun.

See you at Couchcon.

We’re amped to announce the latest comic to sign with Vivid Publishing-

Turn up Garage Band.

When I reviewed this submission, I immediately had flashbacks to Scott Pilgrim. Not identical, but it has the same punky vibe and graphic feel. Garage Band takes a gritty look at growing up in middle America, and at the core of the colorful style is a raw authenticity that makes me eager for the next issue.

Helmed by Jason D. with the first comic illustrated by Pyanny and colored by Riana Dorsey

Looking forward to following this series, and bringing you quality hard copies after the sound-check.…

The story of a fursuiter who had an opportunity crushed by their community- but why?  Strawberry Cage, Intolerance, and Ultracompassion:…   

Thanks to @BleedingFool for hosting us and adding photos & links.  

Unmet desires are in the crosshairs.

Readers periodically come to me interested in new shirt & merchandise designs- but I never find the time to draw them.

I’d also love to create the occasional short Dreamkeepers animation, though I can never quite justify spending time.

Plus there’s concept art & lore that would be great to see- a page of springer gun designs, sports logos for the district fallguard teams, all kinds of stuff.

But even if I had the time, what would readers want me to tackle first?

Then I realized, I make time every month for extra art- the Sketch of the Month. So if we gear that towards official Vivid content, everything levels up. More of the official merchandise, concepts, and animations we’d like best.

So Sketch of the Month is evolving to an even more powerful form- now it’s the Vivid Monthly Poll.

To help guide the Vivid Monthly Poll, we’re also forming an exclusive new Discord room, the Drawing Board. The Drawing Board is a creative panel focused on generating the best, most engaging merchandising choices for the franchise.

Current Mastermind backers (From Patreon and Dark Market) have been invited to join. We’ll sound out the Drawing Board for feedback and input on apparel, toys, games, animations, and other enticing possibilities. I don’t often announce flaming piles of ‘maybe’ in public. But in a smaller group, we’ll be free to share productive brainstorms and hone Vivid’s endeavors.

We’ll be actively curating the Drawing Board to ensure it remains an effective and task-oriented room.

While Masterminds will be invited initially, we’ll be making judgement calls as we go to ensure we get the best team possible for the job. Nothing personal to those screened out, it’s about the work. Full criteria will be shared with Board Members prior to admission.

Here’s the new Vivid Monthly Poll format.

Mastermind backers will submit design ideas in any of the following categories:

  • Teepublic / Apparel art
  • 1 second’s worth of Animation stage (rough, cleanup, and color are separate stages.)
  • Concept / lore design
  • Miscellaneous merchandise


Then the Patreon Commanding Vote backers will vote, and we’ll go to work on the readership’s top choice.

Thank you to the backers who make Dreamkeepers possible every day.

New backers, today is perfect for joining- we’ve just released a PDF of Chapter 13 for you to enjoy, and Chapter 14 updates begin in April.………

Together, the Dreamkeepers graphic novel series is just the beginning.

Goldenblood Map Start GM Copy by Dreamkeepers

Which direction should Faction War go? The GMs have two options for you.

Because the dust has settled, and Goldenblood is over! Central City Authority players were able to secure victory in a three-way battle against Neon Knives and the Troika players.

The latest version of Faction War saw a range of weaponry, mounts, persuasion tactics, and terrain features deployed. Next game should allow for veteran and new players to join up & play- mods will announce when they’re kicking it off:

But first- thank you to the moderators who took on GM-ing responsibilities for the last half of Goldenblood. I had fun developing the Trinity system to this point, but lacking the time to participate with day-to-day gameplay, fine tuning is better left in the hands of capable veterans.

The Faction War mods have presented two pathways for game development:


Add more detail to the game mechanics, and create a deeper roleplay experience. This would require more player time investment in learning the rules, and possibly limit the player count to more manageable group sizes.


Simplify the mechanics to create more of an interactive board-game experience. It would be easier for new players to jump in, and require less investment to participate, possibly accommodating a larger group. Mechanics would be robust, but the trade off would be mechanical nuance and depth.

How to decide?

