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Melissa Westbrook (character concept art)

Melissa Westbrook, mother of one of my main characters, Megan Westbrook.

Melissa had Megan at the age of 18. In the current day, Megan is 18, making Melissa 36.

In the timeline in which this takes place, polyamorous marriages / relationships are both legal, and not out of the ordinary. Megan has a half sister, who is 4 months older, named Sierra; the result of a polyamorous relationship which Melissa was once a part of.

In the current day, Melissa is single, and Megan lives with her. In this timeline, drugs are legal. Melissa is a lawyer, and in business with her exes (Sierra's mother and father), running rave houses, and making bank off said lovely, lovely drugs.

This is the Safe for Work version. There are other versions on my Patreon. Spoiler alert, she has tattoos.…

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