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Terror in the Shadows - Sk.

Full View Please :la:

So! This is a little more atypical for me, but this is fan art for one of my absolute favorite games ever, Guild Wars 2. 

I know this is going to sound like some kind of sponsored thing, but I promise you, I'm not getting paid to say this :lol: Guild Wars 2 is an amazing, ever-expanding MMO set in the fantastical world of Tyria, where you can play as 5 different races and up to 9 different professions, with of course, even more variety when you get into weapons and builds. My personal favorite race--my main, that I drew up above--is Sylvari, which are basically like if you took elves and crossed them with tree people :XD:

Anywho! I drew this around the time "Whisper in the Dark" was released, because that episode was amazing and one of my favorites by far. The Boneskinner is terrifying, and its home makes you feel like it's always just watching from over your shoulder...

Above Image and Character "Vincent Eldritch" (C) :icondreamer-of-ravens:
Guild Wars 2 (C) Arena Net
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Jesus Christ how horrifying :XD: Poor Vincent
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:XD: The Boneskinner is not fun, not at all
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