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V4 Kickstarter campaign art

By Dreamkeepers
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The Volume 4 Kickstarter went live yesterday- and HOLY CRAP.…

Within 24 hours we've destroyed our goal, and blown through a pair of stretch goals.  Volume 4 is now guaranteed for a print run, along with the previous Volumes available signed or in PDF form- plus new Bookmark designs have been unlocked and are on the way, along with a reprint of our posters, including the oft-requested Cast in Shadow poster.

And- so far- we've only announced the campaign to the Dreamkeepers newsletter list.

Where will things go from here?

It's open season on the Volume 4 Kickstarter!  Jump in, watch our teaser commercial, choose a tier, and spread the word!  This is our chance to kick Dreamkeepers and Vivid Publishing into a whole new gear.

Let's make something happen.
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I love the color and the scheme of the artwork. Love the spooky background! The woods just scream magical or Sorcery. The hues of purple makes it mysterious and rather unique. It makes a person interested what this will turn out to be and to read the DreamKeepers. It makes you wonder what makes the character seem determined and what keeps them going. Is it a loved one? A destiny? Would they succeed? What about the ones behind them? Are they for or secretly against them? So many questions and yet, the reader needs to find out for themselves. It makes me wonder what happened/happens to the character in this volume. You gained a follower dear Artist.
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I missed the kickstarter ! :( but I still want to help out ! 
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Just email we have some of the merchandise left over.
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You guys have been killing it with this campaign!!! The Prelude collections are just within reach...
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I pledged. (Backed) :3
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Thank you!  8 )   

I'm going to send you cool stuff.
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Methinks you underestimated the number of folks patiently waiting on Volume Four :D
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I really, really did.   This is surpassing my expectations- I have to learn to stop underestimating the Dreamkeepers readers.  You are many and mighty.  
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The one day I forget to check my email is the day it goes live. Oh well. Still going to get me a book....and maybe a mug, or a Troika patch....oh I know.... 
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Vi doublefisting rifles like that is pure awesome;She's going to be a heck of a awesome and empathetic hero in the GNS! I also like how Karo and Rumor add to the piece with them eagerly waiting to unleash some havoc on whomever would impair them from stopping the nightmare's dastardly agenda.
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Vi looks awesome on that pic!!!! Kinda like "I'll kill every zombi and save earth" awesome!!
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    Gratz on the Lv up! =^_^=  Can't wait to buy it digital. ^_^
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Congratulations on exceeding your goal so quickly!  (I'm not surprised :))
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Saw the video, Oh boy, Igerath with a halo.  This book is going to rock!!  I already backed up, and I made a journal in hopes to bring in more.
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I'm with you on Igrath and his halo; now I totally get what some other fans were going on about with the whole "Red, white and blue" thing in the DK forum; I cannot wait onto it's available online  on the site for free reading pleasure!
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It will be a while till its free, it wont be free till V5
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Here's hopin' that it comes fast then!
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Dreamkeepers: Modern Furfare 2
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BAD FREAKING...***... I love it!
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