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Tournament Exhibition Match: Mace vs Ravat

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Oh, Ravat. Oh, evil, sadistic Ravat. You think I think you're awesome? Hah.

I vote Mace.

Hang on.

Damn, out of time to vote. I better get to these things sooner. Thank the Spirits it's the Christmas vacation soon.
Wyvernis's avatar
Mace hands down
Avarus-Lux's avatar
How could i have missed this contest... Darnit, well maybe i'll be able to participate a next time.

Looking forward to all entries :)
naomi2321's avatar
Ravat's skills should demolish Mace within minutes. If there were just names, skill descriptions, and no comic for backstory I'd say Ravat wins 9/10 times. However, I'd say Mace wins because his side explains in detail how he would get out of a incredibly tough situation, while Ravat's side just describes the kill, not even showcasing any of Mace's skills.
Northbendneck1's avatar
Sorry, Ravat's win made me laugh so...

I guess I'm a sadist?

But in the end I think if it were a fan writing Ravat would have won.
Leokingdom10's avatar
Now I have a better understanding on how to do this tournament.....also Mace for the win!
dragonman1997's avatar
Gonna be bold and say Ravat because it's interesting to see an antagonist succeed once in a while...
UmiEbon's avatar
Mace, obviously. Ravat's sounds more like the alternative, non-canon ending we all read out of curiosity, and then do our best to forget about, because it's bullshit.
HaruTotetsu's avatar
Who won depends on the question. Who's more fun? Mace. Who's more "cool"? Ravat. Who's got those eyes that make your heart swoon? Whip...but he's not here right now so...

Mace. Mace won this fight that's for sure...not even because of powers or intelligence but just because...its Mace...I swear if he started fiddling with chemicals he'd make a new deadly disease and cure it in the span of 5 seconds.
solo-ion's avatar
So, in other words... Mace would be Chuck Norris if he weren't already Mace?
HaruTotetsu's avatar
Yes...and Whip would be Brad Pitt if he weren't already Whip
Jack-13's avatar
Mace, better execution of story
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