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Abuse of PowerAs the sun set over the city of Anduruna, the district of Calypsa was one of the first to be cast into darkness. As the shadows of the hills of Ruskol loomed over the area, many businesses closed down as others began their nightly shifts. As the sun lowered further, the light of glow orbs started to dot the streets. Residential streets quieted down as the dreamkeepers made dinner and other nighttime preparations, but the urban streets stayed busy with the foot traffic of those happy to be getting off work and those unfortunate enough to have to work a night shift. One of the latter was Daniel Loumann.Daniel looked to be a cross between a goat, wolf, and a healthy dose of anxiety. He was scrawny, but still capable enough to have landed himself a position at the Calypsa CCA District Office. His time there had thus far been chaotically uneventful; he had been called out to deal with petty theft, graffiti in an alleyway, and a store owner saying that he “saw some shady characters standing outside”. The tired look on Daniel’s face faded slightly when he noticed that finally reached his destination at the District Office. As he clocked in, he heard a familiar voice yell from the next room.“Daniel, we almost thought you weren’t gonna show up tonight,” The voice was that of George Trenton, a CCA officer who headed nighttime operations at the District Office, “You know, me and the guys were just placing bets on whether you slept in or just quit.”“Unfortunately, sir, it looks like no one wins this time.”“Heh, you know I’m just messin’ with ya, kid. Grab a seat and find something to do; it looks like it’s gonna be a slow night.”George was older than Daniel, but not by more than a couple of decades. He was a moose whose brown hair was threatening to turn grey, but had decided not to yet out of fear of retribution. George himself gave off the first impression of seriousness and grit that aided him in exacting authority in the field, but Daniel knew him well enough to know that his friendliness was sincere.Daniel took a seat at an empty table and surveyed the room around him. The room itself was slightly dingy, with only a few glow orbs providing dim light to illuminate a barren landscape of tables, chairs, and supporting pillars. Across the room were two other junior officers casually chatting with each other, both having chosen to mostly ignore Daniel from the day he was hired. In another corner of the room were two shock troopers, or “safety troopers” as he had been obligated to call them on the job, who were silently dealing cards to one another in some sort of game that Daniel didn’t care enough about to learn. Suddenly, a loud ring filled the room, causing everyone’s heads to shoot up in surprise. A data scroll hanging on the wall began to display a message, which was quickly relayed by George.“Alright, looks like we’ve got reports of a domestic disturbance, with indications of possible power usage,” One of the shock trooper’s ears perked up at the sound of those last two words.“You two,” George pointed at the shock troopers, “You’re coming with me, and Daniel’s coming as well.”One of the junior officers objected, “Why Daniel? He’s the youngest out of all of us, if there’s actually power usage, he could get hurt!”“Don’t start acting like you give a damn about his well-being all of a sudden, Riana,” George responded, “You know as well as I do that these power abuse reports are usually complete bunk, and Daniel needs the experience of at least moving around and getting on location way more than either of you two do.”Riana sat down with a dejected sigh and George looked over at Daniel.“C’mon kid, we got a job to do.”As Daniel made his way to the site of the report, he felt uneasy. He had been with the CCA for such a short time, and he felt vastly underexperienced compared to those currently surrounding him. In addition, he was being called out to a report of power abuse. Power abuse was taken extremely seriously within Anduruna, with the punishment for abusers usually being lifetime exile. Being called out to a report like this made Daniel even more nervous than he usually was, but George flashed him a reassuring smile.“Don’t worry, kid, you’ll be fine. Like I said, these reports are usually noth-” His voice trailed off as he eyed the house now in front of them. The front door had been broken in, but the house was completely silent. “This must be the place. Stay behind me, we’re gonna have to go in.”George sent off the neighbors that had begun to gather to find out what was happening and led Daniel and the troopers into the house. The house itself was dark and eerily quiet. Daniel held in a gasp as his boot crunched over the remains of a shattered glow orb. Suddenly, one of the troopers stopped and nudged George on the shoulder.“Hey, there’s some sound coming from a room at 2 o’clock,” she whispered, “Sounds like it could be heavy breathing or talking.”George nodded and motioned for the group to follow him as he found the door. He tried the handle and found that it was locked, so he stepped back and kicked the door at its handle, breaking it open. The two shock troopers flashed their springers into the room, ready to fire.“Put your hands in the air and cease all power usage immediately!” George yelled, but his angry demeanor faltered slightly when he saw what was in the room. On one end of the room were two bodies wearing dark masks lying next to each other, either unconscious or dead, with burn marks both on them and the wall behind them. On the other end of the room was a teenage boy and his unconscious mother. The mother looked like she had been shot and was bleeding from a wound in her arm; the boy knelt beside her and had a pale green halo above his head that dimly lit the room, signifying power usage. The troopers saw this and aimed their springers at the boy.“Please, please don’t shoot me. I need to use my power. It’s the only way that I can save her,” the boy pleaded, “She won’t make it to a hospital in time, you have to let me heal her!”As he spoke, green wisps flew from his fingers to the wound on his mother’s arm, the edges of which seemed to shrink slightly, the red of her blood being replaced by the white of her fur.“I’m sorry, son, but you know the rules,” George spoke with a recitatory tone in his voice, “Step away from her and stop using your power immediately or we will be forced to use force.”