In thy Nature: Animal Photography Feature

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"In thy nature there is more to be seen,
In thy nature a beauty untold,
In thy nature everything is worth more than gold"
(In thy nature by Stephanie McGrath)  

:thumb81919450:   Friendly Frog by Maethori :thumb130850778: :thumb45560095: :thumb87371120:   Gawrrr by theblindalley :thumb88991050:   .: w i n t e r i z i n g :. by Irena-N-Photography :thumb121638086: Happy Fish by Goodbye-kitty975   Little Monkey by dinotek  :thumb98896476:   266. by Bullter :thumb48475722:  :thumb140369915: Bunny love by PatriciaVazquez :thumb82139215:  :thumb140161575: Hamster by R-aw-r .:.I have my eyes on you.:. by Ailedda my treasure... by k-a-d-a-t-h Brainstorm. by Blutr0t Don't wake me up by Mars-Child Something Like Human by tleach0608   :thumb86180535:  :thumb139619233: the cutest dog in the world by claytes   Hi... by thrumyeye Fish Kisses by IrishRaine   siddhartha by UgurDoyduk :thumb76200247:   The Snake by FadeToBlackPhoto    ThE SiLeNt WHiSpEr by Allandgr8-art :thumb63972885:   I want one... by venus85 Arctic wolf: friendly smile... by woxys Lechwe by Wild-Soul Boto, so unique... by woxys :thumb75290656:  :thumb128382583: galloping by Yair-Leibovich Evil Look by Wild-Soul Albinism by Wild-Soul :thumb109124233: Green Iguana by In-the-picture :thumb139694612: kiss by catman-suha :thumb46934284:   Kodiak bear is a big Teddy by woxys :thumb139368337: The White Whale by LanimilbuSx   High Rise Beauty by In-the-picture Just Like Mum by In-the-picture :thumb116431838: Lion fish by Koekiemonster  :thumb138899746: Clavdii Jusius Ceasar by Yerahatte Dolphin: Who are you, girl? by woxys :thumb15351288:   I see danger by Yousry-Aref PANDA :P by spooooonge :thumb124648991: 223.Lovers II by Bullter My little hamster by Latinae   A Dog by mattglass   Monkey by spacedoutkat   Little GUS by PatriciaVazquez Zygaena filipendulae IV by Metalfire77 Dad and baby arctic wolf: love by woxys Red Panda II by In-the-picture Beady Eyes by thrumyeye Gold Eyes by SilentPain0 :thumb137929837: :thumb13349385:   Curious by Imph-chan :thumb121655579: Closer by AngiWallace Bright Green Just Hatched by LadyAliceofOz   Baby Steps 0268P by Sooper-Deviant :thumb80784864:   Siberian Tiger 12 by catman-suha :thumb75366445:   Polyommatus icarus V by Metalfire77 Opava by JuhaniViitanen Leaping Wild Orca by nitsch   Love is in the air by DragonDew   Dog by xhorsegirlx   Fish Fish Fish by accumulate   Free Your Mind VI by thrumyeye  :thumb122089173: Snake eye 081108 by inckurei :thumb137753030: :thumb139586882: :thumb79996442:   Hopeful Look by In-the-picture Yellow Tang by Wild-Soul Panda by ziptothestar  :thumb136880403: :thumb136476567: Exploring Sunflowers 5 by KSMPhotography Dog by ainaa  :thumb63048865:  :thumb102684478: :thumb136346966: Nah Nah by Wild-Soul Beluga Whale by spawnofbill  :thumb136678494: :thumb136592998: :thumb126918117: Who's your Daddy...? by thrumyeye  :thumb136524445: Baby Hippo: Lunch by TVD-Photography Polar.. by catman-suha Tree Kangaroo with baby by TVD-Photography   Lilly the Fish II by Atreja   save the mountain gorilla 3 by catman-suha Kitten -1- by wojtar  :thumb136578129: King of Carrot Flowers by meadowkite :thumb136162237: :P by UniqueNudes Hammy the Hamster by PaullyWog   Gorgeous Geezer by In-the-picture :thumb136757061: Yellow fly by Dieffi   Whale Cub VIII by wilderBeest   Fennec fox: NoLove for Cobra11 by woxys Bunny by Henriksen  :thumb130867141: Husky Puppy 2151 by Sooper-Husky Baby Panda_8508 by MASOCHO :thumb135559653: 11.Cobra monocled II by Bullter   Racoon: very clean guy by woxys Hawk by justinblackphotos   buddy the dog by scoot75   African