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When She Left Her Den
And when she left her den
In a last desperate search for something -
Anything -
For her to eat
She found this:
Cold bitter winds under dark snowy skies
The endless stretch of polar night
Only now, only here
Where the frozen earth yields no comfort for shaking steps
Where the shifting snowflakes whisper across the ice and through the hills
Where the frowning sky reaches down and down to the distant ground
Where the empty spaces that should have held seeds and straw yawn silently into darkness
Where the wisps of seeds long since eaten shift and catch in the branches of winter-bare bushes
And when she left her den
Knowing it was the last time
She found this:
Silent snowy trees grasping at the clouds
The endless fields of snow and ice
Only now, only here
With each new labored breath rushing through small lungs
With each measured pause to gather strength
With each determined movement forward
With each searching glance
With each small step
And when she left her den
In that days-long night
:icondreamingfoxfire:DreamingFoxfire 1 0
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[TWWM] Count to Five
Count to Five
Bee had only been transformed recently, but from the start their unconscious use of their esk abilities was astonishing to her - seeming as easy as breathing had been, when Brighteyes was still alive.  The tiny esk was always airborne, always moving.  Investigating every new thing they came across, examining every rock… following every bee they saw.  They had spent the days combing through their shared boundary, checking each nook and cranny for any sign of a beehive that might have been Bee’s own… but they had almost finished.  Brighteyes knew already that Bee’s home had to be elsewhere.  But Bee needed to check, needed to satisfy that unfinished call that drove them, and so she let them look.  
Already the days grew short… already the sun set again, and stayed there.  When the snows came there would be no finding any bees, and so Brighteyes had taken to starting earlier and e
:icondreamingfoxfire:DreamingFoxfire 4 4
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Iv Smith
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

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[F2U ] To Do by NeSoMi
tiny leaf l by DiegoVainilla Progress Bars - Air colors %100 by Kazhmiran Esk Origin Comics
Little Pixel Wing - White - Left by EmpressOfRoses Progress Bars - Air colors %0 by Kazhmiran Possible Extra Project
Paw Print by Coloran Progress Bars - Air colors %100 by Kazhmiran Toko Rites Set

* by Kittyrocker Progress Bars - Air colors %25 by Kazhmiran D.E.I.T.Y Script Edits :typerhappy:
* by Kittyrocker Progress Bars - Air colors %10 by Kazhmiran D.E.I.T.Y Pages SNAIL by 8-BitSpider
Paw Print by Coloran Progress Bars - Air colors %75 by Kazhmiran New Tokota Lines

If you decide to watch me simply because you like some of the fanart I draw, be warned that I don't spend most of my time on fanart, or always draw the same fandom - I draw many different ones, or whatever I may be inspired by.

I do have multiple chronic health issues that impact my ability to produce art, so output may not always be consistent.

I am not a brilliant artist, but I am learning, and hopefully I will continue to get better and better.

If you're looking for my ARPG critters, I keep them here.

Commissions [Open]

Sun Sep 16, 2018, 4:30 PM
Updated Sept. 16 2018
New * by KittyrockerLet's give this a shot, shall we? New * by Kittyrocker

I take limited commissions. Please don't be offended if I refuse an offer, I don't want to take on too much at one time, and I can add you to a waitlist if you'd like.  NSFW commissions will be considered on a case to case basis.

I accept:
1 USD$ = 100 Points

Things I am also potentially interested in: 

USD Preferred.  Combination payments are accepted, though less desirable.  WiPs will be provided for comments and feedback, and I can stream artwork if desired, but please be aware I do need to take frequent and/or unpredictable breaks to manage my health issues.  My default starting size is 300x300 px but I can and will do larger pieces as well, whether requested or because the sketch grew too big.

I do require an upfront deposit for each commission.  Payment plans can be discussed privately for larger orders.

