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Renegade Escape Ship

3D Build & Render / Art by: :iconadamkop:

Okay ... this is the Renegade escape ship. It's nickname is 'the bus.'

It docks upside down in the Renegade's lower aft bay and is launched via an electromagnetic catapult. This bay is one of the most heavily armored parts of the ship, mainly in order to protect the bus so that there is always a way off.

The escape ship has built in emergency molecular transport systems, so at the push of a button, the Renegade CO can transport the entire crew onto the ship and launch it within a moment's notice. The main hold of the escape ship is loaded up with 200 cryo-chambers which are made to accommodate the Renegade crew over a potentially longterm voyage. Once placed in stasis, the crew can - for lack of a better term - be stored until a safe port of call can be reached.

The escape ship is FTL / jump capable, and thus has an operational range sufficient to reach such a port in a worst case scenario. The forward cabin of the escape ship can accommodate and has longterm provisions for up to seven people. It's the cabin crew's job to run / maintain the ship and look after the rest of the crew while they are in cryo-storage.

Here is a WIP render of the Renegade's lower bay:

Renegade - Lower Bay - WIP by Dreamer-Out-There

Here is the finished forward render of the Renegade:

T.A.W.S. RENEGADE 1 by Dreamer-Out-There

If you'd like to get some of your own amazing art done by Adam, follow the linky link ---> ^^ He does AMAZING work.

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Thanks for viewing. ROD and all related marks, OCs and all therein are mine. Favorites and comments make me happy!

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