“Please, you don’t understand. She will die if I can’t help her,” he raised his arm up in front of his face, blocking the glaring light of the flashlight used by the shock troopers, “Just give me a little more time, and you can arrest me and get her to a hospital. Plea-”Suddenly, one of the troopers fired and struck the boy in the chest. He fell backwards to the ground in a heap.“What the hell,” Daniel yelled, “Why’d you shoot him! He was just a kid, he wasn’t going to hurt us!”“You don’t know that,” replied the trooper firmly, “He was raising his hand at us, I wasn’t about to let us end up like those two poor souls over there.” He motioned toward the masked bodies.Daniel felt the firm hand of George grab his shoulder, holding him back from moving toward the trooper.“It’s not worth it, Daniel,” George muttered, “You two, head back to the office and report what happened. I’ll deal with the paperwork once I get back.” He turned back towards Daniel and lowered his voice. “Listen, kid, we’re gonna be a bit late back to the station. I wanna have a talk with you first.”George sent the troopers on their way and called in for a medical team on his data scroll. Once they had arrived, finished taking care of the bodies, and left, George grabbed Daniel by the arm. Daniel did his best to not meet George’s gaze, but became confused when he saw George flash a smile out of the corner of his eye.“Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be anything disciplinary,” George said reassuringly, “But we’re probably gonna have to get somewhere a little more suited for conversation.”Daniel followed George as he strode down streets with a pace as if George had had to walk this way many times before. When they stopped, they were in front of a small bar. George held open the front door and motioned for Daniel to step inside with a small chuckle. The inside was cozy, with a fire inside warming up what was otherwise a typical looking bar. George took a seat at the bar and Daniel sat next to him. George held up two fingers and the bartender nodded, and slid two bottles of fermentae in front of George and Daniel.“Hope you like shayed, cause that’s all they got here,” George said with a grin before placing the bottle to his lips.“It’s… fine. I’m just so confused why you brought me here, to some random bar, to yell at me.”“Kid, I already told you I’m not gonna yell at you. I just felt like the conversation we need to have needed to take place away from all the hubbub and prying eyes down at the office.”“Conversation? Conversation about what? The innocent kid I just saw get shot in front of me?”George sighed deeply and brought his hand up to cover his mouth as he spoke.“Not technically innocent, but yes, about him.”“Fine, he wasn’t technically innocent, but he was still just a kid who was trying to save his mom after a home invasion. And… we just killed him.” Daniel held back tears at his recollections of the night’s events.“I’m not saying that I take any pleasure or pride in what happened back there,” George said, his eyes moving down toward the bar and into his bottle, “But what happened back there was an unfortunate necessity of how our society and our job functions. Our job is to keep order and to keep peace. Part of that is keeping control of power abuse and preventing it at all costs.”“But why? I don’t want to disagree with the CCA, I love them, I always have, and I’ve wanted to be a part of them my whole life, but it all just seems kinda nonsensical right now. Why did he deserve to die?”“He didn’t deserve to die, no one does, but he needed to die, in order to maintain control. Imagine what would happen if we decided to show mercy, if we hesitated for even a millisecond, and he used his power, even accidentally, to kill me or you or one of the troopers. There’d be chaos. You can’t suppress news like that. Next thing you know, every single delinquent, gang member, and wannabe rebel on the streets is gonna hear about it and think, ‘Well, if that one kid was able to fight back and win against the CCA, why can’t I?’. It’d be war. The amount of lives lost, innocent, criminal, and CCA, would be catastrophic. That is why he needed to die.”Daniel sat there, bottle still in hand, almost in shock. He felt a mixture of hatred, confusion, and understanding that he couldn’t reconcile within himself. George laid a hand on his shoulder.“I see that look in your eyes, and I get it. You’re still a rookie. You’ve only been with us for what, 2, 3 weeks? You shouldn’t have had to go through something like this so early, with no preparations. That’s my fault, and I apologize for putting you through this, but I’m gonna try to make it up to you. I’ll give you the rest of the day off, for starters. I think something like that is more than enough reason to write off the few hours you got left on your shift. Secondly, I’ll keep CCA eyes off you for the rest of the night.”“Wh-what? You can do that?”“Sure, I’ll just tell the guys patrolling tonight to not go looking for you as long as you stay out of trouble. Just don’t do anything that gets us called over to you, or else we’re both in some major trouble.”“What do you mean by that?”“Go out, get some stronger booze than this legal garbage, go find yourself a brothel, live a little! You’re only a rookie, try to live your life while you still can.” At that, George slammed his bottle down at the bar and guffawed loudly.“Th-thank you, sir, I’ll try to go and do something tonight, if I can.”“You don’t have to do none of that stuff if you don’t want, I’m just saying that you have the freedom to relax however you want tonight after what happened.”Daniel began to respond in gratitude once more, but he was cut off by a loud voice coming from across the room.“Spirits up above, Daniel, is that you?” The voice came from a shortish fox who was smiling widely at the sight of Daniel, “It feels like it's been forever since I’ve seen you out this late, man, get over here!”“Heh, looks like the spirits have already made plans for you tonight,” George joked, “I’m gonna make my way back to the office and leave you two to it.”Daniel waved goodbye and made his way over to the table where the fox was sitting.“Hey, Seth,“ Daniel spoke brightly, but couldn’t hide the forlorn look he still had on his face from earlier, “how's it going?”“Damn, man, what happened? You look like someone just died.” Seth paused. “Oh shoot, I better not be right on that one.”“No, it’s not that… exactly, I just… had a bad power abuse call.” Daniel stopped himself from saying anything more, it probably wouldn’t have been wise to anyway.