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Soo... recently my team took part in Odyssey of The Mind competition. We ended up on the second place in our category in polish Finals and now we get to compete in the International Finals in US. The problem is... of course, money.

We need around 4000$/per person, which means 24 000$ total. Now, raising that by ourselves in a month (and that's roughly when we need to pay most of it) is unrealistic, so we're seeking companies which may be interested in funding us. If by chance you know someone who owns a big company and wants to support young people, please contact me. But that's not really the point of this journal.

The point of the journal is me trying to help with gathering funds and because I don't really have any other idea how to do this, I'm offering commissions.

Now, the part that probably interest you:

A portrait - 10$
bit rough, headshot or bust, full color, digital, simple background

Petrichor by DreamerTheTimeLady Crocus by DreamerTheTimeLady

Detailed bust -15$
attention to details, transparent or simple background, full color, shaded

Tudri (FR commission) by DreamerTheTimeLady Artemis (FR commission) by DreamerTheTimeLady

Fullbody - 25$
transparent or simple background, full color, roughly shaded

Autumn Fire by DreamerTheTimeLady Watching For Comets by DreamerTheTimeLady

Full Illustration - 40$
fullbody or halfbody, full color, shaded, full background with lighting, shading and so on

Lurking Nightmare by DreamerTheTimeLady Patience by DreamerTheTimeLady

Custom (on a base) - 15$
can be anything that has a free base or on one of the bases I made/bought (ask or look through my gallery for that)

Starfallen Lava by DreamerTheTimeLady Desert Gold - Vernid Adopt [CLOSED] by DreamerTheTimeLady

Custom (no base) - 20$
preferably dragon or dragon-like creature, but I can try with anything feral

Creature Of The Moors |FTD Halloween Contest| by DreamerTheTimeLady FlyTrapDog |MYO event by DreamerTheTimeLady

If you find anything else in my gallery that you're interested in, don't be afraid to ask about it :)

I don't draw:
- humans
- anthro
exception being base customs and Don't Starve-like style, example below:
Just Don't Starve, Ince by DreamerTheTimeLady

To commission me, please either send me a note or comment on this journal with the form:

Type of commission:


if you're not interested in commissions, but want to help, please share this journal, it'd be much appreciated! <3
Kinda to motivate me to work and kinda because I'm curious what I can come up with, I decided to design one dragon every week. I hope I can somehow manage that, school and ton of other projects, but I guess we'll see.
Anyway, despite having a whole Pinterest board of aesthetics to inspire me, I'll still gladly read ideas for future designs, so if you have any, please write them in the comments. I plan on posting dragons on one specific day and for now it'll be Tuesday - it may change later, after I'll get my final schedule at school.

Also I'll keep all the designs here in this journal, so they'll be easy to compare (and also I like to have them organized in this way).

4 -10
Autumn Fire by DreamerTheTimeLady Autumn Fire - Head close-up by DreamerTheTimeLady

11 - 17
Summer Dream by DreamerTheTimeLady

18 - 24
Starfallen Lava by DreamerTheTimeLady

25 - 1.10.


Because I have time for that now? I mean, I kinda should be working, but whatever...

Please comment below with characters, I'll choose some I like (maybe all, but can't guarantee that) and draw them either traditionally or digitally, depending on my mood (and level of laziness).

The quality may vary from messy black n' white/colored sketches like these:
Blue Marker Dragon by DreamerTheTimeLady Fire by DreamerTheTimeLady Insanity (WIP sketches) by DreamerTheTimeLady
To colored digital busts like these:
Venoxa by DreamerTheTimeLady Artemis (FR commission) by DreamerTheTimeLady
And in between there might also happen some experiments like:
Maricanth (aka Tentashark) by DreamerTheTimeLady Stained Glass Guardian by DreamerTheTimeLady

With these I'm open to any species (humans too), but please note they might end up as a dragon (if you don't want that to happen, please mention it in the comment, but also know, that'll make your chances to get art smaller).

Yeah, I think that's all. You've been warned - now let's see some cool looking characters of yours ^^