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Hi everyone!

Lately I've been busy working on my upcoming novel, which I'll be releasing in both portuguese and English, as an ebook, hopefully in the beggining of December.
For now the novel has the temporary title of "Angel Gabriel - Blood Bound", I'm struggling with a better title and will have it soon enough.

In the meantime, I've been working on a few character drawings, as you might've seen here.
Angel by DreamGazer-NightAnge Gabriel by DreamGazer-NightAnge

I'll be briniging news soon, but in the meantime you can visit my writer's blog (portuguese only, for now) and my art blog

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Hello everyone!

So my last journal was a while back and I wanted to let you all know that "Garnath and the Crystal Ball", my webcomic, is finished with 24 pages available online.
It was fun doing it (and tiresome at times) and I'd like to know what you all think of it.

You can read it in English, at DrunkDuck:…
And in Portuguese, at SmackJeeves: garnatheaboladecristal.smackje…

Leave your comments!

My next projects will be: "Wolf & Dragon", another 24 page comic. Look forward to it!


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Writing Blog:

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I've always been a sporadic user of DA, but today I'm here to bring some news.

Yesterday I started a new webcomic called "Garnath and the Crystal Ball".
It's a one-chapter comic, based on my project "Alma". It will be 24 pages long and will be updated every Tuesday.

I've just uploaded the cover and a comic page to this DA account, but I won't be publishing all the pages here, so if you want to keep reading, please go to the official hosts, bellow.
You can read it in english, here:…
Or in portugueses, here: garnatheaboladecristal.smackje…


Art Blog (Portuguese):
Writing Blog (Portuguese):
Livejournal (English):

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Yes, yes, I'm back once more, though, as happened the last time, I won't promisse to stick around much, especially because I haven't been actively drawing as I did a few years back. Now I'm more of a writer in the works (and so many works at that).

Either way, here's a catch-up on what I've ben up to, since March 2009 (the last real journal entry):
- I participated in the Youth Party in Barcelos, in July 2009, painting  and drawing live at the center of the city, by invitation from the Youth Home;
- I had all intentions of particpating on the 24 Hour Comics 2009, I was as ready as it gets, but then a family mamber died on the day before and all my plans where for nothing. So I never got around to it;
- I participated in NaNoWriMo 2010, managing to write two books: "V.I.D.A." and "Through the Glass" (missing one part, but still good to go). I won again!;
- I did a lot of potraits last Christmas, as a present for my family, as has become as habit for me (you can see them at my blog);
- I won the 3rd prize on a comic contest of ODEMIRA in January 2010, with my short comic "Someone once told him...";
- I participated in the 6th Youth Art Show in Barcelos, with a small pieand photography.ce mixing digital painting
- I particpated in a Photography workshop and in a Animation Cinema workshop, which resulted in a small stop-motion movie i'll soon showcase in my blog:

As you can see, it's not that I've been unactive, but I admit I didn't do as much as I'd hoped, and the worst is I'm not sure in the next few months (years?) I'll have more availability for darwing and painting.
I'll try, but my priority right now is writing.
Still, let's hope this time I don't have to leave DA for good (praying nothing stupid happens like the last few times). XD

Art Blog (Portuguese):
Writing Blog (Portuguese):
Livejournal (English):…

Cafeepress store:
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Ok I'd heard of this type of thing going on on DA but I find it ridiculous.

":SassuSaku: Passion" and ":SasuSaku: Atraction" were deleted from DA.
I can even understand them deleting "Passion" as it had nudity, but "Atraction"? What the hell is wrong with these admins? The picture had no nudity, nothing that coul "hurt" one's eyes. Why did it get deleted? Because a couple of "underage" (more about this in a minute) characters were kissing passionetly?
This is ridiculous!

I resent the deletion of both since, seriously, there was nothing very graphic about either. But the "Atraction" one was totally uncalled for.

And what's with the "underaged" characters. Who told you in my drawings they're still uderaged? Did you ask? Seriously! It pisses me off!

I've considered leaving DA before, but now it's more apparent then ever why I should do it. What is the "Warning" tag for if you delete everything that shows a litle more skin (and even something that doesn't).

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Hello everyone!
I've been bsent once more, sorry! I hope this time the return is for good.
This journal is to let you know I now have some of my drawing available as Prints here on DA. Visit the store: dreamgazer-nightange.deviantar…

Also, I'd like to tell you that I've opened an online store in CafePress (many of you should be familiar with it).
You can purchase a number of my drawings and illustrations in various products (many not available in DA).
Please visit the store:

Also, if you'd like to see any particular drawing and/or product in DA or CafePress, be sure to drop a word and I'll make it available.

Thank you all for your support!

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A doida da Ana (aqui a "Je") decidiu fazer mais uma loucura.

Depois das audaciosas 24 horas seguidas que passou a criar uma BD de 24 páginas (, vai agora aventurar-se por novos horizontes.

Desta vez  o desafio é escrever um romance (novela/livro) de 50 000 palavras em 1 mês (entre 1 e 30 de Novembro).

É doida! Claro que sim! Mas não há nada como tentar, juntando-se assim a milhares de pessoas por todo o mundo que durante o mês de Novembro vão participar neste evento mundial.

Se quiserem seguir os progressos (ou não) desta doida varrida, podem fazê-lo através do profile (…).

Se forem tão doidos como ela podem também participar e basta para isso inscreverem-se até 30 de Outubro no site ( Fica já a nota de que os textos podem ser em qualquer lingua do mundo (apesar de se chamar Nacional).

E não se esqueçam de dizer qualquer coisa porque assim podem trocar experiências.

