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Back into torpor. (again.)
Well, this is interesting. Now going on four years, and the fine art sales only seem to be getting stronger, not weaker. So, uh... What does this mean for Monolith Models? Not sure. I'm definitely on the hunt for a spin-casting shop in the continental U.S. to produce the 28mm scale minis, and for the time being I may once again have to scale back to only the casting of the 80mm stuff and up. And even that is going to be in limited supply. :paranoid: So with that, I have now put up a third etsy shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TempleOfPersephone I'll begin stocking it with more stuff as time goes on, and begin to now direct traffic there fo
Back from torpor...
So this is interesting. Late Sunday night I listed a 'Venus' 1/5 scale model kit on (fe)ebay to begin testing the waters again. Fed the whiskerfaces their dinner, ate some veggie soup  & went to bed. Got up in the morning, rushed to get stuff done/shipped came back home, logged in, and found it had sold not more than five hours after I had listed it. Well, this guy---> But this is interesting; I've been thrown yet another curveball, as I wasn't actually expecting it to sell.   1/5 scale is kinda big. & Bigger ofcourse means unfortunately, a higher price tag. (Urethane resin isn't exactly cheap.) Its about $85.00 USD for a two gal
olde news, (and crap its February already)...
Ack. been busy. seems like I'm always repeating this diddy. So Skynet went live, the missiles launched, and tumblr is a wasteland now. (And no, even I wasn't spared.) No nudity, means no nudity. Not even artistic nudity. Better go put some tightywhities on Michelangelo's David, rightwing tumblr doesn't approve. So SKREW U 2 tumblr. swing2theright&killyoursite. Okay, bai bai. Please kindly fall on your own swords now. Only fitting I suppose-I spent all that time hating social media, grew waaay old before my time (hay, get off my lawn u kids! ) but then I finally saw the light and came around-only to watch as they nuke the whole thing a


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J'm your fan !!! Your work is stunning !!!!
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Great gallery!
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phydeau|Hobbyist Photographer
Thanks for the :+devwatch:
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CadaverCrafts|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Your sculptures are incredible!!
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AlainetAtsuko|Student Photographer
Thanks a lot for the +fav and by the way very nice gallery and art. Clap  
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Jami.... I must admit, after many years of travel, living in Europe for 12 years... Visiting hundreds of Galleries & Museums...
I've only seen work with such detail and precision of talent by two other artists: Michelangelo and Auguste René Rodin...
Your talent is impeccable, your eyes are keen.... And your pieces are beyond reproach... And I'm rather speechless regarding
your artistic attributes... I truly believe, you are one of a kind... Magick as it were... Thank you for sharing your wonderful insights,
and gifted hands.....  bugs.
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