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The West End of Dream Haven has long been a combination of low-rent and undesirable space. The recent investment and relocation of :iconlady-quantum:'s Rads and Radicals Research Group is bringing new life to what was, at one time, one of the worst boroughs of the city.

Of course, bringing new life to this beleaguered district will take some work, so dedicated heroes are being actively recruited. And, just as obviously, the sudden influx of wealth coupled with the often understaffed law enforcement services has made the region a hot spot for metahuman criminal activity.

:iconangelfalls-westend: was a daughter of the :iconangel-fallsda: group. Due to irreconcilable differences with the parent group's founder, West End will no longer be associated with Angel Falls.

Participants in West End are expected to create a character and submit him or her to the hero, villain, or wild cards gallery. In addition, art and writing will receive close scrutiny by the administrators before being accepted into the group; no deviations will be accepted sight-unseen.

The goals of :iconangelfalls-westend: are first and foremost to provide a safe and family-friendly environment for people to present their metahuman-themed deviations, while also fostering an ideal of quality and improvement through constructive criticism and support. In addition, the West End will host several annual events with the goal of showcasing authors and artists who have contributed to the group as a whole.
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Dream Haven and West End Character Creation Guidelines

Characters in Dream Haven are built on a tier system. The basic rule is that, until such time as a deviant is invested, their characters will be limited to help prevent characters from breaking the system. Of course, it is still the responsibility of the administrators (founder, co-founders, and contributors) to police character submissions and story entries to make sure they are appropriate, help build the environment, and don’t break the world.

Every member of the group has a tier position based on the number of submissions that the member has made to Dream Haven and/or West End. There are several rules regarding what counts as a submission and what does not, as detailed below:

1) Story submissions count as one submission. Stories need not be long, but they must move a plot along or provide information that can be used in other stories. The Lingerie Brawl, for example, contained an internal story about heroes dressing up and modeling to raise money for the Clark-Zenn Foundation. While entrants into the brawl did not have to include stories or vignettes, if stories and vignettes were included and submitted to AngelFalls-WestEnd, then they can be used as a single submission. Stories do not have to be literature-comics or movies, for example, would also count as a submission, as would a spoken-word performance.
2) Collaborative efforts will count as a single submission for each collaborator. This means that if you write a story, include two characters that belong to other members, and hire an artist, then that submission will be worth a single submission for four separate people. An example of this would be Shooting Stars, Chapter Three. Most of the sections of Chapter three count as a submission for myself, for Lady-Quantum, for moxiee, and for SebastiansSire. On the other hand, while LoneStranger and Knight3000 could each claim a submission from the pictures I gifted them, but I could not claim one because I was uninvolved in the story process in any way.
3) Reasonably complete setting resources count as one submission. This includes any fully detailed landmark, building, company, social grouping, etc. Character Biographies are not included-for one thing, character bios would set me up with another 37 entries, minimum, and that just seems inherently unfair. A good example of a non-literary setting resource would be TrekkieGal’s map of the West End.

The number of submissions required for each tier are listed below:
----0-29 Tier 3
----30-39 Tier 4
----40-49 Tier 5
----50-59 Tier 6
----60-69 Tier 7
----70-79 Tier 8
----80-89 Tier 9
----90-99 Tier 10
----100+ Full investiture

Each tier allows a character to develop a single power; accordingly, all characters made by new members will be limited to a maximum of three effects per character.

Finally, once a member reaches full investiture, he or she is no longer limited in terms of the characters the member can make. There is, of course, still the assumption that reason will be employed, and the administrators still have the right to reject a character that seems unreasonably likely to unbalance the setting to the point of making it no longer fun for others.

