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Sophie McGillicuddy 7 (concept sheet)

art by the amazing: :icontekka-croe:

Amazing concept art from the one and only Tekka-Croe! I've been very excited about this one, and I'm ecstatic over how it turned out. Tekka-Croe does some amazing concept art for his own story called Novus Imperium and some really cool Gundam and War Hammer 40K stuff too, among other things. He opened commissions and I couldn't resist.

pictured is Sophie in her XSP.01 Lite Personal Shell Armor. For the first time you can really see how her helmet works, as well as her powered bayonet which can fold out into a full sword. The helmet is kept in a pack on her back, and once deployed, a 360 degree heads up display renders the world tangible.

See more Sophie art here: dreamer-out-there.deviantart.c…

For more on these characters, my story, and my world, see my book: Renegades of Destiny - The Tugana Encounter.

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Renegades of Destiny - BK 0 - The Tugana EncounterOkay ... WOW. It is up. It is out. In time for the end of 2013!!! This is both exciting and scary for me. Okay, peoples, you wanna read about Sophie McGillicuddy, Kiden Addams, William Noventa, Norah Epstein, Sarah Dallas, Remy and Annikah Renoit and the rest? Then head on over to the iBooks store and buy a copy for $0.99. Be aware, I would at best, rate this book to be NSFW. You have been warned.
Happy New Year everyone!!!
Includes artwork by: :iconalexpascenko: :iconeliminate: :iconera-7: :iconadamkop: :iconmeganerid:
I hope everyone / anyone who buys a copy enjoys it. ^^
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UPDATE: 01-07-2014
ROD - BK 0 - The Tugana Encounter will be up on for purchase - for $1 - on Barnes & Noble's Nook within a few days. ^^ Anyone with a Nook or Nook app will be able to buy and read my book on any device or OS then. I'll


Thanks for viewing. ROD and all related marks, OCs and all therein are mine. Favorites and comments make me happy!

Check out Renegades of Destiny BK 0: The Tugana Encounter available now for iBooks and Nook and take a glimpse into a dark future that isn’t too different from the world of today.

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Awesome work.
Her battlesuit, what capabilities it provides her?
Very cool, love the transformer style helmet
GraySharkStudios's avatar
Camo and details are very nice, good creativity. Of course I already watched Croe, so we know the art is good. =)
vevans0009's avatar
Rad armored chick!
Foxx1042's avatar
I agree, those are some really cool design.
Dreamer-Out-There's avatar
Thank you! I am glad you like them.
Foxx1042's avatar
you should submit it to a group.
Medjugore's avatar
I don't know if there is a uniqueness or novelty on the helmet mechanism but it works with originality, i enjoy the overal design and the camo too
Dreamer-Out-There's avatar
Thank you very much.
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