P.S.: Estou a escrever na 3ª pessoa porque sou mesmo assim ... doida!

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God i can't belive I've almost stopped for two whole years. Only doing some pictures here and there.
None of my projects is going ahead, which makes me furious with myself.
Well at least now I've learned something. Never make promisses! That way you'll be sure not to break them.
Well, teh truth is I haven't been updating much to DA. I have been working quite a lot recently, just not posting it here.
If you want to keep up with my work, I'd suggest you to either view my Blog or my Livejournal. Those have it all.

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Uoah! Long time no journal. (at least here on DA)

News, news ... well, "Just my luck" has ended and I moved on to another project, "V.I.D.A."
And, I will soon enter the challange of the 100 themes. If you don't know what it is, fallow the 100themechallengers.deviantart…

Since there's no rule against it, my 100 themes will all be fanart. This way I hope to improve a lot of neglected things and also acomplish to make something related to the shows and comics I love the most, and to which I never paid due respect. This includes, animes, mangas, comics and webcomics.

My first submission will come soon and it will most likely be an "Heroic Age" (an awsome anime that has just ended) fanart for the 29th theme: Happiness

I really do hope I can get this going. It will be a test to my determination and style, since I'll have to be flexible enough to draw all the characters from all the series I want.

DreamGazer Studios @
V.I.D.A. @
Just my luck @
Livejournal @…

Question: How do you make image links? I used the code on FAQ but it does NOT work! Is it an only-subscribers feature? If so it should say so, if not, Why doesn't it work with me? Damn I hate this!
Hey everyone! I'm back! (if anyone cares)

Aftera a long time away, I decided to come back and try this again. Let's see how it goes.

I'll be posing a few works I've made, but to see more go to my Live Journal at

See you all soon!
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I know I should've done this ournal a long time ago, but I almost completly forgot about DA for the last couple of months.
Truth is, I haven't been drawing lately.
Of course I will return to it soon enough, but when that time comes, I most likely will not update this account. I'm thinking about creating a new one and start anew. When I do that, I'll post here the new link.

For now, I am working on a comic that is being published. Yes, you heard me. It's being published on a weekly newspaper (2 pages a week). It's a Portuguese newspaper so i doubt most of you will see it.
Either way, this comic is not drawn by me but rather by Natacha :icontachita:, and I'm the one who colours and writtes the story and script.
After the story is completly published on the newspaper, it will be published as a book. When that happens, I'll let you all know.
The story is the same as "Pure bad luck" (a comic we were putting online until a fe months ago), but I rewrotte it and reorganized it, and now it's fully coloured as well.
So that's what I've been doing lately, besides watching loads os animes. :P

My next step (besides getting a job) will be to restart my comics ("Avoiding Destiny" and "Alma"), probably with new names. Redoing the site (, probably on a new adress, and finish writting my novel. So wish me luck!

I also have a new site, with my portfolio. It's only temporary and a lot of things need to be changed. It's i Portuguese and English. There you can also see the pages of the newspaper where the comic is being published.
*gasp* is what better discribes the time I've been absent from DA.
Actually I was pretty "upset" with DA so i didn't even fell like posting anymore. But well .... I decided to try again.
Also, I've been absent for so long due to private and professional matters. Neverthless, I hope that from now I'll be able to post a little more often.
My comics have all been delayed, and I'll try harder to make up for my absence.
See ya!
Gomen! I've been absent for God knows how long.
My dewatch list has gone O.o Kaboom.
Well, nothing much happened, besides the fact that I've been way too busy with my online comics, and I now have close to no time for other things (not that I mind).
To :iconsheikah: : I'm working on your kiriban. Sorry that it's taking so long, but I'll try to finish it as soon as possible. The lieart is ready, I just have to colour it.

Well, I'll try to come here more often and post more as well, but I don't promisse anything.
Yeah I've been pretty absent from DA lately, and that is due to the fact that now I'm really into my online comics and website construction.
Truth is the site is already completed but I seem to never be really happy with it so I'm changing the layout all the time XD
I'm thinking about doing some fanart for Inuyasha, Harry Potter and Parfait Tic, so I'll probably post something soon.

To see what I'm working on now, go to

Next kiriban: 3456 pageviews

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Well, it's still not completly operational, but here is the link:

Also. Can you belive I got my own 2,222 pageviews? I was on another computer and decxided to take a look at my page, and when I look closer I see that I'd gotten my own kiriban.
So if any of you marked 2,221 or 2,224 tell me and I'll make the kiriban for you.

Next kiriban: 3456

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Next Kiriban: 2222 Pageviews

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I'll be away probably for the next two weeks, but don't worry I'll be back (not that anyone cares)

I got in a club that is :iconworkgroups:
You people should also join. It's mainly a group where they gather smaller groups (of five people9 for a month, and during that time you have to help those people by critisizing their works, and they'll return the favour by doing the smae to you. So it's very educational.
By the way, next kiriban goes to who makes the 2222 pageviews. If you're the one to reach it, please take a ScreenCap and send it to me by email. I'll make a request from you, at your will. The only rules is that I don't make Yaoi or Yuri.
Currently I'm, yet again, working on my site. I'll try to put it online in August, but with my luck, it probably won't be possible.

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... coming soon

Pure Bad Luck (PBL), a joint project with :icontachita:

... coming soon


... coming soon
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I have nothing new to say, except that I'm tired (of doing nothing).
I am currently working on a few new drawings (colouring) and redoing some old ones.
My site is finished, but not yet online since I still don't have net :(

By the way, does anyone know of any goodprogram for manga tones? A free one preferably. And also does anyone have a good Photoshop tutorial, where you can learn how to do all those amazing things we see around here?

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