1 Week Left in the 2014 Valentine's Contest!

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Just a friendly reminder folks, the deadline for all entries into the 2014 Valentine's Day fan art contest is only 1 week away! If you are planning on submitting an entry for this year's contest, please plan your time accordingly.

If anyone is having problems, feel free to contact me, but it is not fair to other contestants for me to let people turn in entries late, so barring an act of God, please try to submit your entries before the deadline: February 17th at 6pm Pacific Time

Thanks guys!


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I have no idea how to get it in the valentines day contest folder. How would i? Hate to ask in comments.

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I got one up. Nothing much as i rushed it and it wasnt even planned for the contest, but hey the more the merrier!
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I overstained myself with a Triptychon, because I couldn't decide between three pictures. I'm on it :3
Kafelnikov's avatar
I look forward to seeing your work!
Quad-Pulsation's avatar
Not as many entrants in this contest compared to last year! Wonder what's up?
Kafelnikov's avatar
Usually there is a rush near the end, but I do hope people submit more, otherwise this year's Valentine's contest is a total dud :/
ezioauditore97's avatar
A bit of a shocker too since the fan base is a bit bigger and the turnout for the Halloween Contest was so good. I just hope that some good artists get some good prizes through this…
Kafelnikov's avatar
Yeah, we will see. If the turnout ends up being lousy, I'll have to consider doing some sort of change to either the format, or prizes or something to drum up interest again. 
ezioauditore97's avatar
Oops noticed you also did a Valentine's Day contest in 2012 too...Sorry about that.
ezioauditore97's avatar
Well if there are not any you could just have the Lillies pick their 2 or 3 favorites overall or just reward favorites in particular categories,or lastly have only one winner per category.This does not bode well for the writing part of the contest for Halloween does it?I feel it worth saying though that this is only the second time we've done this and the first time was incredibly close to Vol.3's launch so more people were in the mood but it's not quite as much as a mainstay as the Halloween contest therefore most people are not used to it and it's not your fault because both you and Dave did try to publicize it.I just hope there are more entries because in all sincerity Valentine's Day makes for some of the most sweet and heartwarming art out of the entire year.
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Could just be an off year. The Olympics are on, some people I know said they have exams and lets not forget a lot of webcomic artist have kickstarter and indiegogo campaigns that have sent stuff out; so people are enjoying the perks. As for me I'll try to have a silly poem up by tomorrow. 
ezioauditore97's avatar
I cannot wait to see some more entries!
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