I think it’s your call. You folks will be the ones playing, let’s ensure you get the experience you’d like best.

So, fire up that clicker, and vote in our poll!

Should Faction War veer more towards a deep roleplay experience, or towards an interactive competitive board-game experience?

Vote here:

And after you vote, jump into the Discord and meet some friends. Contact mods with your own suggestions, and help plan the next scenario.

Faction War mods, get in touch with me any time you need to signal boost an announcement. Now everyone behave, and watch out for NPCs.

For reference, existing Faction War game system:……

Heads up to present & future Patreon / Dark Market backers, an announcement is coming soon!

We’ll share something nice for you to download, as well as a few tweaks to the Tiers. Should result in more fun & content for all.

And while we’re here, quick update about Dark Market.

In addition to Zero Strings, Subscribestar, and Bitcoin, Dreamkeepers can now accept backers in New Project 2, the Patreon alternative created by the legendary Dick Masterson.

We’re happy to bring you art & fun, whichever platform you prefer! Links below:


Dealer System Business Card by Dreamkeepers

You’re about to become a walking zero-overhead comic store.  But first-

Have you ever tried to fix something, and been punished for it?  

   Once as a toddler, I overheard Mom & Dad talking about how their bedroom door was broken.  Being a precocious tot, I knew glue fixes things.  So I bobbled over to the glue, then turned my attentions to the door itself.  The big wooden part looked fine.  That narrowed the issue down to the little metal bits.  So I went to work gluing up the hinges to fix the door.  

Fast forward a few decades, and I’m still as helpful as ever.  Until recently, I entertained notions for fixing the broken Diamond-monopolized comic retail industry.  (links at the bottom for those interested.)

Not anymore!

It turns out comic shops don’t want to be fixed.  News broke that a gaggle of store owners were conspiring to keep popular crowdfunding-market books out of their stores, blocking access for interested readers.

Well then.

They can fix themselves, and I wish them all the best in that endeavor.

Freed from brick-centric preconceptions, I see a clear solution to making the comic market click:


Readers fuel our growth.  You’re the ones sharing and bringing new readers to Dreamkeepers.  Why shouldn’t you profit from it?  

Let’s try that out.

Vivid Publishing is officially launching a Dealer system.

It’s clean ‘n simple.  Once you’re a dealer, Vivid will give you a coupon code, like “SIMPLE.”  Customers using your code will save 5% at checkout.  We can track those sales, and then Vivid Publishing pays you, just as though you were a store.  

Check out the sales commissions on our dealer page.  A solid dealer can make bank.

Dealers never even need to handle inventory.  You can share your dealer code online, in person with our QR-enable business cards, at conventions, table or no table.  Close sales anywhere.  You don’t even need to rent retail space- unless you really want to.

In fact, store owners are welcome to join the action!  Order in bulk, and a retailer discount is automatically applied to the cart.  While Diamond requires you to place a $425 minimum order, you can buy just 5 of an item from Vivid and you’re immediately in the game.

Dealer codes and bulk sales are all integrated with the brand new Vivid store:  vivid-publishing.mybigcommerce…

Plus Volume 2s and 3s are back in stock, at long last!  Customers, ask around to see if you know a dealer before purchasing, if so, you’ll save 5%.

If you want to be a Vivid Dealer, e-mail us.  Prospective dealers with an established audience or sales experience, we’ll issue you a code.  Anyone else, I’ll ask you to buy a bulk order of five Volume 1s and sell those first, so I’m not pumping out a zillion dealer codes that never get used.  Better three brilliant, motivated dealers than an army of entrepretenders.

Vivid has gone from nothing to one of the most successful crowdfunding comic publishers in the industry.  We have the best stories.  We’re getting into games.  And we’re just getting started.  

Let’s kick it up a notch together.

Old Ideas to fix comic distribution:……

Comic shops conspiring to prevent readers and creators from connecting:…

New Vivid Dealer system and online store:
It’s been a legendary run.