“Well, you know my personal stance on the whole power abuse thing. We all got ‘em, why not let us use ‘em. But whatever, you’re the big, bad CCA guy now, so I probably shouldn’t be saying that kinda stuff.”Daniel cracked a small smile. “Don’t worry, I just got off the clock anyway. It doesn’t matter what you have to say on the subject.”“Speaking of that job by the way,” Seth started, placing down the empty fermentae bottle he had been holding in his hand, “I have not seen you nearly at all since this job started, and we’re roommates, man. I just hear you getting up to go to your med classes in the morning, and I get back too late from mine to catch you leaving for work.”“Well, that changes tonight. Apparently, my officer told me that he’ll take CCA eyes off of me for the night and let me do whatever as long as I don’t force them to go looking for me.”“Wait, really? You ain’t pulling my tail, are you?”“Nope, I can say that I trust him enough to believe him.”“Spirits, then what are we doing in this old place? I know this great bar on the other side of Calypsa that has super cheap Scinter’s Mark if you just slip ‘em a codeword. C’mon, man, what are you waiting for?”“Hold on, the other side of Calypsa, I have money with me, but not enough to pay for boat fare and buy Scinter’s Mark, even if it is ‘super cheap’.”“Don’t worry, man, I know I short way to get there from here, we just gotta cut through a couple alleyways and we’ll be there in no time.”With that, Daniel finished off the rest of his bottle and headed out the door with Seth. He had to run to keep up with Seth’s quick pace as they darted around a corner into a narrow passageway. He chased him as they ran between buildings, their excited paces never falling as Seth kept yelling about how amazing the bar was that they were going to. After a bit, however, Daniel called out to Seth for them to rest a bit.“I’m tired, dude, let’s just chill here for a sec while I catch my breath,” Daniel called out.“Fine by me, just don’t take all night, these alleys give me the creeps if I’m in them for too long,” Seth responded back.“Also, be honest with me, how much of the stuff that you’ve said about this bar is true?”“If I’m being honest, I know the owner of the place, and he’s just a pretty cool guy,” Seth laughed.“Yeah, I figured that after you started saying how the waitresses would let you do shots off their-”Daniel stopped. His ears perked up as he swung his head towards the far end of the alley.“Hey man, did you hear that,” Daniel asked, slightly concerned.Before Seth could respond, two shapes leaped out of the darkness and struck Seth to the ground, one pointing a Stinger at Daniel.“Alright, both of you stay on the damn ground and give us everything you got on ya,” one spoke, he looked to be a hyena, but the most alarming part of his appearance was the brightly colored tattoos that adorned his body, as well as his partner. They were part of the Neon Knives, and Daniel and Seth had walked right into their trap.“It’ll be alright, Seth, just do what they say and we’ll be fine,” Daniel said, his voice shaking.He took out his wallet and handed it to the one with the springer, who promptly looked inside.“28 lucre? Dammit, we caught another flop,” the bandit complained, pushing Daniel to the ground as she walked back over to the hyena.“Not completely,” he responded, “This guy was loaded, I got a couple hundred out of him.”“Fine, whatever,” she hissed back, “It ain’t worth this kinda trouble, but at least we’ll get a nice payday. Let’s just leave our two friends be.”“Hey,” yelled Seth, startling everyone with his sudden bravery, “You’re a CCA officer, ain’t you Daniel, can’t you do something about this?”Daniel’s eyes widened as the two Neons turned around to face them once more.“Oh, an officer, huh,” remarked the one with the springer, “It’s too bad for you that your friend gave away that juicy little tidbit. But honestly, how awful of a friend would you have to be to just give that away like that?” She turned to Seth, now wide-eyed, and shot him in the thigh. Seth screamed out in agony, but the Neon raised her springer again and aimed it at his head. “One more sound out of you, and you get a nice new hole in your skull.”She then turned over to Daniel, who was now sitting slack-jawed on the ground, unable to move or say anything.“As for you,” she spoke venomously, “We can’t just have a CCA officer with full knowledge of our faces living to tell the tale, so you know what I’ve gotta do now.”She aimed the springer, but was stopped by Seth slashing at her leg in desperation.“Damn you, you stupid fox, wait your turn,” she yelled, kicking at him.In that moment, Daniel felt as if he had lost control of himself. He felt adrenaline coursing through him like it never had before, and he began to notice a yellow glow coming from just above his head.“Hey, watch out!” The hyena yelled.“What do you mean, watch out,” The other Neon yelled back, “I’ve got this under control. It’s just- Oh, oh sh-”It was too late. In a flash, Daniel felt a shockwave emanate from his hand and towards her, shattering the springer and sending both Neons to the wall at the far end of the alley with a loud crack. Daniel barely had time to process what he had done before he rushed over to Seth. Seth was badly hurt and he losing blood incredibly quickly.“No, no, no, no, no, no, this isn’t happening. This can’t be happening.” Daniel began to mutter to himself frantically under his breath. “Okay, remember what to do. Keep the patient stable, tie the blood flow off.” Daniel took his shirt off and tied a makeshift tourniquet around Seth’s leg. “What am I supposed to do next? C’mon think, think, think! I can’t lose him, not now.”But before Daniel was able to finish his last thought, he heard a terrible sound, the sound of rapid footsteps and his officer’s quiet commanding voice. Daniel began to breathe even more rapidly as the troopers turned around the corner and met him face to face. Daniel looked into George’s eyes and found nothing but concealed pity and disappointment. “Please, I know what you’re thinking, but just let me save him first, he won’t make it to a hospital,” with every panicked word, the light above Daniel’s head only grew brighter, “Please, do whatever the hell you want with me, but let me heal my friend first.”Daniel subconsciously raised his hand in an effort to make a pleading gesture towards the officers, but realized too late what he had done.“No, no wai-” But it was too late. The last thing Daniel saw was George closing his eyes before a shot from one of the shock trooper’s springers rang throughout the streets of Calypsa.

