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Recently Dumped in an Art Sense
So here is a little dump of some stuff i've been doing and of my life for the past 3 months. Quite a few things on this dump I did, but some are also unrelated to my life and was just practice.

I recently passed my CA, which would equate to more art, however at that time I had major artists block and was trying to do a Rick and Morty sprite but failed. On that note I did binge watch season 1 2 and 3 and love the series.

It also didn't help that I bought 2 games which took up my spare time. Sad now that I have finished Ys VIII and Danganronpa V3. Ys was so good like always, however the story of Ys 7 will always be my favourite, this one was a little too easy even on hard.

Danganronpa V3 was amazing and I loved the story, until the plot twist at the end. Somehow that ruined it for me and Danganronpa 2 still remains my favourite story so far.

Also binge watched RWBY recently, another series I love now, Yang being my favourite.

Got inspired by someone on deviantart and with quite an array of youtube videos too. That really helped me analyse their pixel art process and try to adopt a bit of it. So as you can see above i'm playing with using silhouettes and forms instead of set line art, however it is taking some getting used to. The other thing i'm trying is being simple with my colours, like 2-3 per colour, and that has also caused me to analyse different art and what colours some people use as I think my colour choices may not be coherent with each other or flowing themselves.

So for my own information this is the process i'm trying:
-Silhouette of form and pose (try to get it kinda neatish)
-Using 3 ish colours, block in rough colours using colour 2/3
-Fix outline of parts (some not all)
-Fix up colours and shading and outline of parts as I go (eg head, then arm, leg) (order may be things closer to camera first)
-While colouring with colours 1 and 3/3 reference forms, eg spheres, cones, cylinders, to get the shading right
-The parts not fixed up which are still silhouettes seem to act like shadows and can help plan future parts

On my final note, i've started playing Alchemist Code. Needed another game after Pokemon Go, Sdorica Sunset and Crusaders Quest wile walking to work.
I'm now accepting commissions (finally). Please see the images in my recent post for a reference to the prices and the sizes available. I'm able to replicate numerous art styles and can do monsters or humanoids as seen from the above images and from my previous Deviantart posts. I can also do some background stuff like bushes, pots and items, but my speciality is in characters.

All sprites will be static, as I do not have the time or ability to do animations currently. Payment will be on completion via Paypal, but please do not back out once the request has started.

Completed works will be posted on Deviantart unless stated otherwise.

Please PM me for any requests, if you include the below in your PM, that would help greatly.

- Style desired

- Pose wanted

- Solid black outline as seen above, or a coloured one

- If you want me to do rough sizes as per above, or if you want me to stick strictly to a particular size.

- If there is a colour limit

For small icons with a max size of 16 x 16, this will be 5 USD.

For sprites around 32 x 32 it will be 15 USD. Around, as some sprites may be a few pixels higher or wider.

For sprites around 50 x 50 it will be 20 USD.

Please PM me if more information is required.




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