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BGC- Omaha the Cat Dancer by Dreamkeepers BGC- Omaha the Cat Dancer by Dreamkeepers
Is this porn responsible for launching the furry fandom as we know it- and is it porn?  

Big Geeky Couch tackles the underground classic Omaha:…
co-comic Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Only 2 comments? Wow. I don't think porn made furry. It just latched on and never went away, same as anime. Now it's here to stay, for better or worse. However, unlike anime, there's very few to no great works that make it look respectable to the stranger's eye. We don't have a DBZ, Akira or NGE. Cartoon shows make it look like it's only for kids so it's tough to get that respect... You know what we need? Blacksad the animation. Maybe that will help public perception.

Animal people aren't everyone's tastes. You know what, that's fine. What isn't fine, are the stereotypes that come with associating oneself in the fandom which are perpetuated by those who shouldn't be role models. It's a hurdle the community needs to address on its own time.
KarlosJackMcRain Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
You know? What I usually believe is that furries, or rather anthros, aren't just for sex or porn or anything, I prefer to believe that adding anthropormophic animals or even regular animals into a story gives much more diversity to any kind of story than just having humans. I usually prefer to consider the use of animals for a more fantasy kind of story and keeping the whole porn stuff away. I mean sure I still like cute a beautiful animal ladies and, yeah, sometimes I might considere myself a pervert at some point and even sex is actually something entirely natural among all living beings. But that does NOT mean that I'm completely obsessed for it, I just like to draw my characters the way I want, mostly without them wearing anything under their waist, which is not just a thing that I like but is also part of the story that I've been writing.
I never heard about that book either but even then I'm not quite interested in taking a look, I like sexy ladies but I mostly prefer if some details of the body are hidden to give a more family friendly look or something. Just like how the creator of the series TwoKinds does with the characters like Flora.
sangenjin Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2018
I was lucky to get it, and whilst it was unfortunate that the original artist never finished it, and had to be completed by someone else, and the ending leaves a couple of frustrating hanging plot threads, I can't say there is a better story that has an adult focus that also concentrates on characters and makes readers care about the protagonist and the story. Truly a hidden gem.
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