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(PDF) The Broken Warrior 2: ProloguePROLOGUEPROJECT [REDACTED] REPORT//15.12.1226//PROGRESS STATUS: SUCCESS_SUMMARY:The project had been a success. [REDACTED] is now in the [REDACTED] stage, the final phase out of the previous three. The subject has gone through the process of total despair to the point where no values nor any form of ideology will indoctrinate his perceptions.As far as what we had gathered from our research, he had been searching for an absolute solace that will somehow bring him back to life - emotionally speaking. A certain romantic ‘someone’ he had suddenly come across is a very likely case for Phase Three stage of the [REDACTED] trial. When he learned someone had already “robbed” her vanity four-and-a-half years ago, his mind went viral. His heart boiled with hatred as he had already gone through that particular phase. Only this time he started to undergo the [REDACTED] trial if not the last phase of his radical transition. He even went as far as to confront her “captor” with lust for vengeance against him.Everyone in the [REDACTED] detachment began to raise questions of his mental state of mind. Whispers were heard as well, but the subject had decided to go rogue if not twice. He had been hiding from his kin from [REDACTED] to the heart of Anduruna’s criminal underworld, dwelling in one of his hiding places if not for one of his close contacts within the [REDACTED]. The rest of the fewer [REDACTED] he had suddenly stumbled upon was just another story all together. Eventually he had been captured and was brought back to the base in the one-and-only prison cell until scheduled for his execution.It wasn’t long until his close friends and allies decided to rescue him and teleported out of there during the cold standoff between the [REDACTED] loyalists and it's now-turned splinter faction. That’s where it already began its inner conflict within itself. Everything was reported from one of our operatives in the field. After that, we didn’t hear anything from him. We’ve assumed he had been through an untimely death. His body might be tossed out into the sea or Spirits-knows-where.All that matters right now is that we’ve finally got reports from him that our subject has completed all three stages of his trial. We will collect this data for further discussion until we can put the results into good use for our survival against this [REDACTED] threat once and for all.[UNDISCLOSED LOCATION]2000 HOURS, TUESDAY, DECEMBRIS 15, 1226The steel metal door slides open. From the bright light in the doorway reveals a black-silhouette figure with no tail. He wore his light armored vest with his springer rifle slinged onto his back. Followed by a two-second pause, he subtly stepped in the room filled with void followed by a steel door sliding back closed that sealed off the source of light entirely. Darkness filled the room once again.Footsteps had been heard in the dark. The sound of the figure walking on a steel metallic floor cling each third-quarter of a second. As soon as a handful of moments had passed, the figure began to slowly reveal himself under the dim sky-blue light - from his feet level to the lower half of his legs. Both his feet and legs appeared to be covered in armor in an asymmetrical design - almost as if he appeared to be a walking knight. Then half of his body slowly revealed within the light’s range. His white fur-colored head now slowly reveals itself. His face resembled a koala species with short black hair and a horseshoe-styled moustache as his personal trademark. His skin complexity explains he’s somewhere in his early forties.He now stops at the end of the walkway, having to stand three meters behind the mysterious figure in a formal suit. The mysterious dreamkeeper is still seated deeply within the metal chair’s interior that’s shaped like an egg. The seat appeared to be attached on top of the iron bar with its rotating mechanism along with its height adjustments that he can use for his comfort located on the seat’s arm-covered panels left and right sides that feature few features such as buttons and switches. From there he sees the figure is watching the recording of the two shirtless chimps dueling to the death with their swords on a rocky ground in the middle of the heavy rain with the company of lightning strikes from the horizon - all recorded and played on a very large wall-mounted scroll the size of a movie theater.Its camera feed displayed ‘LIVE’ on the bottom of the screen along with its runtime and date statuses divided by at least two slashes. It looked like he had been watching for around three hours judging by the looks of the recorded feedback. He already figured the footage was shot around almost a year and a half ago. The data of the recording was already stored somewhere within this place after it was moved safely out of the harddrive for its documented use - a recollection of the past events.On the viewing display, the two chimps’ halos materialized during the fight. They warped themselves in luminous-like barriers in a form of outlining bubble. One’s power colored blue and the other one red. Their bladed swords collided from each swing, but there were no sounds being heard during the recording, let alone the footage being muted. The mysterious man-in-the-suit wanted to keep that way for the sake of quietness. The silence in the room is all he needed to keep his mind pondering as he lets his thoughts sink into his imaginations clearly.The slightly tall chimp looked to be in his forties due to his complexity with short black hair and red eyes. His self-shielding power being colored red compared to his materialized halo. He grabbed his opponent by the throat a few seconds before he got kicked in the chest, breaking away his grip on his enemy as he’s been sent back flying a few feet. The tall warrior landed on his right bicep and glanced at his enemy charging at him. He swiftly dodged his slice attack by ducking down to his crouch position. A millisecond after following up to this current point, he swung his leg around, tripping the charging ape to the ground.The other chimp rolled and got halfway up to his stance, placing his left fist to the ground while his right is still gripped on the sword’s hilt as he held it backwards in his primal form. The chimp subtly raised his head up to stare at his tall enemy, appearing to be identical as his twin counterpart but shorter and more youthful. The stabbed scars of the burning dagger were shown being scattered across his front torso where his black fur hadn’t covered. His skin color is light-tan. His hair looked the same as his opponent, but it was brown colored, the same color as his eyes.The tall warrior charged in as soon as he waited for the right time to swing his blade. Then, he swung it backwards and managed to leave a large scar across his left eye, bleeding him in the process. He screamed in pain despite having no sounds from the footage. The agonizing warrior placed his left hand on his left eye socket, fighting back against the irresistible pain that burns away his shattered flesh.The koala’s eyes widened halfway in response. He was subtly shocked when the young lad managed to slice his enemy’s eye off to pieces in the process. His mind now begging for answers out of his desperate curiosity. Certain truths he wanted to know. Knowledge has been a source of power to him. It's why gathering intel is always a crucial part of his line of work when it comes to working for the mysterious figure.The young chimp on the theater-sized scroll screen charged in his attack, but was hit across the face by the back of his tall opponent’s hand, sending him flying fifteen feet. The recording of the fighting continues.“Any word on Agent Margate?,” the mysterious figure in the seat asked, breaking such silence.