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Thesis Animation Gecko Still

This was a promotional render for my senior thesis animation from back in the ol' college days. If you have a few minutes to spare, we've hosted the short on Youtube for your viewing enjoyment: [link]

It's certainly not the sharpest animated short you'll ever see, but it carries a lot of nostalgia value for me since it was such a defining project... Everything from the concept art to the animation and voice acting was done by me alone, so it was quite the experience. (A side bonus to this approach was a much easier workload when it came to listing the credits)
Although this animation is personally linked with my disillusionment surrounding the (ongoing) costs and benefits of higher education, it still holds a fond place in my recollections.

Looking back from my ripe old age of twenty six... Ahh, I was so young then, barely breaching a starry-eyed twenty two. So full of ambition and fire. And geckos. How times change.

...Way more cartoon characters now.
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This was by far the most well thought out animation. The characters maybe not the best, but the story itself was really funny. Other Elements in the short was great as well. Being a former animator myself (well in college anyways) I think that even animations I have tried doing in 3d never compared to it. Well for the story At first it seemed too convenient. The gecko talking to the turtle that was inside his shell. Then another gecko appeared and then it got interesting. It made me wonder what all the gecko did to make the other one just want to get out of the cage. It just kept getting better after that, but I wouldn't want to ruin the ending for people that didn't watch it yet. I would recommend this short to just about anyone. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile) - :)"/>
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Saw the Youtube vid, funny awesome!
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Haha, was not expecting that ending. It was perfect! XD
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epic-flippin' win!
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I enjoyed the animation very well. The lighting and textures of the animation I think is what made it the coolest part with the detail.

Plus good humor. I even like the crazy little drawings during the credits.
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Well... okay, I can't give my professional opinion because I'm not even an amateur, but that was one of the most hilarious things I've seen in a long time. It officially brightened my day. Excellent (old) work.

YOU'RE AWESOME. :la: End of story.
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Well that was very interesting hehe! Animation is somewhat rigid when they end a few movements though the faces are well done to voice sync. I'll be doing my own animation production next quarter as well and I have a few ideas, I hope it will turn out as good as yours! ^^
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this is so great :heart:
you have been linked :
hope you like it :-)
If you would like it removed, please let me know :-(
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