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why did I choose such long ID for my deviations?!
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10/3200 second
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85 mm
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Aug 18, 2010, 11:07:53 AM
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Because you are a beautifully poetic person...that is why you choose long names! Love this shot! GREAT COLORS!
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I'm a romantic fool Dennis, that for sure I am ^-^
thanks, I loved the colors, too.
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Nothing wrong with that Arezoo...and you are very welcome!
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sunflower and morning glory? wow! that's so cute!
I love flowers (and flowers love me, too) :la:
you're a great photographer :iconiloveyouplz:
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and I love you, too. does that make me a flower?! :O
thanks, I still have a long way to go Val to call myself a photographer :icontongueblush:
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yeah, think so. I think you would be a tiger lily [link]

meh :shrug:
you are to me, so I don't really care about the details :giggle:
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you think I'm that nice! ahhh... I wish! tiger maybe, a tigress to be exact :giggle:
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haha yeah, if you were an animal, tigress would be quite fitting :D :nod:
while talking to my best friend, we agreed that I don't deserve a animal 'nickname' (her nickname for a while was sheep) because I'm already an animal of my own (a unique, furry and ferociously cuddly while you're at it XD)
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a panda maybe?! a panda is cuddly, sweet, furry (u're not furry :O ), it's endangered and beautiful. but you're unique... a new species has been discovered ;)
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hahaha niiice! I'm a new panda specie :dummy:
*poke poke* I hope you won't attempt to eat me or sumthin', tigress *poke* :paranoid:
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I don't think tigers like to eat pandas :O I like pandas, so let's be friends *brings you her pray* ah, you're vegetarian? ok! *brings you bamboo* :huggle:
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You know what I love about this most? :aww: is the colours of the rainbow, the reds, orange and yellow of the petals, the green on the leaves, the blue of the sky and the purple and pink of the flower in the background, its just a kaleidoscope of colour.
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yeah! rainbows, rainbows... actually the colors caught my eyes. it was a place by the side of the road, but it was like a little garden :)
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Yes, i read your artist comment, I bet you were tired after the heat, but I know the feeling when you know that you have to take photos and you'll face death itself to do so... or at least the sun. ^^
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hehe, the sun burnt my hands! I got tan, a little more actually and that's funny because we have to cover up when we go out. since I was holding the camera up the sleeves of my uniform had slipped down and the sun shone on my arms half of my arms is a little darker than the rest! :lmao:
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