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Milo Fursona

So this happened:…

We don't always snag endorsements from celebrities.   But when we do, we turn them into furries.
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AnarchoMecha02's avatar

this pic and comment section did not aged well.

Shinobody's avatar

Oh okay. When people said you guys were nazis I asked for proof. I guess you guys very fucking much are at least Nazi sympathizers. Gross.

DW13-COMICS's avatar
Dat facebook link don't work no more. :B
MercenaryX's avatar
Absolute mad lad. Nice red pill.
Beuwen's avatar

^.-.^ Still love this pic, captured his personality perfectly.

flippy317's avatar
Wish there was a better res version
KeenKitsune's avatar
The pose is amazing, it has a ton of character <3
A-hardie's avatar
Ah, so THIS was the piece that caused controversy.
Boi thats risky
GradiusGadwin's avatar
Milo Fursona: Being an AltFurry before it was cool.
ShowMeThePadding's avatar
damn son, that's pretty dangerous

-ly fabulous
xX-D34D-H4V3N-Xx's avatar
earned yeself a watch!
SerenaRobinson666's avatar
I love Milo!! This is fucking awesome and hot!!  Love 
ZayZayzzz's avatar
i like the shirt :D
1WildAnimalRodriguez's avatar
R0B0tak's avatar
You are perfect for drawing this...
spankasjw's avatar
Does his shirt say "We Sho Bad"?
001ef's avatar
it's "we. shoot. back." ^u^
spankasjw's avatar
Sanz-Interro's avatar
I absolutely love this can I draw this too? I love milo. I figured i'd ask since it's your design. 
TheBurningDonut's avatar
Because after all Snow leopards are "hungry bottoms!"
FeedFancier's avatar
Wow, way more salt on DA than on FA, hilarious.
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