Liz and I have been dealing at Anthrocon since 2006, and we love meeting our readers there!  The convention has come to feel like home, and helped launch Dreamkeepers from a single issue comic into a multiple-awrd-winning graphic novel series, webcomic, novel, tabletop game, app, plush line, with a full orchestral soundtrack to boot- a feat unmatched by any creator-owned series in the history of the furry genre.  

And we’re just getting started.

However, this year the dealer’s room is curated by AC staff, and their interests lie elsewhere.

Curating a popular convention is undeniably a challenge, so please extend appreciation to staff for their efforts.  

If you’re attending Anthrocon, we’ll miss you- but you don’t have to miss Dreamkeepers.

In fact, Anthrocon will play host to Vivid’s entirely new convention-enhancing game:


VAULT Intro Text Small by Dreamkeepers

A coded chest conceals all-new Vivid loot for any readers who participate in our on-site contest.  

What lurks in-  THE VAULT?  

Who will you meet at Anthrocon to help you unlock- THE VAULT?  

And what challenges must you face together?

Anthrocon’s about to get more fun!  Stay tuned for details, we’re happy to bring you something new.

-Dave & Liz

Which one is the finest?

Every furcon we’ve ever attended has been fun, but one convention is now the indisputable leader. Not in terms of giganticness, but in regard to what matters, the winner is:

Further Confusion!

The reason for their newfound status as Finest Furry Convention is simple. They made a small, common sense addition to their Code of Conduct:

AAE and FurCon do not permit membership or attendance by any individual who is a convicted sex offender, or appears on any federal or state sex offender registry.”…

After the grisly “zoosadism” leaks of 2018, a policy of this nature is undeniably necessary for all-ages conventions. But you’d be surprised at the back-channel resistance we encountered when suggesting it. Off-record, convention staff formulated excuses so absurd that I lost hope.…

But Further Confusion came to the rescue, and showed everyone how easy it is. I have no idea if they were aware of our petition or not, but I’m grateful for their action on this matter.

Further Confusion is now the finest furry convention! Hopefully more conventions follow their lead, and also become the finest. At any rate, if you have the ability, show them some gratitude or donate to their charities. We’re happy to see the world becoming a better place.

Furry Venn Diagram by Dreamkeepers

DarkMarketTitle by Dreamkeepers

Time to raffle off some free art!

Everybody else was too slow- Vivid Publishing is launching our own Patreon alternative, today.

If you’re unfamiliar with the #PatreonPurge, plenty of other content creators are covering the circumstances that led to commentators and cartoonists being banned from the platform.

But Dreamkeepers isn’t banned- they love us over there, so why are we launching a Patreon alternative? Because readers were asking for one. A good number of people wanted to support us, but through a different outlet- and my answer was yes!

So we joined Makersupport.

It was shut down by the cartel of payment processors.

So we joined Subscribestar.

It was shut down by the cartel of payment processors.

Hatreon, Freestartr, Gab, everyone who tried to build their own platform to date has been shut down by the ruling cartel of Silicon Valley companies and their payment processors.

The damn cash register is deciding what you are and are not allowed to buy!

But the internet doesn’t like hearing ‘no,’ and now EVERYBODY is talking about building alternative platforms. But nobody’s delivered yet, so Vivid Publishing has stepped up.

Welcome to the Dark Market.

In the Dark Market, you can find creative content you love, support it, and get rewards. The Silicon Cartel can’t stop you, because we accept Bitcoin, and we use a newly founded, independent credit card processing service- Zero Strings.

If you’re new to Bitcoin, there are links in Dark Market to introduce you to the basics. Getting started is about as hard as setting up a Paypal Account, except Paypal can freeze your funds, and Bitcoin you can spend and accept with total freedom. I don’t know anything about investing, all I know is Bitcoin is an unstoppable way to conduct transactions. People are calling it “free speech money.”

Any Dreamkeepers customers who use Dark Market here in January, I’m going to raffle off a free single-character lineart commission. Payment options, instructions, and rewards are listed right there on the page.

Launching with us in the Dark Market is Boneitis, Corvus Publishing, DireWolf Media, Darkspeeds, and possibly more creators coming soon- so check in with them, they might have some launch specials planned as well.

