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Paypal Adopts
Male Adopts OPEN // set price by Madarami
Demon adoptable batch open set price by AS-Adoptables
[CLOSED]Adopt Extra #2[AUCTION] by gungungunyyy
Blind neko adoptable closed by AS-Adoptables
Point Adopts
dog of war - 850 points or 8 usd - open by getaway-adopts
wolf mother where you been? - 250 points - open by getaway-adopts
50p adopt batch [open] by Lysonu---Adopts
Flatsale adopts [open] by Lysonu---Adopts
Adopt AUCTION (CLOSED) by KatheRead
Adopt AUCTION (OPEN) by IverArt
Collab Adoptable Auction 5 [OPEN] by sonisadopts
Adopt #9 Auction (closed) by chaotiqueadopts
Open Offers Adopts
Adoptable - [ OPEN OTA ] by fenears
[OPEN] Human adopt [OTA] by Amyaphon
OTAs [open] by Lysonu---Adopts
sonic OOOOOOOOTA adopt | closed by DaftReptile
Oni girl adoptable OPEN SET PRICE by AS-Adoptables
Kemonomimi adoptable batch open by AS-Adoptables
OTA_closed species_4. Cornucopia [CLOSED] by Madandcat
[Closed] Auction adoptable #1,  #3. by MoonSelena-adobts
Free Adopts
200 watchers raffle adopt (open) by Winelys-11Adopts
[OPEN RAFFLE] Coldforge Aarexa by SEVMD
FREE RAFFLE Design OPEN by Zodlac
Other-Site-Currency Adopts
Adopts {CLOSED} by Lidelman
Adopt for CORE Membership= 400 pnt|(OPEN) by TheMrKraken
Male General Adopt Set Price [CLOSED] by Awkie
Lil red pandas ($7 all closed) by mydlas
Cinidae Event Breeding Cluster: (CLOSED) by Arccyfox
Breedables OPEN by ScorchJam
Chester (any species breeder) by SparrowWrightheart
Closed Adopts
PayPal auction closed by DemoTsukino
Faun Boy 02 | Closed Auction by StarBurstSkies
Faun Girl 01 | Closed Auction by StarBurstSkies
(CLOSED) Closed species - Darsak - Auction by Irs-De-Ingvas
P2U Claw Cat Base by xMordu
Features and Events
Mermay Fluffers (1/4 OPEN) *Discount by SkeleTelestic
Auctions -Full-
Ignis Fatuus | Halloween Auction [Closed] by SouOrtiz
Point Adopts -Full-
Wolf adopts (Set Price Open 5/8) by Loreleaa
Paypal Adopts -Full-
Mantis Dragon Auction - SOLD by SpookyBjorn
Paypal Adopts -Full-
Adopts sale open by Vitia4mo
Point Adopts -Full-
Adoptables batch 9 - 60 pts - CLOSE by asaki-feather-adopts
Paypal Adopts -Full-
closed by caijou

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We affiliate with all adopt-based groups. Feel free to affiliate with us if we aren't already affiliated! We always accept!


This is a reminder to everyone selling or buying adopts using Paypal-
You can get fined up to $2,500 for trying to avoid Paypal fees using "Friends & Family" gifting.
DO NOT tell adopters to send money as a gift-- you are selling them a digital good. You can get fined $2,500 PER TRANSACTION for doing this.

If you are buying adopts, select the "Pay for Goods / Services" option, NOT the "Friends and Family" option! That, or ask for an invoice!
Anyone selling an adopt telling you to pay using friends & family (gifting money) is not only endangering your Paypal account's status, but your account can be frozen for sending money the wrong way.
Sending money as a gift instead of as payment for goods and services is ILLEGAL.
The seller must pay the fee, PERIOD.

Anyone caught trying to avoid the fee will be KICKED and BLOCKED from the group.
Do not endanger fellow artists' Paypal accounts.
Do not illegally avoid fees.
This behavior will not be tolerated here.…
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Anyone can join, requests are automatically approved!
Feel free to invite others and affiliate!
Be mindful that we are about quality adopts, so we have more rules than other groups.

There are 11 rules. If you can write out prices for adopts, you can read our rules. It's simple.


:star: We only accept FINISHED, FULLY VISIBLE adoptables.
No "Outfit Adopts", "Headshot Adopts", "Mystery Adopts" or "CYOP Adopts". We promote full designs / quality adopts. The design must be completely visible, which means no hidden parts, and no blocking the design with webmarks. If the webmark is not obstructive to the design's visibility, it will be accepted!

:star: Designs MUST BE BY YOU. This means no stealing designs of other adopts or trademarked characters (such as Pokemon, because it IS stealing & unoriginal). Collaborations are fine!

:star: No blank/colorless designs. No single color adopts (plain color without any design). Again, no CYOP adopts.

:star: Absolutely no slapping on textures/patterns. Even if you credit the owner of the pattern/texture, it is wrong to profit off of a texture/pattern artist this way. Permission from the original pattern/texture artist is absolutely required, because without it, you are profiting off someone else's work. The same goes for line-arts-- if there are rules saying that adoptables are allowed for that particular line-art, it is okay to use them.

