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Currently, our team is running a search for character concept artists. Our project will include several races and creatures.

Artists with interest should know:
  • Please state whether you are a race or a creature artist. If you are both, please state that.
  • There are more than 20 races. You are not being asked to do all of them, however, we will ask for 2-3 variations with male and female options.
  • There are more than 50 creatures. You are not being asked to do all of them, however, we will ask for 1-2 variations if applicable. Some will require male and female options.
  • These projects cannot be shared with the public for portfolios until the end of August 2019 when the announcement is released.
  • We are asking for full rights to use these concept art pieces in our books and media. Please be aware, a contract will be signed for these as well. It must be signed before payment is made.
  • We are willing to pay upfront, 1/2 the price until work is complete. The final half on completion.
  • We are paying by the set, or rather, by the race. Please be certain to quote via the price for the Male and Female of 1 race + Variations.
  • If your price is dependent upon detail, please give us your absolutely highest quote. We are not able to toss back and forth information in order to get a quote and not be able to work with the artist.
  • Please provide us the best samples of your work you can.
  • Further communication outside of DA, via email or Discord is preferred.
  • This project is expected to be worked on over the next 8 months. It will not be a full-time job, simply a contractual job.
  • For artists that also work on the following: maps, book covers, illustrations; please inform us and provide quotes for these tasks as well. We would like to keep similar artists on this project.
  • Absolutely no 3D rendering. No purchased programs like Dazz or otherwise. All work must be hand drawn via traditional or digital methods.

    Thank you for your time!
    Dreaming Rabbit Press
While our current project was filled, we are now in possession of several other projects that may require maps. We are opening up this journal entry specifically for those interested in maps.

If you are a cartographer and have an interest in working with our company, please leave your information below in order for us to contact you.
You are an artist, a photographer, and you have a beautiful piece of work you want to offer as cover art. Maybe you are just looking for a job and want to offer your services?

We are happy to accept submissions for cover art and artist queries! Art is another medium of creativity that we love with every fiber of our being. So, if you are interested, here are a few bits of information that is important when making submissions and queries for cover work, or just general art submissions.

You can find answers to some questions on our FAQ.
Details about our Visual Media Guidelines can be found on our website.

:bulletblue: At this moment, we only take general art submissions for our anthologies.
:bulletblue: We hire artists as independent contractors. Contracts are signed per single job.
:bulletblue: We do not pay by the hour at this time.
:bulletblue: We pay a flat rate of $150 USD plus six months of 5% royalties for our Anthology covers.
:bulletblue: We pay a flat rate of $300 USD plus up to one year of 5% royalties for our Novel covers.
:bulletblue: We pay $15 per page for black and white and $20 for color plus 5% royalties for the life of the contract.
:bulletblue: Comic Artists with completed comics should submit via our Author Queries.
:bulletblue: Comic Artists and Illustrators looking to work with a writer, should contact us.
:bulletblue: All creators are required to sign a legally binding contract.

All information is subject to change as we grow and progress. If you find the financial numbers provided to be too small for your personal talents, we understand this. However, we are firm in our budget because we are a very small start-up working to build up-and-coming creators. Please do not contact us with your own quotes. We will not be considering changing our financial budget at this time.

If you have any more questions, please contact us. We are happy to answer your questions.

We look forward to creating an impactful future together.
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Dreaming Rabbit Press is an independent company dedicated to the publication of creative works. We are working with a small group of authors, artists, formatters, editors, and designers to bring you awesome works of fiction – Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction with a plethora of subgenres. We promote diversity, variety, and emotional pieces created for anyone and everyone.
Started in January of 2018, Dreaming Rabbit Press is a growing company.

Xaneria Ann

Founder, Author, Artist, and Creative Director
Xaneria is a creative writer and strong creative director who lives for fantasy stories with a hefty dose of romance. She’s passionate about her work, art, and that created by others. Founding Dreaming Rabbit Press is her life-long dream to work with others and build amazing stories shared to the world, not bound by typical tropes or stereotypes. She has the ability to turn any idea into a crazy storytelling ride.

Vivian St. Crow

Founder, Author, and Senior Editor
Vivian is a feast and famine author and highly detailed editor that will consume stories with great love and interest. She is a kind and curious creature that will dive into the depths of any story and draw out its full potential. She founded Dreaming Rabbit Press with Xaneria with great enthusiasm.

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