Now, we will continue posting on Patreon. I might not like everything they do, but then again, I don’t like everything the government does, and I still use roads. But all Dreamkeepers Patreon content from here on out will be available through Dark Market- including some things that may be too spicy for Patreon’s TOS.

If you want to know more, go to, and join the underground.

We have cartoons.
DK Promo image main by Dreamkeepers

What a year.

The war to control crowdfunding is upon us.  Thought you could choose your entertainment, and simply support who you like?  Well strap in.

But let’s recap before looking ahead.

Skirmish delivered.  Our deluxe boxed tabletop game, complete with foil stamping and black-core linen-textured cards, along with the first expansion deck. “Ruthless”.  The guys at EPF games outdid themselves, and Dreamkeepers has successfully claimed another medium with flying colors.

Simultaneously, the Dreamkeepers spinoff novel “Wayward Astronomer” won multiple Ursa Major Awards, as did the Dreamkeepers comic series itself.

And congratulating fellow winner Dogpatch Press, we discovered the most curious thing.  A secret blacklist!  (Not the only secret in the furry community, as it would later turn out.)  They weren’t permitted to even retweet our congratulations.  So I wrote a nice article for them about how to prevent Nazis, and our Patreon boomed.  

Backer support has unleashed more art than ever before.  It’s backlogged, I have too much to post!  Vivid has hired a social media manager to help us keep up.

Aside from a cascade of art from crowdfunding, Vivid published & delivered Mike Rosen’s Firebrat book just in time for Christmas, and the Dreamkeepers Volume 5 soundtrack was successfully crowdfunded by composer Nikolas Albrecht on Kickstarter.

The Dreamkeepers theme, as recorded by a live orchestra in Budapest, will make your hair stand on end when you hear it.  

We also licensed to create 3-D printed Dreamkeepers figurines, and launched a unique Dreamkeepers roleplay system in Discord.

And that’s about when Patreon decided to start violating their own terms of service to ban creators for wrongthink.

If you’re out of the loop, check out Timcast or any of the legion of youtubers covering the debacle.

Creators flocked to an alternative platform, Subscribestar- which was immediately crushed by Paypal and Stripe, the same way they killed other Patreon competitors like Makersupport.  Some concerned citizens, like YoutuberLaw, are filing FTC complaints.  But everyone is talking about new alternatives.  

Like cryptocurrency.

Starting in 2019, Vivid Publishing will unlock the door to crypto.

In fact, you can try it right now.

Advanced players in our new cyberpunk dystopia, send BTC to:


A comprehensive announcement with more currency options, and rewards for crypto donations, is coming next month.

So, 2019 ought to be interesting!  

New platforms, new opportunities, and more content than ever for you to enjoy.

Vivid will navigate the changing marketplace to give you the best possible options, while I work my tail off to create the best possible content.

2017-2018 saw the successful expansion of Dreamkeepers, but 2019 I’ll be focusing exclusively on Volume 5.  I can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

Meanwhile, look forward to the next Vivid book release, “False Start” by the unstoppable madman Boneitis.  

If you trust the social media company algorithms, then just sit back and do nothing.  But if you want to take control, secure a position in our newsletter:…  

Thank you to the readers for making all this possible- through ups and downs, corporate censorship and community drama nonsense, it’s your willpower and commitment to your own taste that keeps things vivid.

Keep reading, and we’ll keep drawing.  

 The 13th annual Dreamkeepers Halloween Fanart Contest is on display. The spooktacular entries made judging a horrifying ordeal- but we have arrived at this year’s winners:…

A Collector’s Edition signed Skirmish deluxe game goes out to the Best Art grand prize winner, with more prizes to the other winners and runner-ups. Plus we’ll get in touch with raffle winners in the coming days, and every single entrant may have a sticker:…


You tell us where to send it! Everyone who wants their prize, send your mailing address to Dreamkeeperscomic(at) by Nov. 15th, or your prize vanishes like a ghost.

Thank you to all the artists and authors who brought the fun this year. Thanks to you, the gallery is all treats, no tricks:…

Enjoy, check out our free Halloween Prelude,…

and have a Happy Halloween.