:star:Anything that is not yours, MUST be credited in the artist comments, and not just in the picture. Line-art and textures have to be credited with a clickable link. If there is no clickable link, there is no submitting your design. We generally advise not to use textures in your design, as you should not be selling someone else's work for your sole benefit.

:star: Adopts must be clearly labelled as open or closed. Auctions MUST have an end date. Auctions cannot be open forever, they must have a clear end time in order to be accepted. Bidders deserve to know when they can and cannot bid.

:star: You absolutely MUST credit the line-art! (Leave a link to the Original Artist's Page or Line-art page) IF IT IS NOT CREDITED, IT WILL BE REFUSED/REMOVED. You must credit EACH line-art if you used multiple sets. We do not accept theft (if you made the line-art yourself, please mention that somewhere)! If you used line-art to make your adopts, at least half of the outlines must be colored in with a design. If you're trying to make a profit, put effort into it.

:star: We DO NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, accept FLASH GAME ADOPTS. Games are made to play, if you made a character from it, that's great, but we don't accept adoptables that were made using absolutely no effort at all. All designs made with a flash game are original only to the Flash Game Creator, thus designs made using the game can be remade by someone else, and everyone can use the character without it being design theft. Therefore selling these designs is a blatantly obvious rip-off and we do not accept that.
If you try to submit a Flash Game Adopt multiple times, you will be kicked from the group without warning.

:star: DO NOT steal designs. If you are caught stealing, we will kick you from the group, remove all deviations you have submitted, and block you from the group. We DO NOT support theft of any kind.

:star: You cannot submit adopts to us if they are the same design on all of them with only a difference in color. This is unoriginal and cheap, not to mention lazy. Our members and watchers do not deserve to be ripped off.

:star: We reserve the right to decline an adoptable if it has multiple hidden comments. If you feel there is something you need to hide, as a group and as adopters, we feel that there is danger of getting taken advantage of, or that you may have stolen the design or deviation. Be professional and honest.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in you being removed from the group. These 11 rules are at the top and front of our group. There are ZERO excuses to be oblivious to the rules.

If you choose to be lazy and unprofessional, then we will choose to remove you.
This group is about QUALITY. It is just as much about those who submit adopts as those who adopt them.

Side Notes / FAQ

If you violate any of our rules multiple times with or without being warned or rejected, you will be removed from the group.

Mods & Admins have the final say. If you do not follow our rules, you will not be tolerated, and neither will disrespecting our admins or moderators. Rude and / or uncalled for behavior towards our mods / admins or other members will land you a block from the group.

If you do not honor your business of selling adoptables fairly and strictly follow your own rules, you will be removed from the group. This includes have set-price adopts and accepting a 2nd offer (ignoring the first person); holding grudges against users out of blatant immaturity (refusing to sell to someone just because they have criticized you); etc. This does NOT include BLACKLISTS, unless your standard for blacklisting people is anything listed above. This group rewards professional behaviors.

Also, please note that if an adopt is someone else's original species, to always credit that person. If you find that your species is being ripped off of or too closely similar to someone else's, please bring this to our attention.

Please don't remove your adopts from the gallery only to resubmit them. We have already seen them, no need to be pushy & rude. There are hundreds of adopt groups you can submit to-- some of which are in our affiliates!

If there is a theft, simply report it and let us know. We will kick and block the thief from this group.

Adopts that are closed may either be moved to the Closed Adopts folder or just removed from the group.

If your adopts are being deleted [by you or deviantArt staff] often, we will remove you from the group on suspicion being a thief or potentially reselling the same design over and over. Be professional and honest.

Blog Submissions must have proper grammar, and thumbs.
We do not accept blog submissions if they only feature one deviation-- that's what submitting deviations is for.

-Features of multiple adopt sheets will usually be accepted.

Please do not advertise on the front page. That is what submitting to the group is for.


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SoumaTheDoodler Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, im trying to submit this picture, but the PayPal folder seems to be full?…
DespairGhost Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for letting us know! I've created a fresh new Paypal Adopts folder, it should be ready for submissions now. Sorry for the inconvenience!
SoumaTheDoodler Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Its alright, thank you
JackDeathCommission Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hey, I just want to say, that I very like an avatar of this group. 
I'm started an activity on DA recently, so I didn't figured out how lot of things are working here still. Can I somehow look to it closer, or maybe find an autor of this art? Sorry if I asking stupid questions.
muckmouth Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student General Artist
Thanks! I am the one who made the group icon. c:
It wasn't made into a larger piece, I designed it specifically for use as an icon for this group.
JackDeathCommission Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Oh. Well, it still looks awesome. Thanks for responding. С:
PeroxideOwl Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, can I ask why this was declined? [Open] Acorn Nuxling - Closed Species
muckmouth Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2018  Student General Artist
My apologies! I must have mistook the part of your title "Closed Species" as a closed adopt! I've sent a request to include your adopt in our gallery.
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