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Terran Alliance Warship: Raptor's Wrath - Bridge 1



3D build and rendered art by :iconadamkop:

Whelp -- as promised, here is the 'rough' render of the bridge of the Wrath -- pictured in a state after combat. ^^ Instead of displaying a holo-sphere for basic info display, the holo-dais is shown projecting the bridge's holographic CIC (combat information center).

Basic layout - from fore to back - tak ops 1 & 2 at the fore, then navigation. To the right, pit 1 w/ engineering stations 1 -3, to the left, pit 2 w/ communications and weapons control 1 & 2. On the top level is the captain's chair, the captain's personal command info station, and ahead of there, is the holo-dais - used for everything from basic info display to CIC functions. Wrapping the room is the master systems display, and at a glance, the captain can see everything that is happening with his ship.

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Thanks for viewing. ROD and all related marks, OCs and all therein are mine. Favorites and comments make me happy!

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