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Sugar Cola Zombie form



And now for something completely different =P

A Blank-pony Alicorn OC, in his zombie form! Yeah, you`re seeing it right. It`s not mine though, hehe, so right back at you ;)
A little note to the creator of this character, I had taken some of my own liberties when drawing this character, like the hanging flesh, visible ribcage and the front of the skull, holes where it would have two bones on his limbs and variously-shaded "feathers" on his wings, so do not be mad if I had not followed the ref exactly how you had drawn it! ^^; Besides, he still retains his notched horn, being skinny like hell and overall basic appearance.
Seeing an Alicorn in Sunny Town ... now that would be much, much worse than any blank-flank Earth pony this town is usually populated with. And yeah, my failed attempt in shading those bushes in order to look like trees is here yet again.

MLP: FiM -> Hasbro
MLP: Story of the Blanks -> Donitz
Sugar Cola -> LordMoonBiscuit
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OH U SO KIND. This is the first time anyone has drawn anything like fanart for me C,:

sugar cola is actually a girl but it's fine the ref looks like it says male and sugar cola dosen't look female you did a great job tho~