Tyvm for looking. ^^

Available Types of Drawings:

Sketches, Inks, and Painting.  When requested, larger pictures will be subject to additional pricing based on the size.
World of Warcraft Lightforged Draenei PriestSketch

Aanu - WoW Priest by DreamingFoxfire
Finished Item visible on Tokota Satisfactual 34597Plain Inks

Ink Example by DreamingFoxfire
Simple Inks with color.Flatted Inks

[Tokos] Are We Cute Yet by DreamingFoxfire
Detailed Inks with color, shading, and transparency.Shaded Inks

Night Parade - 100 Tokotas Princess Kaguya by DreamingFoxfire
Painted character Quinn from the webcomic Colorblind.Flat Painting

Quinn - Colorblind by DreamingFoxfire
Scene with characters from a tabletop game.Shaded Painting

Scooped Up Gun and All by DreamingFoxfire


Simple Shading, Extra Characters, Transparency, etc.
Shading added directly on top of a sketch.Simple Sketch Shading

Open The Door by DreamingFoxfire
Not too difficult to do.Inks with Transparency

[TWWM] ONWARD by DreamingFoxfire
This takes absolutely forever.Paints with Transparency

Return to Tartok: Epilogue by DreamingFoxfire
Or animal/critter/robot whatever.Add Character: Small Pet

Pretty Bird by DreamingFoxfire
Cool robots, closed species, etc.Add Character: Nonhuman

[TWWM] Tiny Buddies by DreamingFoxfire
Mostly human looking.Add Character: Humanoid

That Hair by DreamingFoxfire
Price may vary depending on complexity level.Complicated Characters/Outfits

Butterfly Truth by DreamingFoxfire

Complex Character Interactions:

Especially anything involving hands interacting with things.
Cuddles, leapfrog, silliness, etc.Animals/Nonhumans

[PotA - 15] Flashed Before My Eyes by DreamingFoxfire
I love drawing hands, but that doesn't make them any less hard.Hands

Let Me See Your Face by DreamingFoxfire
Hands and kissing?  I weep.Partial Body Interaction

Smooches by DreamingFoxfire
Cuddling is just so hard to draw sometimes.Full Body Interaction

Sleepy Snuggles by DreamingFoxfire


Partial to full to scenic.
It's definitely a background, but it's also fairly simple.Partial/Simple Background

Partial BG by DreamingFoxfire
Might be willing to discount for simpler sketch bgs.Sketch Background

Inside the Shrine by DreamingFoxfire
The large esk counts as part of the background.Inked Background

[TWWM] Storytime by DreamingFoxfire
This is one of my favorites.Painted Background

[TWWM] Waterways - The Beginning by DreamingFoxfire
I got carried away and killed my collaborators computers, oops.Scenic Sketch Background

Summer Event Collab Sketch by DreamingFoxfire
The background is the main focus of the scene, not the characters.Scenic Painted Background

[TWWM] The Lights of Midnight by DreamingFoxfire

Character References:

Can include multiple views, forms, and items.
Two outfits, Seven itemsInked and Colored Ref

Truth Reference Sheet by DreamingFoxfire
Base Price $25
+$4 per extra outfit/form, +$2 per item
Two outfits, Five forms, Size refSmall Painted Ref

Reference Sheet: Obocri by DreamingFoxfire
Base Price $30
+$5 per extra outfit/form, +$5 per item
One outfit, Items, Size ref, PaletteLarge Painted Ref

Cia Reference by DreamingFoxfire
Base Price $40
+$5 per extra outfit/form, +$5 per item


Won't do long stories, graphic novels, or anything that requires me to do a long-term deal.  If story does not interest me, I may decline.
Each panel is essentially its own drawing/painting; prices will vary depending on that.
Page from a side story from my webcomic.Simple Page

Thin Ice 1 by DreamingFoxfire
3 character panels, 1 full BG panel
Page from my webcomic.Colored Page

D.E.I.T.Y 1:108 by DreamingFoxfire
2 full BG panels, 1 character panel
A one-page Tokota story.Painted Page

[RoD - Deer 7] The River's Secret by DreamingFoxfire
5 simple BGs, 1 full BG, 3 character panels

A test run of the motion books tool.  Can also be uploaded as separate pages without animation.Complete Colored Short Motion Comic

[TWWM] The Way Home by DreamingFoxfire
Two weeks - one month turn around time. Ballpark price $800-$1000+
Origin Story for one of my Esk.Complete Colored Short Comic

The Bee Who Had No Wings by DreamingFoxfire
Two weeks - one month turn around time. Ballpark price $700-$1000+
Test Page for handwritten text.Handwritten Text

Handwritten Text Example by DreamingFoxfire

Approximately +$1 for each sentence.


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