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Touch the Sky



What fortune lies beyond the stars?
Those dazzling heights too vast to climb
I climbed so high to fall so far,
but I found Heaven has love swept low.

My heart beating, my soul breathing,
I found my life, when I laid it down
Upward falling, spirit soaring,
I touch the sky - when my knees hit the ground

-"Touch the Sky" - Hillsong United…

Few things can absolutely awe me like a night sky can. I got a window seat on the flight to Vegas for a weekend trip. I loved watching all the city lights from above! It was so beautiful! But I was slightly disappointed that I couldn't see many stars... So I put on Hillsong's album "Empires" and feel asleep for a bit.
I woke up to my favorite song "Touch the Sky" (too perfect) - I open my eyes and immediately my jaw drops, i nearly knocked my face against the window! I'd never seen such a sight before. We were high above the cloud cover , it looked like a silver ocean of mist, cities were only tiny dots below... And above us a deep blue sky with so, so, soooo many stars. I was stunned. Such a beautiful masterpiece.
These are the times no one can ever tell me God doesn't exist. I just stared out the window soaking it in.... The only thing that could have made it more perfect wouldve been a shooting star... I sound like such a child, but I'd never seen one before! Not 5mins later one went streaking across the sky. I teared up, ... I was so happy. These are the little, beautiful, things in life. I was so sad when the plane started to descend, I could've stared at that sight forever.

just a quick one before i get caught up in the rush of things again ^^
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