Buffalo by catman-suha Monkey by 0-kelley-0  :thumb134701185: Tiger Close-up by justinblackphotos Saddleback Moth Caterpillar 2 by Squirrelflight-77 :thumb116883127: 223.Lovers II by Bullter 8.Stone of Yemen by Bullter :thumb86180607:   Baby Bunny by Sugargrl14   216.Thrower flame by Bullter :thumb71810744:   222.Scorpion by Bullter Big Eyed Fish by Wild-Soul   orca by distorted-perspectiv   2.Colourful turtle by Bullter 1.Pink panther by Bullter Baby arctic wolf: North star by woxys :thumb138369583: Once you try bamboo... by JuhaniViitanen :thumb137363029: :thumb133424354: Flashy Mover by Goodbye-kitty975   Foreside by Wild-Soul Sleepy Koala II by TVD-Photography Fluffy by Wild-Soul :thumb132559734: Harbor seal as a present? by woxys :thumb132551422: :thumb130687544: Lenny the Dog 302 by hfpierson   Killer Whale Grin by annlo13  :thumb114740526: :thumb59838106:   bunny by darkfae808   Fennec fox is not Vavra by woxys :thumb118129527: :thumb117572714: Sonora by Goodbye-kitty975   Blue Frog by Ian4444 :thumb134343713: Baby arctic wolf: Exploring by woxys :thumb128644484: Mandarinfish 2444 by Sooper-Deviant :thumb127500334: Dolphin Jumping by AngeLinTheFire27    White lion king, silent queen by woxys Painted Lady by tleach0608 Angry Bird by Wild-Soul Happy Easter from Bubbles by PatriciaVazquez Oceanario II by FadingObscurity   Stallion by Goodbye-kitty975   Baby Seal. by ferga93 Butterfly in Flight by justinblackphotos  :thumb100694020: :thumb120773132: :thumb122887730: :thumb123112586: :thumb129655017: :thumb126694881: :thumb139632767: Snake 4 by Vision-Of-Escaflowne  Delphis in the Deep by dixiedolphin  :thumb125231460: Peek a Boo by Arianezomg Squirrel Monkey by neonstz  :thumb126267674: :thumb82139215:  Tabby in the Snow by fennecx Elegance by justinblackphotos ZZZzzz by Deimos2 :thumb104399467: Jaguar Cub 4618P by Sooper-Deviant The Curious Kit by Nate-Zeman Wolf by rad-ix  Connect the Meerkats by GKmon-DORU-fanatic  Zebra III by NicolasEvariste  :thumb32649295: Living in a pack by gilad  :thumb133341557: be gutsy gosling by hoschie hameleo by SOOO :thumb123993079: Fire and Ice by Nate-Zeman  :thumb103880283: :thumb31294079:
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thank you !! :hug:
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nice work... thank you for including me :thanks:
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wonderful collection! :wow:
thank you so much for considering my work
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You're quite welcome and thank you :aww:
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Thanks so very much for the features !! :hug:
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Txs alot for the feature :D
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:aww: Thank you very much for the feature. :bow: :bow:
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Wow, amazing job!! :clap: And thanks so much for the feature~ :heart:
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You're quite welcome :aww: And thank you :hug:
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Wow!!! Absolutely amazing collection! :heart:
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Gorgeous collection, found some new ones to fave. Thank you for including me.
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Thank You very much for featuring so many of my photos!! :hug:
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Thank you very much :aww:
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Gholly wow....superb collection of beautiful god's creatures...! Thanks for sharing dear friend.:heart::)
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