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Prelude 333

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This week's Prelude update:…
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I already saw this page way before I made an account here on DeviantArt and I have to say, Lilith's mother is beautiful! It just feels incredibly bad that Tinsel had managed to change things up into what it is currently in the graphic novel. Also, just to be sure, I'm not trying to spoil anything for those who haven't read this yet, ok?
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So by liliths moms avian features we can pretty much say she's igraths sister 
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Lilith's mother is so beautiful! :heart:
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Oh my god. Lilith's mom is beautiful. Fantastic work.
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Prelude Tinsel? eh...
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So Lilith's mom is a cat-bird hybrid? If so, that's pretty cool.
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Yes, give me that exposition. About time.
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Eeeeeeee! The creative juices are flowing! I'm super excited for every new release and I hope we get to know more soon!
I can't wait to find out more about Lillith's beautiful mother! That is... her name... and, well, if she's alive... if that has anything to do with Tinsel... ... ... I'm so excited!!!
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Finally some answers!
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And boom, we finally see Lilith's mom. She's pretty.
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I absolutely like how Lilith's father is yellow, her mother is blue, and they produce a green child XD 
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I think Tinsel's reality check bounced, there.
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Am I the only one thinking there should be a gap at the top of chairs for the tails to slot into , rather than thinking of how akward it must be to sit in them....Tails can cause soo much distress.
Then again...Tinsel's super floof !
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Funny you should mention that. I've been conceptualizing a DK inspired dining chair, something tail oriented. :p

Hopefully I'll be done with it by snowfall.
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We finally get to see Lilith's Mom!
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GAH Tinsel was scary even as a kid!

We finally get to see what Lillith's mom looked like!
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big kid smile Tinsel is scary scared.... 'the 2nd' 
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Is Lilith's mom some kind of sphynx?
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More of a cat with feathers.  She has a little bird on that side of the family.
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A LITTLE BIRD?! He's anything but little.

I hope someday we'll get to see a Winter's family photo. :)
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Tinsel: fucking her way to the top since adolescence.
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