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OuhYeah~!new page is coming~!!xD
Hiuuu~~Amy's mum didn't scold them
Looks like Amy's mum agree them together~(yeah~)
I'm very sorry for low speed uploading now
because I become busy now...(/3\)-nuuu..

first page
next almost done~

enjoy and comment to me~!=D
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I'm beginning to like her mum XD 
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 what is hapening to sonic can somoan tell me 
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her mom is so beautiful XUX
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like they're rich*I hope**I think*
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FFFT OH GOSH the mom cracks me up! I thought at first "ooooh shit, she looks displeased" then suddenly AWWW YOU TWO ARE ARE SO CUUUUUTE~ Best mum ever XD
Of course Sonic want to go to Amy's room.
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Amy's mum... so cool! I like this charactere!
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nice idea to draw Amy's mum :XD:
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Lolz takes amy to her room and has sex
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Amy's mum looks beautiful
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my friend told me that Amy's mum remind her a hallywood star~XD
ahaha~yah~she's sexy...8D...
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THANK YOU~!!!:heart:>w<
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amy´s mother is buetiful:love:
now i now where amy got her cuteness^^
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this sucks...
oh wait I don't mean the page it's great it's just this stupid computer keeps translating everything so I can hardly understand what people are saying GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH
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Oh~I'm sorry for my bad english~
Can u correct it? I'll edit it later~>:3
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not that, I speak Dutch and I live in Belgium and this computer keeps translating but google translate doesn't know a think witch makes it hard for me to understand because then it's half English and half Dutch and the sentences don't match making it nearly impossible for me to read
I fixed the problem now though
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oh~i got it~x)
THANK YOU for support my comic~!!>w<
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so cute!! and adoable love how you did the room XD
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