“Confirmed K-I-A sadly,” the koala replied. His voice sounded a sophisticated-like accent what the Andurunans called Received Pronunciation- PR for short.During the recording footage, the screen started to pause on the same exact time the tall warrior shoved his sword through the young chimp’s heart after the sound of the click from one of the buttons on the seat’s arm-like panel. The paused image showed one-eyed warrior’s blade managing to pierce through out of the back of his opponent with a company of its oozing blood spilling out like a squirting fountain. When that was paused at the right time, it was a telltale sign that the mysterious man in the seat didn’t like what was being heard at all. Too much of the bad news for the man to swallow such painful results. The long silence had kicked in the room again. The nuzzle of the grey-black colored canine revealed as it poked around the corner to his left.Then the seat slowly rotated to face the koala who’s still standing a few feet away from him. Its subtle mechanical sounds heard during the chair’s rotation. The mysterious man in the seat appeared to be the black fox whose finger was moved away from one of the buttons that made his seat to the complete stop. He looked to be in his early fifties. The looks around his eyes appeared half-wrinkled from its age complexity. His short black hair looked to be groomed like a businessman as if he was working for the company building. The lens of his square-shaped glasses staring at him for a moment before he slowly removes it. He now holds it on his lap with a stoic if not a hint of a stunned look on his face. Pause had followed after for seconds before he could say anything on that matter.“How?” The fox’s voice heard a slight tremble mixed with his annoyed tone.“Shot in the back. Apparently him and Agent Eridu had managed to track down our most dangerous operative-gone-rogue somewhere southeast part of Kittim. We assumed she managed to run off with one of our most prized possessions.”The fox thought back as he leaned down to stare at the steel floor in front of himself. His inner rage slowly boiled quietly in his head with the thoughts of bringing retribution on those willing to go as far as to betray their cause for survival. Their shadow war with the few number of rogue operatives who’ve turned their backs on him had already gained him and Norvondire the upper hand for many years ever since the inner conflict within their secret organization broke out. But losing one of their most important assets in the field… it was too much of the price to pay for letting his overconfidence get the best of him. His blind faith in Agent Eridu had betrayed his expectations in the process.His mind then started to cool after the intense anger that he had been good at keeping it hidden from everyone. His eyes closed after as he let his own mind drown itself with the sea of thoughts of what their future might hold. He had been maintaining his professional line of work on managing his secretive faction with ease despite his organization’s setbacks- including his own for not foreseeing what had transpired to start it's war between groups of agents vile for their selfish desires to achieve his or her own agendas for reasons he had been aware of.“There'll come in time when judgement will seal her fate,” the fox calmly groaned. “But… given the circumstance that we have lost much of our valuable resources to keep our secretive faction alive, we have no way of knowing where she’ll be heading off to next.”“All for the sake of one’s own personal gain,” the koala recalled. “To be powerful enough to survive the upcoming apocalypse that will soon swep all across the Dreamworld just as it had done a millennium ago before Dayraider’s time.”“Exactly what this project was originally designed for,” he agreed.The apocalypse they have referred to is a likely second coming of the eldritch force - this so-called Nightmares. They were believed to be nothing but a myth to the eyes of the public, even for centuries they were hardly any claims of knowledge for existence of a single Nightmare spawn. But to him and the Koala-dreamkeeper, this is more real than they’ve already expected. Such terrifying creatures were described as most feared among all creatures which stalk the Dreamworld. Yet rightly so. Utterly unnatural, they do not fill an ecological niche nor do not procreate and spread life. They don’t even have any ancestry nor native origin that they don’t belong at all. Intruding from abstruse planes of existence, they impose their aberrant corporeal forms to one end: destruction. Specifically, the destruction of the dreamkeeper race.With very few of those creatures, even in the slightest ounce of them wandering in the shadows of the Dreamworld, wherever they came from, this is something they haven’t taken too lightly on such facts that everything about them is true - even in the documentary book called “Spirits and Nightmares” had already convinced them otherwise if that’s not enough despite lacking much evidence.“But we only have a small manpower of regular soldiers at our disposal,” the koala reminded him. “They fight better than Troika’s civilian militia in Havenville, but not well trained enough to compete against the safety troopers in Anduruna, let alone to make up larger numbers that can overwhelm a single platoon if they dared to.”“If we got the right strategy.”“I’m worried Ruskol and Talo will come after us,” the Koala shared his concerns. “Having a three-way showdown with them when they find out about the place can surely put an end to our species’ survival against the Nightmares and its web of Dark Dreamkeepers if they’ve finally off us.”“You’re not worried about our betrayer joining in the fray as well, Norvondire?”“Eridu?,” the koala whose name has been revealed questions him with a retort. “Please, she doesn’t even care about bringing down our HQ. We both know she’s gonna wander around the Dreamworld searching for her personal agenda in vain.”“What if you’re wrong?”“You know I’m never wrong about my suspicions.”“Agent Norvondire, may I remind you that you’ve been out of contact with Anduruna’s premises for a whole year when we needed you the most.” The mysterious fox let out his dissatisfaction of Norvondire’s absences in a cold, emotionless manner.“I was on a business trip up in the northern parts of the Dreamworld. Certain civilizations had been safe from the Dominion’s wrath since the Silent Centuries. Couple of lucky bunch didn’t have to deal with their population being stagnated nor have their children’s corpses being decorated on the walls covered in blood. Aside from that, you’re not the type who holds anything against me.”“That’s because you and I have good chemistry. We’ve always been on the same page despite our ‘different methods’.”“Except you forgot that Northerners are already equipped with better gear and arsenal to help them stand ready against the Nightmares, even if they don’t realize it nor believe in something they thought was just superstitious nonsense. Unlike North Havenville’s militant force, it's the only backup plan we have in case all else fails.”“Nothing wrong with that, my most trusted agent,” he let out his subtle heartwarming gratitude. The fox then looks around to his left over the seat’s arm and stares at the paused screen of the sword being stabbed through where the young warrior-chimp’s heart is located. He pondered back on the certain unlucky individual who managed to wipe out this certain mafia faction: The Dunkirk Family.The Dunkirks were responsible for starting the war against their once-allied crime family they were sworn to watch over that is the Cordova Family four years ago. Assassinating Lorenzo Adhil along with his wife and daughter on AllSpirits Eve was more than enough to have their two factions fighting against each other in the city’s underworld for three years have not been without the support of the Death Squad secret assassin organization. The tall chimp who happened to stab his enemy through the heart was that leader of the Death Squad.“Attila’s still at large,” he recalled.“The Death Squad Crisis had already lasted for a half a month ever since Don Giulio Dunkirk had leaked information on Governor Solomon’s corruption on the ScrollNet. The entire majors and governors had already pinned their blame on the lion’s treachery, even the Guard Captain was already on board with it in a heartbeat. The entire city had been in a total lockdown since the first half of August a year back. Nearly two hundred civilians were killed from delinquent attacks from almost every small gang - even the half of the notorious members of Neon Knives had participated in the genocide for the thrill.”