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I'm now accepting commissions (finally). Please see the images in my recent post for a reference to the prices and the sizes available. I'm able to replicate numerous art styles and can do monsters or humanoids as seen from the above images and from my previous Deviantart posts. I can also do some background stuff like bushes, pots and items, but my speciality is in characters.

All sprites will be static, as I do not have the time or ability to do animations currently. Payment will be on completion via Paypal, but please do not back out once the request has started.

Completed works will be posted on Deviantart unless stated otherwise.

Please PM me for any requests, if you include the below in your PM, that would help greatly.

- Style desired

- Pose wanted

- Solid black outline as seen above, or a coloured one

- If you want me to do rough sizes as per above, or if you want me to stick strictly to a particular size.

- If there is a colour limit

For small icons with a max size of 16 x 16, this will be 5 USD.

For sprites around 32 x 32 it will be 15 USD. Around, as some sprites may be a few pixels higher or wider.

For sprites around 50 x 50 it will be 20 USD.

Please PM me if more information is required.