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[UWF] Rodolfo Kanno App by DreamerTony [UWF] Rodolfo Kanno App :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 1 0 [CC] Cyrus App by DreamerTony [CC] Cyrus App :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 9 0 Festive Piplup by DreamerTony Festive Piplup :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 1 1 [SO] Oban by DreamerTony [SO] Oban :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 5 1 [SO] Sefu by DreamerTony [SO] Sefu :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 5 2
[TP] Dispatch Center: Are You a Bayleefer?
“We love you, Justin!”
“Marry me, Justin!”
“Oh, my gosh, will he just come onstage already?”
These were among the several cries from the crowd Markus had to put up with throughout the afternoon as the crowd in front of him grew.
“Kina?” Markus asked, turning to his ghostly companion.
“Yeah?” the Shuppet answered with a bright-eyed grin as she hovered over his shoulder.
“Why, of all things, did you sign us up for security duty at a concert like this?”
“Well, we’re kinda short on money, and I know you can get carried away with cooking, so I figured this was the better option of the two.”
Mark opened his mouth to retort, but he remained silent and let out a sigh. While he didn’t want to admit it outright, he knew she was right.
On another note, while he was expecting to hear some pre-packaged, self-aggrandizing pop sung by a self-important adolescent, what he didn’t anticipate was the she
:icondreamertony:DreamerTony 2 1
[TP] Markus Jens-Reier App by DreamerTony [TP] Markus Jens-Reier App :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 4 0 [H-H] Enter: Rubber Lass by DreamerTony [H-H] Enter: Rubber Lass :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 23 12 Blair VS Wistful Lynx by DreamerTony Blair VS Wistful Lynx :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 21 0 [H-H] Sup? by DreamerTony [H-H] Sup? :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 16 0 [PTS] [Collab] Holiday Rejection by DreamerTony [PTS] [Collab] Holiday Rejection :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 8 3
[PTS][RP][Event] Searching for Samples
Markus stepped over the bent fence as he made his way into town. Looking around at the cracked streets and sidewalks, broken windows, and uprooted trees, he felt fortunate. The worst his townhouse suffered was a broken window next to his front door, which he managed to find a board of plywood to cover.
A sudden screech from overhead caught his ear, and looking up, he saw Juno, his Starly, circling overhead and starting towards an area to his right.
“Find something, Juno?” he called upward, to which he heard another screech in response.
Turning and walking under and around a handful of trees that were blocking the path, he stopped to behold what appeared to be a large, shallow fissure in the ground. By his estimate it looked to be about twenty meters in length and five in width. The grassy spot in the town square was almost completely gone, and some of the bricks surrounding it appeared to have fallen in.
“Bugger me,” he said in confusion. “How
:icondreamertony:DreamerTony 4 1
Pokecember 2017 Day 6: Ice Type - Aurorus by DreamerTony Pokecember 2017 Day 6: Ice Type - Aurorus :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 3 0 Pokecember 2017 Day 5: Grass Type - Snover by DreamerTony Pokecember 2017 Day 5: Grass Type - Snover :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 2 0 Pokecember 2017 Day 4: Electric Type - Heliolisk by DreamerTony Pokecember 2017 Day 4: Electric Type - Heliolisk :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 5 0 Pokecember 2017 Day 3: Water Type - Pyukumuku by DreamerTony Pokecember 2017 Day 3: Water Type - Pyukumuku :icondreamertony:DreamerTony 5 3
Well, we made it though another year, and what a year it was. I feel like I finally started coming out of my shell, connecting with a few more users on this site and beginning to post digital art more often. I tried Pokecember, but that fell through as soon as responsibilities started piling up.

I don't feel like stopping here though. This year, I feel like I can finally start posting whatever the hell I want, without any inhibition. Come what may, I'll just be satisfied if I practice and improve on a normal basis.

Here's to a great year.



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Artist | Student | Design & Interfaces
United States
I'm just a young guy with a passion for Pokemon and other video games. I could talk all day about things like history and astronomy. I'm wiling to meet new people on this site, but I might be a little bit hesitant at first. I'm a second year college student, so making time is something I have to deal with all the time, but I get by.

Tumblr: madtony
Twitch: madtony7


[UWF] Rodolfo Kanno App

"Give me liberty or give me death."

Info and history can be found here.
(full body shot and headshot were drawn by Warrior-Heart127)

Appearance notes: while he is shown with his pants hanging loose, he normally tucks his pants inside his combat boots.
[CC] Cyrus App

Birthday: August 2
Species: raccoon
Catchphrase: “yea-huh”
Quote: "Just gotta keep on keepin' on."

Character Type(s): Lazy, Smug

Personality: Optimistic and unflappable, Cyrus always tries to see the best in others and whatever situations he is thrown into. While usually laid-back and a terrible procrastinator, he is not one to back down when his friends depend on him. He can often come across as a bit pretentious, but he’s quick to make friends and a lover of music, and he will always find at least a minute or two for a friendly chat.

History: As the youngest brother of three, Cyrus often felt a lot of pressure to live up to lofty expectations of him. Things were rough at home when he was a kid, with his parents sometimes berating him for wanting to simply play music rather than take part in things that would land him at a nice college. Through his brothers’ pep talks and doing what he loved, he eventually learned how to overcome his fears of failure and inadequacy, deciding to simply live for himself and not be pressured into academic or athletic pursuits like his brothers, and he quickly moved out of his parents’ home after finishing school. Work still had to come, though, so after living with a few friends for a short time while working part-time jobs, he eventually decided that a change of scenery was best to possibly find new dreams to follow.

Other: He loves reggae, ska, and jazz music, and he often plays drums and trombone in his spare time. He also loves playing video games and stargazing.
[SO] Oban

Half Moon Hunters
Bounty Hunter

Name: Oban
Nickname: N/A

Species: Lileep
Type: Rock/Grass
Sex: Female

Mutations: none

Ability: Suction Cups
EffectNegates all moves that force switching out.

           HP: 173
     Attack: 66
   Defense: 117
      SpAtk: 105
      SpDef: 113
      Speed: 52

:iconnormaltypeplz: Tickle
:iconrocktypeplz: Ancient Power
:iconnormaltypeplz: Endure
:iconghosttypeplz: Confuse Ray

Nature: Lax
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits

Personality: When not working on her small farm at the water's edge, Oban often likes relaxing in the sun or in the waters of the oasis. While she's not much of a talker, she'll definitely listen to you if you've got something to say, as she likes to hear about other hunters' stories. Try to steal from her farm, though, and she'll knock you down and make sure you don't get up until she has back what's hers. In a nutshell, quiet and easy going, but eager to listen and not worth rubbing the wrong way. She'll remember you, one way or another.

Occupation: Farmer

I Am...
Bullet; Black available for cameos
Bullet; Black available for RPs
Bullet; Black available for dungeon exploration

Art Log
Reference (pending)

Adventure Log


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