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April 14, 2016
In the style of Alphonse Mucha, Steven Universe Art Nouveau by DreamerWhit is wonderfully ornate and beautifully designed.
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Suggested by tripperdan99
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Steven Universe Art Nouveau

Geez people. As much as I hate watermarks I'm going to have to use them now if people keep stealing this....If you see this being sold anywhere other than my redbubble, let me know.

FINALLY it is done! <3 and I am very happy with it.
This was such a huge undertaking! - to the point that it was interrupting my schoolwork haha... but so work it 

I adore Alphonse Mucha's style. After I finished my Daphne project I knew I'd be revisiting his style again. So before starting on this i actually went out and bought a Mucha artbook for reference.

Because most people ask, what I did, was draw out and line art the entire thing, then I shaded and colored in my usual style. After I was done with that I took various paper and watercolor textures to layer on top of the different parts (to give it the old traditional look i was going for), then I spent about an hour doing post-work color correction and touch ups.

watercolor textures:
STOCK: Watercolor Texture ''Frost'' SHADES OF VIOLET - WATERCOLOR STOCK PACK VII Watercolor Texture #6
(other paper textures i found were free via various sites)

Scooby-Dooby-Mucha by DreamerWhit Nightmares and Daydreams by DreamerWhit

PSSST! I wanna know which one is your favorite! :)

PS. Im fully aware Lapis is not a crystal gem, she just fit the style much better than peridot

P.S.S. available in my shop!…

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juniperphoenix's avatar

This is absolutely gorgeous. I love all the tiny details, like Lapis's surf-washed halo.

GGRdraws's avatar

Wow, this looks amazing!

DArchitect91's avatar

love steven universe, love the artwork, looks great :)

milesrobinson288's avatar

Wow! Hands down this Steven Universe Looks VERY AMAZING!

Pearl is my Fave.

Iduna-Haya's avatar
I'm a bit late to party, but beauitiful work! I lobe Mucha ^^
ZombieSandwich's avatar
Hi! It seems like a vendor who sells on Amazon has stolen your art and made 2 posters of it!

Poster 1:…

Poster 2:…

(Let me know if the links don't work, then I will try to send them to you via note!)
tripperdan99's avatar
Thank you for the heads up. Trying to find a way to get Amazon to respond to copyright issues about this on their German website.
geckobird's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. The composition, the details, how you captured their personalities. <3
geckobird's avatar
This is absolutely stunning. The composition, the details, how you captured their personalities. <3
Khialat's avatar
Beautiful stuff ;)
Khialat's avatar
They all look so graceful ;) :D
CHShenanigans's avatar
Bought each Gem as an individual piece off your Redbubble page in Metallic finish last year May and absolutely LOVE them. If you ever decided to do more of the characters I'll buy them in a heartbeat! Thank you for sharing your art with the world.
DreamerWhit's avatar
ok, so i am SO SORRY for the late reply. Thank you sooo much for your support! Im very happy you love them!! :love:
CHShenanigans's avatar
No worries at all! Just wanted to share the happy your art has brought :)
artofannabellepullen's avatar
*high-pitched screaming*
Lunar-Rhapsody's avatar
Lapis and Amethyst are my two favorites. <3 
ThatSnarkyDragon's avatar
these are GORGEOUS omg
DreamerWhit's avatar
ElectraHeartsFroot's avatar
This is so pretty! I love my salty child pearl in this picturePearl Emote 43 
DreamerWhit's avatar
hehe thank you ! :heart:
digitalrealist's avatar
ELF KING cover art  by digitalrealist   I also tried my hands at stained glass. ...But in grayscale. LOL
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