“Can’t argue with you on that,” he agreed as he pressed one of the buttons on the panel to rotate his chair back to where he can face the screen directly. He then hits another button to resume the playback of the recorded footage. “I wouldn’t be surprised if that one-eyed chimp had been the last survivor of his own faction ever since they’ve become known to the public. Funded by Norvondire’s District’s very own governor who is now slain by the safety trooper commander who had been his protégé for years.”“Oh the irony,” the agent quipped.“The CCA hadn’t recovered the last two bodies that had ties to the Death Squad, let alone to be the heavily-armored gorilla. His corpse is stored in some highly-secured morgue somewhere within the Sabbaton Towers. The place is heavily fortified for that reason.”“Just a level below the prison facility,” Norvondire recalled at the same time as the footage played the part of the tall-warrior, figured to be Attila, kicked his dying opponent off the cliff. “No doubt.”The status of the recording had been displayed during that time:CAMERA_FEED:LIVE_(RECORDING)//HOURS:03_MINUTES:30_SECONDS:17//DATE:8.17.1225_A long pause of silence that followed after Attila picked up the dead combatant’s sword. Attila glanced to his right and then suddenly noticed a hidden camera feed sitting on the ground that’s been watching him fight for an half an hour. Great annoyance was shown on his face with subtle anger. He quickly walked his way up to the camera and shoved the young chimp’s sword through the camera, bringing the camera’s vision to show nothing but fizzling static of black and white for a few seconds before the video feed’s screen went to fade to black. The footage suddenly made the whole entire room darkened as they’re now obviously blinded to it. Then, ten seconds later, a message font suddenly shows up on the wall-mounted screen:PLAYBACK RECORDING ENDED.The fox now carefully feels his fingers around the buttons on the seat’s armlike panel. Four seconds later, he feels the same exact button he was looking for to make sure it's the exact one and then presses it. The lights from the ceiling began to bright up the entire room like an AllSpirits tree. However, it's more than a room. Inside where they’re standing, it's more of a gigantic chamber shaped like a cube. The circular platform where the fox is sitting is about fifteen-meter radius stretched with its railbars guarding from around the platform to all the way back to the metal door frame where Agent Norvondire had walked through minutes ago. The platform along with its metallic walkway had been supported by large, long beams that’s made of complete concrete. The size of the chamber is about a mile-radius stretched. The fox was the one who designed this architectural wonder. Fascinating by design. He felt more pleased and confident of his vision being carved into a reality.The genius fox switches off the wall-mounted scroll’s screen and rotates his chair back to face Norvondire from the panel. He places both of his elbows on his seat’s arms behind the control panels with his chin sitting on his pyramid-folded hands that’s hanging above his upper lap.“Recapping with what’s going on in Anduruna’s underworld after the Death Squad Crisis, the war between the ‘Kirks and the Cordova lasted three years,” he stated. “Cordova wouldn't have managed to survive if it weren’t for Augustus wiping out their sworn enemy at the Dunkirk Mansion in Talocan District and is already licking its wounds despite us not knowing where their newly established headquarters is located. Probably already safe from any wanted attacks that would end their entire mafia faction. Their new leadership had replaced their already-dead if not the most beloved boss of the Family by Don Cordova’s very own son Logan. He’ll do whatever he can in his power to rebuild their own criminal empire what his father hoped him to do - for his family’s sake for survival.”“What about our spy?,” the koala asked. “Do we hear any word from him?”“Dead.”“That’s a shame.” “However, he did send his report to one of our InOps before he met his untimely death.”“How old was the report?,” he asked.“Eight hours ago,” the fox answered with a hint of his grin cracked across his left cheek. This suddenly got the Agent feeling concerned in response.“You don’t seem to care about losing one of your valuable assets?,” he questions the fox’s motives. “He’s been working for us ever since our Rampancy agents started to tear each other apart. It already left our organization in ruins.”“Don’t worry,” the fox assured. “The Project itself has already paid off to a whole new level of success.”Norvindire’s eyes widened, subtly surprised by his superior’s response. “You meaning to say tha--”“Yes.” The fox hits the button, rotating his seat to face back the screen and hits the few buttons from both left and right panels to bring up the results. The gigantic wall-mounted screen flickered again as it started showing the icons of each file that’s saved into the databanks of their HQ. His fingers danced around the buttons as he navigated his way through one of the files he’s digging through. “Jenneth already wrote out the report after finishing contact with our operative and covered the few sensitive parts with black ink. She kept it redacted in case one of our enemies managed to steal the documented report from us. This project we’ve been struggling to make a breakthrough for years has finally accomplished something bigger than we thought.”He hits the button and the screen now displays a large file report with its subject title:PROJECT ******** REPORT//15.12.1226//PROGRESS STATUS: SUCCESS_The summary section began to scroll down very slowly until it hit the bottom. Norvondire reads the entire report as it scrolled all the way down by itself. It hits the bottom-part of the report and stands idly for about twenty seconds before it quickly scrolls back up to where it started off and repeats the cycle again. The self-scrolling software was already scripted to do its own thing without any user having to scroll up and down with its command functions. Few words have been covered in ink. The other version of the report didn’t have the black ink covering it but was replaced with the phrase “[REDACTED]” on another saved document.After having to reflect all this information regarding what it stated, he slowly nodded with a calmly satisfied look on his face. His sublime smile was more than enough to get him feeling intrigued about it.“Ahhh, our Night Slayer has finally lost his ways,” Norvondire gave out his heartwarming response. “I think I know who the test subject is now that you’re referring to. Haven’t seen him in person for a while since we’ve last fought.”“Agent Talo will do everything in her willpower to get to him though--if she finds out where he is or got a wind of his condition,” the fox warned him. “We must make sure she doesn’t establish contact with him. Neither in person nor through communications. That subject is our wildcard. We can’t afford to have him turned against us.” He turns his head to his left to look back at the koala. “If she--”“I’m aware of the consequences,” Norvondire acknowledged without a doubt.Pause had followed. The fox coldly nodded in response, “Good.” He then turned his head back to stare at the screen.“Though about Agent Ruskol...”“He wouldn’t care about Night Slayer,” he carefully explains his plans to Norvondire. “All that mattered to him the most is gaining power. He wouldn’t try to bother with our plans. That’s between him and Eridu now - they have their own personal private war to play out against each other. Right now, our primary concern is to secure our subject whatever means necessary and bring in to the fold with our welcoming arms. We will make him stronger to follow our ways. And when the time comes- when the forces of eldritch evil begin to reveal themselves to us out in the open, he will deliver a swift strike against the bubonic death with swift fury. I’m more than confident enough to know this foreseeable future will unravel.”