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Dear Artsy Friends,

I know it's been awhile since I have posted here. It has been a tumultuous time between medical appointments, trying to figure out how to manage the chronic illness issues and taking care of a new 2 year old rescue dog. I have not given up on my art though, just changed some of my priorities. When I can find the time and energy, I have been making and trading mixed media Artist Trading cards in Facebook groups and making larger abstract drawings for myself. I find it to be very therapeutic. One such drawing entitled, "Fragile Body, Strong Spirit" was recently entered into a contest for artists with rare medical conditions. Voting is done through clicking a button on the submission through the contest's Facebook page. My piece is in the "Adult 18+" category under my name "Sabrina Zanetta Arana". There are 87 days left of voting. Mine currently stands at 114 votes, while the piece with the top votes is at 1613 (I got a later start than some of the top pieces). 
So, even though I am somewhat of an underdog in the contest right now, it would really mean a lot to see the support in votes for my art, whether or not I win. If you would like to help, please click on the link below and click on the blue voting button to place a vote on my art piece. Voting can be done every ten days if you'd like to vote more than once. If you have any trouble with the link, or finding my piece, please  let me know. If you voted, please tell me so in the comments of this journal so I can thank you personally. =)


Art on!
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