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HW Academy: Erik Jorenson



((Updated! Little Erik's growing up. Old app here: [link] He's grown an inch, grown his hair out, and gained 10 lbs. Also, he had his birthday! Awwwww))

Name: Erik Jorenson
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: May 21, 2031

House: Hufflepuff
Year: 7
Quidditch: Captain and Chaser

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Physical Description:
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190lbs
Hair: Strawberry Blonde
Eyes: Green
Skin: Pale, but tans during the summer

Personality: Erik is a very jovial person and throws himself into the things he loves whole heartedly and pursues them with dedication. Erik is extremely proud of his Nordic heritage and loves annoying his English housemates by putting paraphernalia from the Nordic National Quidditch team around his bed. His favorite subjects are ancient runes, history of magic and transfiguration, and his least favorite is potions. The class that comes most naturally to him, however, is Defense. The only reason he doesn't do as well in that class is because he purposely makes sure that he only barely makes "O"s. This is because of an incident his first year, where he was told that his wand's wood and core combination was perfect for the dark arts, and he became terrified of his aptitude in the subject. Offensive spells are the only ones that Erik ever gets on the first try, so he purposefully messes them up a few times so as not to stand out. Recently, through the help of friends, he's coming to terms with his skill at offensive magics and becoming comfortable with its use.

His coping mechanism is 'be nice to everyone, and admit fault even when it's not yours to admit so everyone can get along.' This would be great, except that he has a tendency to keep his emotions bottled up inside, and those who are very close to him can tell when his smile is fake, though he's pretty damn good at making it convincing, even when he is miserable.

Erik loves to exercise and be out doors. He gets antsy and unhappy when he has to be inside for days on end. He gets up every morning to jog around the lake. This is also necessary because exercise is the only way he can be awake in time for class - he's a horrible morning person otherwise. His favorite sport is Quidditch, having been on the team since 3rd year and making captain 6th. Football comes in close second. He plays football with a local intramural team over summer holidays. He likes to merge the two, using football moves to score goals in Quidditch.

Even though Erik is quite the Quidditch player, he is also a huge nerd. He developed a love for role playing games sci-fi and fantasy novels a few years before he discovered he was a wizard, and the discovery that magic is real only solidified his love of these genres. On several occasions he has tried to run Dungeons and Dragons games for his classmates, but they usually devolved into arguments over the way magic works. He instead gets his fix over the summers with his old friends from primary school. Back when he had free time (oh the glories of being a 1st year!) he was frequently found with some muggle sci-fi or fantasy novel in hand. He is determined to make a "wizard" version of Dungeons and Dragons (ala wizard chess) some day but has put off working on it due to his intense study schedule. In addition to playing Quidditch professionally, Erik would like to become a fiction author in both the wizard and muggle worlds.

History: Erik is the oldest child of Christian and Tova Jorenson. While he was born in Stockholm, Sweden, he immigrated to England with his family when he was 5 years old. The family settled in London when his father accepted a position at the University of London as a professor of Scandinavian Mythology and History. His mother works for a publishing company, translating printed materials from English to Swedish and vice versa. As such, Erik grew up bilingual though Swedish is his first language and the language his family uses at home. Erik went to muggle primary school formed a small social clique with other sci-fi and fantasy nerds and they frequently played D&D and watched Star Wars and Star Trek together. Erik was also in a youth football league and was quite successful at it.

When Erik received his Hogwarts letter, it took a trip to Diagon Alley to convince his parents that it wasn't some hoax. Once they realized the truth of it, Erik's father became ludicrously excited, especially when he found a book about wizarding Scandinavian lore. He frequently has Erik purchase books for him about the wizarding world's take on his academic subject. Family vacations now tend to consist of visiting historic sites in Scandanavia with both muggle and wizard guide books in hand.

Erik has a younger sister, Annika. She has no magical powers, but thinks it's super cool that her brother does and was very excited when he turned 17 so he could finally show her magic rather than just bringing home magical trinkets. She's currently 14 years old, but still has a pretty good relationship with Erik because he's not around enough to be the "mortifying brother." Instead he ended up buying her an owl for her birthday so she stopped monopolizing the family one to send him letters. Sometimes it almost seems like Annika uses Erik as a diary, since she keeps him very well abreast of all the drama that is happening at school. Annika is very into theater and is a talented actress. She eventually wants to attend the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Erik makes friends well and tries to make first years feel welcome. The first month of school, he can usually be found pointing first years of all houses in the right direction. He also tries to not limit his social group to his house and usually tries to pair up with non Hufflepuff students in classes. His best friend is a Gryiffindor named Hayden Knight [link] They got in a fight during flying class first year and have been inseparable ever since. Once there were rumors about them being a couple, but the very thought grosses them out completely. They're much too like siblings to ever date. They do, however, have a mutual backup plan to have kids via artificial-insemination and live together if their love lives mutually fail. They think they'd be the best parents ever, and have plans to name one of them "Jedi Knight." Though that is seeming less and less necessary.

Erik isn't the brightest student at Hogwarts by far, but he is a workhorse to be sure. His philosophy seems to be that if he throws enough hours and dedication at something he doesn't understand, he's bound to get it eventually. As such, he tends to live in the library around exam times. He's pretty sure he's only good at Ancient Runes and History of Magic because he grew up with a historian for a father. Because otherwise, any kind of sedentary magic or studies he's very poor at (i.e. potions and charms). His magic seems to respond best to that which is active, hence skill in Defense and transfiguration, both of which have a physicality to it that other magic lacks.

Erik has been in several relationships during his years at Hogwarts, though he is currently single. He struggled 4th year with his sexuality because he like both boys and girls and had no idea what to do with that. Was he gay or wasn't he? He eventually came to terms with being bisexual and has dated both men and women. 5th year he dated a Gryffindor boy named Daren Seius [link]. They were one of the first openly out couples in Hogwarts ((before the pride parade showed up)) They broke up after a few months because Daren hated that Erik never opened up to him. Since that relationship ended, Erik has tried to show his true emotions more, but still reverts to 'make everyone but me happy' when push comes to shove. He then dated a Hufflepuff girl a year his senior, named Janice Hawkins, in 6th year. It ended when she didn't want to deal with the long distance relationship after she graduated. February of his 7th year, he started dating a Ravenclaw 6th year named Gavin Catcheart [link] They've hit it off and have fallen completely in love. Awwwww.

Wand: 12 1/2 inches, ash, dragon heartstring
Pet: black cat named Freyja
Broom: Firebolt
Patronus: Fox
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I think the strawberry blonds should start a club. There seems to be a few of them at Hogwarts these days.