“Just don’t lose your head from that kind of heroic fantasy of yours,” Norvondire warned him. “When your overconfidence gets the best of you, it will surely blind you with those unrealistic expectations. And surely the reality itself will betray us in the end.”“We live in the Dreamworld, Norvondire,” he reminds him of their position as a species. “Our race is called “dreamkeepers” for a reason. We live to keep our dreams alive to bring peace and harmony to all that is living. No Nightmare will be able to bring down our cause nor our strive for dominance as a species. This has never been a political cause nor a religious act. It's the survival of our race as a whole. You best remember that.”“Like that time when you’ve lost someone you cared the most?,” Norvondire then questions his sanity that’s been floating around the fox’s head for years.“Enough!,” he barked at the agent as he quickly stood up to face him in the eyes.The fox’s face turned to complete anger. This never happened between them before. Not in their entire lives. This is the first time when Norvondire went as far as to provoke him to become this way. A test that he had been wanting to give the fox for a very long time. Whatever got his superior to lose his loved one to an unexpected death around twenty-four years ago is another tale of his life to be explained later. The fox coldly stared his eyes down at his agent for almost twenty seconds. Silence had already kicked in between them. His mind now already comes into question whenever or not he should rely his faith in Agent Norvondire completely.“Never dare to test me like that as you did with so many others in the past,” he coldly hissed. His voice sounded bitter.“Can’t help seeking the truth when you’re still itching for every gossip you can find,” the cold, daring koala-dreamkeeper franked. “We both know everyone’s got their own little secrets they never wanted to share with after all.”The fox remained silent after. His anger started to cool down again after being provoked with a sensitive question. He closed his eyes to let his calmness ease his head for a few seconds and then opened them again. His clear focus regained.“You’re right about my unfortunate past, Agent,” he confessed. “But when it comes down to provoking people’s past tragedies, you’d be damn well sure that they will bring you down in the end. Making a lot of enemies like that will surely throw us down to the bottom of the ocean.”“The reason the Dreamworld wanted us dead is because they know we're a huge threat to their hypocrisies, Director,” Norvondire called him by his rank. “It’s every civilizations’ greatest virtue if not the worst kind. And if CCA finds out about us and where we’re holed up, they’ll do everything in their power to smoke us out like prey. They did it with Marcus’s followers after being killed by his own brother Halcyon. Every Celestians was hunted down like its a post-apocalyptic prophecy to them - the Silent Centuries of the thirteenth century.”“I get the picture,” he shuts him off with a wave of his hand before sitting back in his seat.Despite Attila and the Death Squad being responsible for ruining the lives of the Adhil brothers by killing off both their parents and their sister Katya, they’ve happened to split up. Broken to the core from their family’s death. Four years later, they happen to cross each other’s paths again. Their union became bitter from their separate differences. Two nights after that, the powers from one of Marcus’s followers explode within their church building resulting from Hal and his damsel-in-distress Miri Rogers escaping custody. Apparently this was to do with the death of Miri’s mentor from Calypsa University, Doctor Kincaid being at the hands of one of Marcus’s most trusted gunmen. Their response of breaking away from Celestian oppression was an exact reason why.Around morning, she was captured again after hiding in Cordova-owned brother Passion Lounge in Calypsa, forcing Hal to confront his own brother at the very same building they’ve managed to escape. Their confrontation didn’t last that long when a platoon of CCA shock troops managed to storm the place, bringing casualties to both them and the Celestian followers. Hal was able to end his own brother’s life despite being wounded before the CCA invaded the holy ground, but at the cost of losing his own eyes from Marcus’s headtails piercing through them. However, he didn’t die while ending his brother to save her. His mind is already in an unconscious state, let alone his comatose body now lying in the hospital building, safe from harm’s reach on the outside world until the time comes.“Although Lorenzo’s lost sons is just an entirely different story,” the Director continued. “And I know you’re excited about seeking such new knowledge that was broadcasted two months ago ever since you’ve just recently returned from your yearly trip to the northern continent. But right now, all that matters is finding out where our test subject is hiding and capturing him- alive. Can I trust you on this most important assignment of all, Agent Norvondire?”The koala-agent’s face looked somewhat skeptical about this certain mission he’s now been assigned. He can’t tell whenever or not it might go south if he finds out the target they’re planning to apprehend was already dead after going through all the trials that made the subject lose his mind like this. The report on the screen says it all, but the effects of this ‘Night Slayer’ unknowingly undergoing while not being aware of their spy screwing him over, there are a lot of ways that can go wrong. A lot of variables that’ll very likely betray their hopes and expectations. He’d imagine a lot of those scenarios falling into place if that’s the case.“But what if our subject suddenly turns on us when we--”“Can I trust you, Norvondire?,” the Director repeated the question after turning his head to his left as if he was looking at the agent. Only this time his voice was heard of an irritated snap resulting from the half of his sanity gone. His face became emotionless if not resonating his bitter calculative premise.After giving some thought of his command, the agent let himself out a soft, gentle sign through his nose. His eyes already closed during the exhale before opening them up again to stare down at his superior despite seeing the rotating seat being in the way. Few seconds of pause had followed before he slowly nodded at him once, acknowledging his directive.“Crystal clear..., Director Sozo,” Agent Norvondire acknowledged without question.Director, having to hear his name being addressed, cracked a grin followed by a long silence. He goes back to stare at the giant wall-mounted scroll screen.“See to it that nothing comes to harm our progress for dreamkeeperkind’s survival,” Sozo left his final part of his instructions to him before letting him off the leash with one of their organization’s few mottos. “Information is Everything.”Norvondire gave him one last stare at him and then at the screen for a few seconds before turning around to walk his way back to the steel metal door. As he finally made his way back to the door, the lights of the large gigantic chamber shut off remotely, leaving the light, blue screen to be the source of light covering one-quarter of the room. The door slid open, revealing the bright lights that shined on the koala-dreamkeeper once again. As soon he stepped through the doorway, he gave one last good look at the Director of Project Rampancy for a handful of seconds before resuming to head out.“That giant chamber...,” he thought to himself for a moment. He can’t help admiring the architectural wonder that was built recently. Once a gigantic cave that was more than large enough to shelter its own tribe there residing as cavemen from the dangers of the Dreamworld. Now it’s already been improved with both concrete and metallic materials that now houses the members of the Project Rampancy faction. “I’ll never stop thanking the Great Builders for helping us build our own HQ here. Such geniuses.”He looked back forward and continued on walking before the metal door slid back, shutting out the source of the light behind him. Darkness was welcomed back into the void. Nothing but silence. Their journey to hunt down one and only test subject has just begun.DREAMKEEPERS:THE BROKEN WARRIOR 2MEME(GENES OF INFORMATION)

