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Commission14 - Summer Gorge

Commission 14- this one takes place in a midsummer Arizona gorge, as the commissioner and some of his friends enjoy a trek through the fresh air.
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Not a very good artist myself, But as a photographer I can point out a few little things that are inconsistent in the lighting of the scene.
A) The Yellow guy on the rocks should have lighter shadows under him, Since he is on a (Somewhat) reflective surface of a different color the shadows would have a similar tint to the rock wall as well.
B) Water is also reflective, The characters IN the water should also have slightly lighter shadows on surfaces that would have the water reflecting on to them.
C) The water fall in the background could use some more (but subtle) highlights, It's a moving element in a static scene.

This is a beautiful piece though. I really can't complain, but those are things that stand out to me. Light is what a photographer deals with, Perfect lighting generally occurs during cloudy days, Dusk, or dawn. Since this scene seems to be midday there would be slightly more contrast.
Sorry this is such a short critique, but I'm not much of an artist. (Learning at 27. :/ )
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Nuonaton It shouldn't be hard to be a critic. Despite the name, being a "critic" is all about helping the artist to fix his mistakes and not judge them. Critiquing is about telling them what they missed or something that they could add rather than a personal opinion. You did good though. You are a good artist and reviewer. People shouldn't be rude about it, it's your job and you are trying to help.
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Much appreciated. I rather enjoy critiquing the work of others as it makes me more critical of myself.  School has kept me from my art lately (Except in my CNC course, The coordinate grids are fun to doodle in ;) )  but I should like to do more soon.  Thank you for your encouragement.  
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You are telling the artist how to make his art more realistic, yet show no concern about animals walking upright and wearing clothing? husemana that's kinda rude. A lot of people wouldn't have known these things. Don't be arrogant. Good review Nuonaton the part up here was meant in a joking manner^^
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Meh. I tried. I'm not good at anything really, so hard to really be a critic. People are rude to me all the time. You get used to it and had forgotten all about it. Thanks for saying my review was good. :) 
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That's a bit obvious, dont'cha think?
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This is a drawing that is visible during upload in the category related to cartoons :)
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Would so like something like this but during the twilight hour with Natsi looking into the water and seeing Melryks reflection, the two touching hands. Could so imagine the song "dearly beloved" from Kingdom hearts 2 playing. Amazing art.
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This looks so serene.
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I'm not sure if this is even a anime or something that you just thought of, but great job.
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This is just a commission we did- but we do actually have an ongoing graphic novel series here:…
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WOW. This is amazing. It looks like the style of Kazu Kibushi (one of my favourite comic book/graphic novel writers) combined with the innocence of Walt Disney. It's so... fantastic in the literal sense of the word. :D I hope you can make more like this. What did you use to make it?
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The drawing itself it just paper and pencil- but all the coloring and effects (especially the water effects) are done in photoshop.  It looks really fancy- but all it really took was copy/pasting the image, flipping it upside down, and then smudging it around a bit.  A few more touches here and there, and voila!  Reflections that really help make the water pop.  
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Looks very good, but I couldn't help but notice how calm the water it. I think it would be a bit more disturbed than that, but that's just my opinion. XP
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must be proud to have your DA  represented for 
Cartoons & comics > digital media > Cartoons > Drawings
i would be
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It's incredibly flattering- at first I thought my browser was having some kind of glitch.  ^^;
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This Looks Awesome!
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This reminds me of the design of Galaxy Note 4
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Cool that DA used this in one of the categories when uploading a pic.  You so famous now.
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