A list of base effects follows:
Basic Travel (Running, Flying, Swimming, personal teleportation)
Ranged Attack/Blasts
Enhanced Physical Characteristics (Example: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Appearance)
Enhanced Mental Characteristics (Example: Intelligence, Charisma, Wisdom)
Mental/Biological Control
Telekinesis/Matter Control
Comprehensive Life Support
Enhanced/Additional Senses (depending on nature, may count as more than one)
Precognitive Abilities
Matter Creation
Energy Creation
Extra-Human Skills (Example: Batman, Taskmaster)
Melee Attack/Blasts
Other Weirdness
*****Killing Attack Add-on (must be added to an existing
------------Traditional Weapons will be required to have the Killing
------------Attack Add-on. This includes any sort of gun (provided
------------it can be used to kill), or bladed weapon.
------------Blunt weapons should be discussed with an Admin to
------------see if the Killing Attack Add-on is

Power Limitations:

Don’t Be that Guy!!!!!

It's all good if you want your powers, and do the cool stuff like lifting heavy objects, or even having a bad guy blow something up (mind you if you don't own it, get permission first), but what we do ask is that you put it back after you do. Write about it, this IS a storytelling page after all. Do your due diligence, and show what happens AFTER the battle as well as during the knock down drag out battle to end all battles.

Addendum: Sometimes wrecking things will be permanent- if that's the case, make double sure that you have the permissions of anyone who is likely to be affected. It's never fun if some of your stuff were to be destroyed and someone went "oops" and flew off...why would you do it to another person, right? Be mindful of the fact that some people may have stories in progress that have not been published, yet- sweeping changes may have more wide-reaching consequences than you've anticipated.









Dream Haven Useful links

The Dream Haven Chat is now active at:

We also have a suggestion box:…

and a link to submit news stories to the West End Weekend:…
The Lingerie Brawl art jam is over.
Really it's been over for a couple of days, but that's besides the point.
So here's the list of entries for this year's brawl:
Saturday Special 017
That's it, that's all I could find.
Nobody did anything, and if people did do it they didn't use the hashtag they were supposed to use.
Da hell people? There were people saying this had to be done, and then they didn't do anything for it! It was a bit more than a month that everyone had to do something for this, guess there isn't any interest since it wasn't a contest.
Guess the Lingerie Brawl dies with a whimper then...
More Journal Entries

Setting Maps and Resources

Items in Setting Resources should be consulted whenever writing a story to ensure that your entries are consistent with the established world.
DH-Main-3.1.3 by TrekkieGal DH-Main-1.2 by TrekkieGal DH-Main-1.1-02 by TrekkieGal DH-Map Proposal 1.0-01 by TrekkieGal Dream Haven Phase 1 by TrekkieGal South River State Penitentiary by WhisakedJak Angel Falls Caring Hands Clinic by WhisakedJak

Gallery Folders

2020 Lingerie Brawl- Nakia Olba by stmercy2020
2020 SAD Network by stmercy2020
Falling Stars Side Stories: Zed by WhisakedJak
Falling Stars Side Stories: Heretic by WhisakedJak
Hero Bios
Golden Condor: Background and Powers by Lady-Quantum
Hero Bio: Sergeant Oskar de la Roche by WhisakedJak
Hero Bio: Detective Trinh Be by WhisakedJak
Hero Bio: Donnybrook by WhisakedJak
Villain Bios
Villain Bio: Papa Joe by WhisakedJak
Pho Sho - The Shogun of the West End by Lady-Quantum
Villain Profile: Passion by WhisakedJak
Villain Profile: Magnum Opus by WhisakedJak
Setting Resources
WEW v4-2 by WhisakedJak
West End Weekend, Vol. 3, 04 by WhisakedJak
West End Weekend, Vol. 3, 03 by WhisakedJak

Mature Content

West End Weekend v3-2 by WhisakedJak
Completed Stories

Mature Content

Training Days Part 1: That Lucky Stiff... by Lady-Quantum

Mature Content

Mature Content

The Affairs of Dragons, part 01 by WhisakedJak
2017 Lingerie Brawl- Tyche by WhisakedJak
2016 Halloween Event by WhisakedJak
Food and Family by Lady-Quantum

Mature Content

Listening to the Song of Silence by Lady-Quantum
In the name by Lady-Quantum
Lady Quantum is a Knockout! by Lady-Quantum
Artwork Temporary
Soviet Super Clone by WhisakedJak
Kachay Vance aka Will-O-Wisp by WhisakedJak
Cyn Caparros aka Breakpoint by WhisakedJak
Tyche by WhisakedJak


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