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DreamKeepers V4 Kickstarter is Up + Target Reached
In conjunction with this little trinket I just made:

I'm writing this journal to inform all DreamKeepers's fans and interested readers that :icondreamkeepers:'s Volume 4 Kickstarter went live yesterday and has already reached its target goal of $17,000! Now, it's on to the stretch goals, two of which have already been unlocked.
So, if you want to give your support and help unlock more stretch goals for more goodies, head on over and pledge. Show the Lillie's what an amazing story they've got going. :D
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Two Souls Part 5
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“Damn it,” Remmal cursed. He attempted to apply pressure to his wound
“You may be more durable then most of your kind, but we do have our limits. These wounds shouldn’t take too much time to heal unless -”
“Oh shut it.” Remmal really wasn’t in the mood to be lectured.
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Hello one and all, it's that time of year again!

I am pleased to announce that once again we will be hosting the official 2019 Dreamkeepers Fan Art Contest!

Official Rules Link --->… <--- Official Rules Link

Please submit all of your official entries to the 2019 Contest Folder:…

There is no limit on the number of entries per person, so please have fun and feel free to create all the art you please, as long as it is submitted before the deadline of October 30th at 9am US Eastern Time

The categories this year are:

Funniest Art
Creepiest Art
Sexiest (SFW) Art
Best Costume
Best Art
Best Comic
Extra-Dimensional (3D Art, such as pumpkin carvings, sculptures, or other art physically made in the 3D real world)

Prizes this year are:

All Participants - Free Mystery Sticker
Category Runners Up - as above, PLUS the DK Chapter 13 Mini-Comic (52 pages)
Category Winners - as above, PLUS the DK Skirmish Ruthless Expansion
Mega Ultra #1 Grand Prize Best Art Winner - as above, PLUS two metal D20 Spindown Dice

As always, feel free to send me a note if you have questions, or message me directly on Discord (geo#4693)


Your humble administrator,

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Notes on Gallery Submissions

When submitting artwork or literature to the gallery, please be sure to submit it to the proper folder. Right now there are sections for Fan Art, Original Characters, Literature, Comics, Photos, Animations and Wallpapers. There are also several folders for past and present art contests and events.

If you are unfamiliar with how to submit a deviation to a gallery folder, these screen shots should help. It can be done from within the specific folder, the gallery tab, or the webpage of the deviation you are submitting:………

Please do not submit any overly sexually explicit artwork or literature. If you're unsure if a submission you have would count as that content, please let the admins know and we can make a judgement call. Risque and racy stuff is generally ok, but flat out hardcore porn is not. dA is an art community. If you really want some hardcore stuff, the internet has other places better suited to those needs.

The Featured Gallery can only display so many thumbnails at once, so be aware that your submission may not sit there forever, and the admins may choose to move it to a different folder. Featured is supposed to represent a cross section of the best DK artwork the community as to offer, so competition will increase as more artwork is collected. Also, please only submit finished works to the Featured gallery, no WIP's please.

Now that those rules are settled, please, enjoy your time here and spread the word!






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